Late last week, NLRB General Counsel Abruzzo issued yet another memorandum that she identified as an “Update on Efforts to Secure Full Remedies in Settlements.” She congratulated the Regional Directors for an “excellent job” implementing settlements in line with her September 2021 directives. The memorandum listed the various examples of the new make-whole remedies that Regions have secured through settlement agreements.
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Labor Practices – and the Regional Offices Are Delivering

For parents anticipating a divorce and child custody (allocation) issues, it’s always useful to go over some checklists, both financial and child-related, to ensure that the needs of the parties and families are met as best as is possible during the pendency of the case.  Once a divorce or separation commences, it can be uncomfortable talking with the school or sports teams about the divorce, but it can be helpful and supportive to the minor children when teachers and coaches are aware of possible changes in the child’s behaviors or affect or emotional health.
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Your Illinois divorce lawyer knows the law and the divorce process better than you do. That is why you hired that divorce lawyer.

The divorce lawyer prepared temporary motions, issued discovery and prepared proposed agreements to resolve your divorce.

A court date gets scheduled.

Your divorce lawyer says, “I’ll take care of it.”

You later get an email from your lawyer with an attachment titled “Agreed Order.”

Except…you do NOT agree to these terms at all. Are you bound by this agreement? Can you change this agreement?

A Lawyer’s Agreement On Their Client’s Behalf In Court

When a
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When dealing with a divorce, it is not uncommon to come across a contentious spouse. The disagreements between two partners often lead them to feel contempt for one another and break down their ability to communicate and reach a mutual agreement. The inability to communicate is usually expressed during the divorce process — contested divorces can include a failure to agree on various elements of a divorce decree. However, a problematic spouse can also lead to a difficult ex-partner. Suppose your ex does not uphold their end of the divorce agreement, including failure to pay spousal support. In
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In Illinois, just about anyone with a job is eligible to receive workers’ compensation if they are injured or made ill at work. Even office staff sometimes uses workers’ compensation after an accident like a slip-and-fall. However, if you are in a dangerous career with a high risk of injury, you may use workers’ compensation several times throughout your career. People in high-risk professions include electricians, construction site workers, and some healthcare professionals. When you are in a high-risk profession, it is best that you understand the workers’ compensation process and know how to respond to a workplace injury before
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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

O.J. Simpson Sued For $96 Million By Fred Goldman Over Son’s Death

In 1997, O.J. Simpson was ordered by a judge to pay $33.5 million to the family of Ronald Goldman’s after the court found he was liable for Mr. Goldman’s death. Fred Goldman says that with interest, Simpson now owes $96 million.
Simpson’s lawyers have argued that he does not have the funds to pay and that Simpson is prevented from earning money beyond his NFL pension and social security, which provides an interesting illustration of the value of asset protection. While playing for the Buffalo
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There is a pervasive and troubling trend of nursing home abuse in the United States. In 2020, a World Health Organization study showed that 64% of nursing home staff members admitted to some form of abuse or neglect of elderly patients. Equally troubling, family members must be cognizant of possible misconduct not only of the […]
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Recently, in Staake v. Department of Corrections, 2022 IL App (4th) 210071, the Appellate Court heard a case pertaining to alleged FOIA violations. In 2018, an inmate, Jared Staake, filed two separate FOIA requests with the Illinois Department of Corrections (DOC) for documents including a complaint on file in a class action against DOC personnel and educational documents. The DOC denied both requests citing Section 7(1)(a) of FOIA which exempts information prohibited from disclosure by federal or State law or rules and regulations implementing federal or State laws. 5 ILCS 140/7(1)(a).

Staake filed a complaint against DOC for declaratory
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An unfortunate feature of some divorces in Illinois is the tendency of parents to try to convince a judge that their child’s other parent is unfit for parental responsibilities or parenting time. Some parents are justified in their concerns – perhaps the other parent is neglecting the child, abusing the child, or using drugs or alcohol unsafely. Whether justified or not, a parent may ask a court to test their child’s other parent for drugs or alcohol. If you are being asked to take a drug test, or if you are wondering whether you can ask a judge to order
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One of the best parts of summer is enjoying the warm weather by the side of a swimming pool. Kids stay busy and parents enjoy having the kids out of the house and tuckered out at the end of the day. However, pools also come with serious injury risks, as thousands of people, both children and adults, are injured in swimming pools every year in America. 
Many of the children who are injured will face a long, uphill battle toward recovery. Their parents will likewise struggle with the healing process as they face expensive medical and rehabilitative treatment for their
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Healthcare providers are essential during childbirth for ensuring a safe delivery and healthy infant. The responsibilities these caregivers have are enormous and parents must place their trust in their team of doctors during a physically vulnerable and emotionally heightened moment. While most deliveries are successful and parents are rewarded with the joy of meeting their child for the first time, some deliveries are complicated and require quick, deft decision-making and medical treatment. 
When labor is not progressing or a baby needs urgent delivery, doctors may recommend a forceps delivery to help the baby come out more quickly. Birth forceps are
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Parents seeking to create or modify an Illinois parenting agreement often experience heated disagreements about the best arrangement for their children. When mediation or other negotiations fail to resolve the conflict, or when abuse or violence is present, parents may need to take the case to trial. Child custody trials have many unpleasant features, perhaps the most significant being that each parent’s behaviors are brought into the limelight. Judges will examine your home environment, personality, and parenting skills in scrupulous detail. Here are three mistakes to avoid if you are seeking parenting time and parental responsibilities in an Illinois child
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In binding PAC Opinion 22-008, the PAC found a Farm Committee (Committee) of a County Board (Board) in violation of the OMA when it voted on two resolutions without adequately describing the actio items on the Committee’s meeting agenda.In April 2022, an individual submitted a request for review with the PAC, alleging that the Committee violated the OMA by voting to approve two resolutions to (1) hire a person to obtain crop insurance and (2) borrow money for crop expenses without listing either item on the Committee’s April 7, 2022 meeting agenda. In response to the PAC, the Committee
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Most people have a pretty good idea of how the divorce process works. It is the first few steps of the divorce process that make people realize “maybe I don’t know as much as I should.” The first flummoxing step for most people filing an Illinois divorce is serving their spouse with the divorce papers.

“After the filing of the petition, the party filing the same shall, within 2 days, serve a copy thereof upon the other party, in the manner provided by rule of the Supreme Court for service of notices in other civil cases” 750 ILCS 5/411(b)

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