During the first year of the new administration, Student Loans have been on the top of Congress’ and the White House’s minds.  Here is a summary of what has happened so far, and what might be next: The Pause on payments and interest is extended to May of 2022.   This pause, where borrowers don’t have to pay and interest doesn’t accrue on the loans was originally set to expire at the end of January.  We can guess that the extension of this “final” pause was due to the new Delta and Omicron Covid variants spread throughout the country.  Or, it
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As a parent, it can be extremely difficult to share your child with an ex. Whether you were married to the other parent for years, or just briefly dated, child custody can be a complicated, emotionally-charged topic. To make the situation even more complicated, child custody laws vary from state to state. In Illinois, child custody is now called the allocation of parental responsibilities. Visitation is called parenting time. If you are an unmarried or divorcing parent, read on to learn how the state handles parenting time and other child-related concerns.
Divorcing Parents and Illinois Parenting Plans
If you are
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Medicine doctor and vaccine dose

If you’re wondering what to do in the wake of the United States Supreme Court’s decision striking down the OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard mandating COVID-19 vaccination and testing, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there is no short answer for many employers – it largely depends on your industry, and where you’re located. 

First and foremost, you need to verify that you are not subject to any other COVID-19 vaccination mandates. Employers in the health care industry that fall under the reach of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS),
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Once a couple decides to get divorced, they have to resolve several issues, including spousal maintenance, marital property division, child support, and parenting arrangements. But the process of negotiating these issues is not easy, and a couple may wonder if they really want to complete the divorce process. Although most spouses may already know the marriage has permanently broken down when they file for divorce, others may wonder if they can continue down the path towards divorce if there is any chance of reconciliation. 
Illinois Divorce is No-Fault Only
While couples used to need certain justifications
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Being pulled over on the suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) can create a situation where people feel the need to prove their innocence then and there. In doing so, they may think that they have no choice other than to complete a field sobriety test when prompted by the officer who pulled them over. 
While the logic makes sense, in all actuality, you do not have to agree to a field sobriety test in Illinois. Many people are not aware of this, but that is often because officers do not offer up that information unprovoked because it is
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Social media platforms have become an integral part of many people’s daily lives, often without realizing just how integral. People post photos, comments, opinions, and memes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and several other sites on a regular basis. While social media is often a good place for keeping in touch with family and friends, and even networking, it is crucial to be vigilant about what you are posting, especially if you work in certain fields, such as nursing. In fact, items from your social media posts could ultimately be used against you in any actions taken against you by
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Illinois legalized recreational marijuana in 2020. However, the drug is still regulated by the state. It is also illegal to drive a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis. If you are pulled over by police and they suspect you of “drugged driving” or driving under the influence of marijuana, you can be arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI).
Drugged Driving DUIs
Marijuana affects cognitive abilities, decision-making, and reaction time. Consequently, legislators have made it illegal to operate a car while under the influence of marijuana. You can be charged with DUI for using marijuana in
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When family law cases involve children, including situations where parents get divorced or child custody cases where parents are unmarried, child support will often be a factor. This form of support will ensure that children’s ongoing needs will be met. While parents may expect that child support will be paid by one parent to the other, they may not be fully aware of what child support is meant to address and what types of expenses will be included. By working with a family law attorney, a parent can make sure they understand how the law applies in their situation, and
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Article: The Internal Point of View in Private Law

Jeffrey A. Pojanowski and Paul B. Miller recently published an article entitled, The Internal Point of View in Private Law, Wills, Trusts, & Estates Law ejournal (2021). Provided below is the abstract to the Article:
Many leading private law theorists claim to analyze private law from an internal point of view; a vantage point within which private law doctrine, institutions and procedure enjoy pride of place. Private law theory of a generation ago distinguished the internal from external points of view, valorizing the former and criticizing
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After a public body denied a FOIA request for emails based on applicable FOIA exemptions, the requestor sued the public body claiming that the records were improperly withheld. After conducting an “in-camera” inspection of the records that had been withheld from release, the trial court agreed that the records were properly exempt from disclosure, and the requester appealed.On appeal, the requestor argued that the withheld responsive records could be redacted to protect certain exempt information and released to the requester. However, because the record on appeal did not include the emails that had been reviewed by the trial court, the
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Synopsis: ITLA Wins Again, As Some IL Construction GL Claims Not Blocked by Exclusive Remedy Protection in IL WC Act.Editor’s comment: As I have advised my readers, Illinois is a one-party State. In a one-party State, the controlling side almost always gets what they want. To me, this ruling is a clear win for one of the largest political donation machines in our state—ITLA or the IL Trial Lawyers Ass’n. In Munoz v. Bulley & Andrews, Claimant was injured at work. It appears there are two different corporations involved—one is Bulley & Andrews. Bulley & Andrews, LLC is
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When you think of estate planning, you probably think of wills and trusts – the ways people decide how their property should be distributed after they pass away. This is known as testamentary planning. It is a very important goal of estate planning. However, there is another side of estate planning that addresses what will happen to both you and your belongings later in life should you one day lose the capacity to make your own decisions. This is known as incapacity planning. A comprehensive estate plan will involve both testamentary planning and incapacity planning. 
What is Testamentary
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A divorce case will involve a number of different types of financial issues. Depending on the complexity of a couple’s finances and the marital and separate assets they own, determining how to divide marital property can be a complicated process. Retirement accounts are one type of property that may need to be addressed during the divorce process, and couples will need to make sure they understand the issues that may affect how these accounts will be divided. 
Division of 401(k) Accounts, IRAs, and Pensions
Retirement savings accounts may be valuable assets that a person will rely on to provide for
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Even after going your separate ways in an Illinois divorce, your ex will still have a significant impact on your life when you share children. For many divorced couples, raising children after a divorce is a very challenging issue, and finding an arrangement that works can be frustrating and time-consuming. When parents struggle to work within traditional parenting agreement constructs, it may be helpful to get creative and turn to alternative methods of co-parenting. Depending on your needs, one of these three unique co-parenting methods may be helpful. 
Parallel Parenting
For some couples, every point of contact is a
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Families come in all shapes and sizes. Some families include children from multiple parents, adopted children, half-siblings, and stepparents. The word “paternity” refers to the relationship between a father and his child. In the context of a family law case, paternity is the official declaration of fatherhood. Unfortunately, paternity issues can often become muddled by confusion, deceit, or misunderstanding. If you are a parent with questions about paternity in DuPage County, read on to learn more.
What is Paternity?
Paternity is the legal relationship between a father and a child. When a man and woman conceive a child together, the
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Dog attacks are frightening for anyone, but for children, they can be particularly scary. Not only are many dogs stronger and bigger than most children, but the effects of a dog attack in a child’s youth can have a life-long impact on their relationship with dogs and other animals. 
In addition to the psychological harm of dog attacks, the injuries sustained in dog bites can be extremely painful, require extensive medical treatment, and be serious enough to permanently disfigure a child. If your child has suffered from a disfiguring dog bite injury, you may want to speak with an
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