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When another party tries to blame you for a collision to excuse their responsibilities, you may need the assistance of a car accident lawyer, even if the accident was minor. Lawyers at Phillips Law Offices can also help to verify that you’re claiming the benefits to which you’re entitled. A lawyer also understands what evidence is needed to construct a compelling argument for your unique situation.
When working with an injured motorist or pedestrian, a car accident lawyer will perform the following things:
Legal Assistance
When you are involved in a car accident, many different people are likely
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Many people that have been involved in an accident are left wondering what the difference is between “personal injury” and “bodily injury.” While they may sound very similar, there is, in fact, a difference between the two. They both refer to harm suffered by an individual, but bodily injury refers only to physical injuries, whereas personal injury encapsulates a range of damages including, but not limited to, pain and suffering.


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A personal injury attorney can be the best thing to happen to you on one of the worst days of your life. A personal injury lawyer provides legal advice and representation to people who have suffered a physical or psychological injury, stemming from a wide array of causes. Personal injury law exists to protect us from these kinds of accidents by holding everyone accountable to a standard of reasonable care.
Personal injury attorneys, like those at Phillips Law Offices, most commonly handle cases related to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death cases, defective products, slip and
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Do you rely on public transportation to commute to work or other places? While buses, trains and subways are typically safer than driving on the road or highway, accidents can still happen. If you suffer any type of injury while riding on mass transportation, Illinois motor vehicle accident lawyers can help you file a lawsuit to obtain compensation.
Following are some common types of transportation accidents:

  • Collisions. A collision can occur with another vehicle or a fixed object. The injuries that result can range from minor cuts and bruises to conditions like whiplash or catastrophic injuries, or even death. Causes

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Local, county, state, and federal governmental agencies and entities are in most cases protected against lawsuits by a legal principle called “sovereign immunity.” For example, if your child is injured attending an Illinois public school, a personal injury claim must demonstrate that there was willful and wanton, and/or “reckless behavior” on the part of one or more school employees. If you’re injured in traffic because the Chicago Transit Authority was negligent, a notice of intent to sue must be filed within six months of the injury and a lawsuit must follow within a year. A number of criteria must be
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Most people have a rather general idea of what a wrongful death lawsuit is. Wrongful death in Illinois is a death caused by another person’s negligence. With the help of a Chicago wrongful death lawyer, a claim can be brought by the survivors of the deceased against the individual whose negligence allegedly caused the death, even if there was no intent or premeditation. The Illinois Wrongful Death Act gives the surviving family members of wrongful death victims the legal right to recover the financial compensation they need to move forward with their lives after a wrongful death strikes a
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When you obtain the services of a psychiatrist, it is probably because you are seeking to improve your mental or emotional health. Some psychiatric patients are recovering from a specific traumatic event. Others may be dealing with a lifetime’s worth of anxieties and concerns. Either way, a psychiatrist is a medical professional who should be able to help – or at least not hinder – a patient’s efforts to improve his or her mental and emotional health.
In some circumstances, a Chicago medical malpractice law firm can help psychiatric patients who have ended up as the victims of neglect or
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Civil lawsuits can quickly turn into situations where both parties become worried about costs.These costs include property damage, medical expenses, office visits and more.This is a particularly pressing problem for the plaintiff, as the response could impact the compensation the plaintiff receives as a result of the civil litigation.There is no set amount that a lawyer can typically charge for a car accident. However, it is common for personal injury lawyers to work on a contingency fee basis.


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Car accidents are traumatic experiences that can have long-term effects on your health and well-being. The real impact of the occurrence may not become apparent for days or weeks, even if you appear to be unharmed. You may be at a loss after a vehicle accident. After a car accident, many people find themselves in uncharted territory.


When is it necessary to retain the services
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It’s disturbing. Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States. That puts everyone at risk. In Illinois, if you are a victim of medical malpractice – or if you’re not sure – the smart step to take is to discuss your concerns with a Chicago medical malpractice attorney.
While malpractice is widespread, and it can happen in almost any medical setting, some medical mistakes happen more frequently than others. You may occasionally see a news story about the wrong kidney or limb being removed, but those stories are news because those mistakes are rare.
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This is a question that you’re likely to ask yourself when you’ve been rear-ended. Even if it seems like a minor accident, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. You should immediately look for a Chicago car accident lawyer just to be safe. What initially seems like a minor fender bender could lead to a full-blown trial.
According to statistics, there were over six million police-reported motor vehicle accidents in 2015. This number has surely gone up over the last couple of years. There are a couple of reasons why you could have been rear-ended. It could’ve been a careless driver
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Nursing home abuse and neglect those terms are often used interchangeably typically as lawyers we tend to think of abuse as an intentional act by somebody in the nursing home an employee for example doesn’t intentional acts so just punches somebody or assaults somebody whereas neglect or negligence is carelessness its lack of attention it’s leaving somebody in a bed long enough that they create pressure sores and ulcers it’s not monitoring the medication appropriately so the nursing home patient who is completely dependent upon the care providers ends up with a significant injury or harm nursing homes are
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Personal injury cases are usually complicated, which is why it’s not a good idea to represent yourself, as you could end up losing the case even when the facts are obvious. Instead, seek legal representation from a skilled Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer.
How can you find the right attorney for your case? There are a number of things you should keep in mind when looking for a personal injury lawyer to help you with your situation. Here’s what to look for when searching for the right attorney:
Some personal injury cases will go to trial, so you’ll
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Thousands of people suffer work-related injuries and illnesses every year in the U.S. It doesn’t matter where you work or what type of job you perform–you could suffer a work-related injury, too. If you are injured at work, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.
But, the laws regarding workers’ compensation benefits are complex, and obtaining these benefits is harder than it may seem. For these reasons, anyone who is injured at work in the Chicago area should contact a Chicago personal injury attorney to discuss their legal options.

The law in Illinois requires
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Pharmaceutical products and drug cases, we have to look very carefully at those because it’s inevitable that many drugs are going to have possible side effects. The question becomes is there a side effect that wasn’t warned against or that causes damage beyond which they inform people could happen.
The Illinois personal injury law firm of Phillips Law Offices has a recognized reputation as having aggressive, skilled, and determined representatives and advocates for injured individuals and their families.
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The elements of damage in a defective product liability claim are past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, disability disfigurement pain and suffering and mental anguish both past and in the future if the claim is permanent.
The Illinois personal injury law firm of Phillips Law Offices has a recognized reputation as having aggressive, skilled, and determined representatives and advocates for injured individuals and their families.
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