An Illinois revocable living trust can help you preserve assets and pass them down to relatives. This very popular estate planning structure is easy to set up with a lawyer’s help and easy to maintain during your lifetime. If you Read More….
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If you’ve been injured on the job and received workers’ compensation benefits, you may be wondering, “Will my workman’s compensation claim affect my future employment?” You’re protected under the law if you’ve been involved in a workers’ comp case, and potential employers cannot hold that against you as a condition of hire.

In fact, Illinois law strictly regulates what employers can and cannot ask you regarding past jobs, and workers’ compensation claims are largely protected.

Laws About Workman’s Compensation

According to the Social Security Administration, each state regulates its own workman’s compensation programs. In Illinois, employees are protected from wrongful termination
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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Article: Conditional Purging of Wills

Mark Glover recently published an article entitled, Conditional Purging of Wills, University of Richmond Law Review, 2022 Forthcoming. Provided below is the abstract:
The laws of most states unconditionally purge a testamentary gift to an individual who serves as an attesting witness to the will. Under this approach, the will is valid despite the presence of an interested witness, but the witness forfeits all, some, or none of her gift, depending on the particularities of state law. While the outcome of the interested witness’s gift varies amongst the states that
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Illinois employees are protected from harassment and discrimination by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Illinois Human Rights Act, and other legislation. Unfortunately, sexual harassment continues to be an issue in Illinois and throughout the United States. Harassment can come in many forms. Some workers are exposed to crude jokes and offensive remarks. Others are touched inappropriately without their consent while simply trying to do their jobs. Employees may also deal with managers, supervisors, or employers who attempt to gain sexual favors by offering work-related benefits.
Research shows that workers in the manufacturing industry are exposed to sexual harassment at
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4 Tips to Save Money on Attorney’s Fees in your Family case

Get Organized

Throughout your case, you will need to provide information to your attorney to assist in your representation.  Information may include financial documents as well as text messages and social media posts.  Do not pay your attorney or their staff to organize your documents into categories and chronological order.  You can save quite a bit of money by organizing the documents before you give them to your attorney.  Also, read the document requests carefully and be sure to provide all of the requested information.  This will save
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The amendments to the Guidelines do not constitute good cause for modification of an existing parenting time order; however, a court or parties to a proceeding may refer to these guidelines when determining whether to modify a parenting time order after January 1, 2022. | O’Flaherty Law – Learn About Law Legal Articles, Videos & Podcasts with O’Flaherty Law
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While the bathroom is typically the most dangerous room in a house, the kitchen is a close second. Anything from burn injuries caused by a hot stove to lacerations sustained while chopping vegetables can happen in a kitchen. Using reasonable care can help you avoid some types of kitchen injuries. However, when a kitchen appliance or other product is defective, there is probably nothing you can do to avoid getting hurt. Injuries caused by defective kitchen products can be severe. They often involve explosions, gases, or fires, all of which can be extremely harmful or even lethal. If you were
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When parents divorce, they rarely walk away from the relationship entirely. Because they share children together, they will be in each other’s lives at least until their children are grown. Co-parenting with an ex or soon-to-be-ex is not always easy, but there are steps parents can take to make co-parenting less stressful for everyone involved.  
If you are recently divorced or intend to divorce soon, read on to learn some tips and tricks for co-parenting during summer vacation.
Effective Co-Parenting Starts with a Strong Parenting Plan
Divorcing parents in Illinois will create a parenting plan which describes parenting time,
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Not only is a tenant concerned about the condition of his unit, but a tenant may be concerned about issues including fire safety, theft, assault, damage to property, and foreseeable criminal acts. | O’Flaherty Law – Learn About Law Legal Articles, Videos & Podcasts with O’Flaherty Law
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Anyone can be bitten by an aggressive dog. Even adults can suffer serious injuries as a result of dog attacks. Children, however, are particularly vulnerable to dangerous dogs. They are also more likely to be seriously harmed when they are attacked by a dog. Most breeds that are often associated with aggressiveness, such as pit bulls and German Shepherds, are large breeds likely to outweigh a young child. 
It is important for parents to discuss dog safety with their children to reduce the likelihood of a bite. However, even if a child knows exactly what to do around a potentially
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Illinois firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical caregivers are real-life superheroes who handle more than their fair share of challenges at work. Unfortunately, the unpredictable and demanding work schedule of these jobs also means that first responders often face additional challenges in their relationships. Emergency response employees have higher rates of divorce and, when they get divorced, they must deal with unique concerns as a result of their job. 
Why Are First Responders at Greater Risk of Divorce? 
First responders are at higher risk of matrimonial dissatisfaction because they work long hours, frequently face dangerous situations, observe traumatizing events, and
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Illinois is an “equitable division” state, which means that during a divorce, all marital property should be equitably divided between the parties. Some assets are easier to split, like shared savings accounts and vehicles. But for some, it gets even harder to negotiate who keeps what and who leaves it. This includes dividing a family home and dividing a business and all its assets.

It doesn’t matter who spent most of their time working to build the business; if it was started after marriage, it automatically becomes marital property. In circumstances where one spouse started the business before
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So much of the content about the topic of divorce involves the period before and during the Illinois divorce process. Books, blogs, and TV series spend far more time focusing on the conflict of divorce and the difficulty of the process; the story often ends when each partner waltzes off into the sunset, newly and happily single. 
As many divorcees can attest, however, the truth is more complicated and not quite so easy. Life after divorce can feel a bit like being suspended in midair. You still have the ongoing sense of urgency from the divorce – the feeling that
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On May 14, 2022, Chicago police reported the deaths of three women at a Rogers Park senior living facility.
The women, aged 67, 72 and 76, were residents at the James Sneider Apartments, 7450 N. Rogers Ave. in Chicago. The elderly women were found unresponsive between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. in their respective units.
According to NBC Chicago, tenants had begun complaining of the “oppressive” heat four days earlier.
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Adoption can seem daunting but the comfort of adopting a family member can make the process more reassuring. While not applicable to all adopting individuals, relative adoption offers the opportunity to establish a permanent family without breaking familial ties.

What is Relative Adoption?

Relative adoption involves the adoption of a minor child by an immediate relative, including:

  • Grandparents
  • Aunts, uncles or cousins
  • Step-family members

As adoption is permanent, moving forward requires the voluntary or court-ordered termination of the legal parents’ parental rights, even if the child remains in the family. Legal guardianship presents an alternative to relative adoption for families
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