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Synopsis: Madigan Quits!!!! What Does It Mean for IL Work Comp and Illinois Government?   Editor’s comment: Starting in November 1970 and continuing to the end of this month, Illinois voters have seen the longest tenured state legislative leader in U.S. history in the person of Michael J. Madigan. He has had an interesting and bittersweet run. I can’t stop giggling about his statement that he “dedicated [himself] to democracy.” What an absolute hoot!—in my view the State of Illinois under Madigan has become the “least democratic” State in the history of States.   What Does Madigan’s Departure Mean to… Continue Reading 2-22-2021; Madigan Quits!!! What Does It Mean for IL WC and Illinois Gov't?"; Biometrics Act Litigation Moves to the IL Supreme Court–IL Business, Keep Your Fingers Crossed!! and more