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A Look at the Albums that Make Us, Us
Vivek’s Pick: 1989, Taylor Swift

She’s everywhere. Her songs occupied the entire Billboard top 10 earlier this year. Globally. Her tour is set to gross over a billion dollars. She’s the most popular person in the NFL this season. And, maybe not as telling, but I am currently teaching a course about her and IP law at the University of Miami School of Law!
Taylor Swift is a cultural icon of the highest order. 
Over the past couple of years, many of my Pitchfork-toting friends have asked me
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You know the brand, you use the advice, and you love this newspaper. But who are the creative geniuses behind the brand? Our founder, Vivek, interviews his old pals and creative partners in Jayaram, Erika Morales + Julian Martin, founders of Lemon Yellow.

VJ  How did we all meet, does anyone remember?!!
EM  Oh oh! That’s a tricky one to ask us at this age (ha!) We definitely met through Carolina, your partner. Aside from being socially linked, she was also one of the early LY supporters as we were engaged on LegalArts projects back in 2005/2006
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“There was a point when NFTs felt like they could have gone to zero. The community is here to stay. We will see more art collectors, builders, and content creators being funded featuring digital collectibles. Now is the time to start thinking of how to reward your community, no cares about the algorithm anymore. The Creator economy is evolving.”

Alex Hutchi
Community Specialist

“More serious use cases! Loyalty programs, memberships, ticketing and access passes, and digital twins in fashion – the builders have been building and we are starting to see the results. These products will require a
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While Barbenheimer may have captured the zeitgeist of the Summer of 2023, our team watched several other movies and shows throughout the year that reaffirmed our love and support for the cinema – and the people who make this art possible.

Kelly Caputo

Yellowstone, Paramount
Daisy Jones & The Six, Amazon Prime

Palak Patel

The Last of Us, Amazon Prime

Cara Dehnert

Cunk on Earth, Netflix
Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse, Netflix

Vivek Jayaram

The Bear S2, Hulu

Darlene Dos Santos

Ahsoka, Disney +
Only Murders in the Building, Hulu

Srinidhi Krishnan
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This December, during Art Basel Miami Beach, Jayaram + The Knight Foundation will present, “Making Miami,” an art exhibition + permanent digital archive documenting the Miami artists who shaped the city a couple of decades ago. Exile books has published a book in connection with the digital archive.
The introduction has been reprinted below.

Outsiders have long underestimated Miami. Like many great beauties, these tropical shores have attracted countless suitors attempting to tame its mystery, only to find Miami continues to resist definition and logic. This isn’t a city for conformists. This is a city for
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2023 was dominated by fierce, sonically diverse women.
Taylor Swift and Beyoncé boost America’s economy with their unprecedented Summer tours.
Supergroup boygenius is credited with the renasissance of the rock-concert.
At Jayaram, we listened to all of them and then some. Here is a brief list compiling our team’s favorite albums of the year.

Palak Patel

Zach Bryan, Zach Bryan
Like…? Ice Spice

Cara Dehnert

The Strays II, Margo Price

Kenneth Anand

And Then You Pray for Me, Westside Gunn
Utopia, Travis Scott

Kelly Caputo

Zach Bryan, Zach Bryan

Morgan Dufault
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As part of its most recent, intellectual property-heavy term, the Supreme Court in June unanimously sided with Jack Daniel’s in a dispute with dog toy manufacturer VIP Products over a product design for a chew toy that mocked the famous Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottle. The holding cast doubt over the future of the expressive or artistic use of third-party trademarks on consumer goods. Big brands viewed the decision as a win for trademark enforcement efforts, while creatives saw the ruling as an imposition on freedom of expression—but the case left several major questions unanswered, and likely represents only an
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Humans always feared the bogeyman. History contains innumerable examples of our dogged persistence to identify the “other”: the monsters responsible for wrecking the delicate balance of society. Those creatures taught us valuable truisms. If she’s a witch, she’ll float. Our tendency to point the finger isn’t exclusive to people either. In 1999, corporate and government representatives warned us our computers might not differentiate between the triple-zero suffixes of 2000 and 1900. The consequences would essentially revert 100 years of industrial progress back to the beginning of the 20th century. New Year’s Eve – we waited. Would the world go
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It’s certainly an interesting time to be a copyright lawyer!
The past two decades has brought us Napster, YouTube, social media, mobile app development, cryptocurrency, and powerful blockchain technology. But nothing – like, really, nothing – has the capacity to transform our lives quite like artificial intelligence.
And in 2023, maybe no issue regarding AI received more attention, elicited more fear in the market, and was more hotly debated than the intellectual property issues raised by the early engagement with and implementation of generative AI into commerce.
Our readers know us to be nimble with new technology, first adopters and
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A Look at the Albums that Make Us, Us:Hilary Duff’s Metamorphosis

In the summer of 2003, hot off the heels of the success of the Lizzie McGuire Movie, Hilary Duff released Metamorphosis, her debut as an early 2000s pop icon. As soon as she announced the release, I knew it would be a cultural reset, and I had to have the album. For weeks, I worked on convincing my parents on the significance of Hilary Duff and the impact this album would have on me. My tactics included playing Duff’s film, Cadet Kelly, in the background and wearing
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“When my mom cooks and shares these dishes with me, she passes on the traditions and cultural heritage she left behind in Poland. They live on in a new way with our family in America. These recipes serve to preserve our cultural identity. Now, when I make the Ambrozek’s Żurek, I play a critical role in sharing my family’s traditions and passing along our history to the next generation.”

Like most first-generation Americans, I grew up attending many large multi-generational family occasions. These Polish parties and celebrations provided a much-needed release from the stress and challenges of
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“While the major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and even my beloved Chicago are experiencing a population exodus, OKC is growing. According to census data, from 2010-2020 OKC’s population increased 17.4%, and is now the 20th largest city in America.”

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2002, I quickly made plans to get out of Oklahoma. Even though Oklahoma City had been home for most of my life, I dreamed big city dreams. I spent two years in Dallas working in advertising, followed by three years in Lawrence, Kansas earning my law degree from
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What does a normal day look like for an innovator? Anything but normal. HOURS unpacks what a day in the life looks like for our most interesting clients and collaborators. Meet Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs, the duo behind your favorite handpainted mural agency, Greetings Tour.

I will preface this by saying that Lisa and I lived in an RV full-time for over 6 years before becoming parents. Now, we live in a “stationary home” in Pasadena. Therefore, a lot of this “routine” is quite new for us. Here’s what it looks like at the moment!

5:30 AM

Wake up,
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Research now suggests that there is measurable financial reward for companies heeding the rising demand for the business world to account for the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact of its operations. Those that choose to embrace this opportunity will want to immediately set up and implement sustainable practices. However, before they can do so, they first need to settle on what ESG goals they should be striving to achieve.While many are working towards a common goal of promoting a more sustainable world and business environment, not every company’s ESG policies should be identical. Rather, they should
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BY HEIDI YERNBERG* Heidi is a partner at Jayaram Law and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) in the US context.

We already know that our personal data is one of the most valuable assets we carry with us through life.So what exactly happens when the company you trusted with it has a breach? What is happening behind the scenes when you’ve received a dreaded letter or email stating your information has been compromised? With over 20 years under her professional belt working in data privacy, our colleague, Heidi Yernberg, lifts the curtain on how they determine, and rectify,
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