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One of the more complex parts of the divorce process is called property division or asset division. This is when spouses divide marital property between themselves. Marital property, as defined by Illinois law, refers to possessions that were acquired by either spouse during the marriage. With some exceptions, these possessions are considered marital property and belong to both spouses.
Property division becomes more complicated if certain assets are involved. Collectibles and antiques, for example, are not so easy to divide. For one thing, their value may have increased over the years since they were purchased. For another, they cannot
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Being involved in a car accident is stressful enough as it is, but it can be even more distressing if you discover that the other driver is uninsured. In Illinois, drivers are required to have auto insurance to cover damages in the event of an accident. However, accidents involving uninsured motorists do occur, leaving victims concerned that they will need to cover all accident-related expenses on their own. If this has happened to you, speak with an experienced Bloomingdale, IL personal injury attorney who can explain your options and help you navigate the process of recovering damages.
How Does
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Recently, the Biden administration introduced new policies that are meant to provide a pathway to legal status for certain undocumented immigrants who are currently living in the United States. These policies focus on creating opportunities for undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens and immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. People who may be affected by these policies will need to understand the steps they can take to achieve legal status in the United States and avoid issues such as deportation. An experienced attorney with a strong understanding of immigration law provides guidance for immigrants and helps them complete
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Life after divorce is very different than it is during marriage. For this reason, people who get divorced prepare for post-divorce life in their own ways. Spouses are free to make their own arrangements on issues like alimony or how to divide marital property.
But there is one preparation that Illinois law wants to make sure is done thoroughly, and that is parenting a child after divorce. Parents who file for divorce are therefore required to submit a parenting plan to the court. A parenting plan is a document that explains in detail how you and your spouse plan to
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Distracted driving, particularly texting while driving, is a leading cause of accidents. If you have been involved in an accident and suspect the other driver was texting, gathering evidence to support your claim is important. An Illinois lawyer can help you put together your proof properly.
Obtain and Carefully Review the Police Report
The police report is a critical piece of evidence in any accident case. It contains vital information about the accident, including the location, time, date, parties involved, and the responding officer’s observations. When reviewing the police report, pay close attention to any mentions of distracted driving
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Simply having a job in the United States is not enough to qualify you for an adjustment of status based on your employment. A lot of immigrants with visas work, but not all can obtain permanent residency using an employment-based visa. Getting your status adjusted based on your employment requires your employer’s cooperation. The company you work for will need to help you apply, and this can be a tedious process that not all employers are willing to go through. You also need to meet other requirements that may not be easy to prove. If you are seeking an
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Trucks can present countless dangers on the road. Whether the driver is negligent and crashes into someone, the engine parts are faulty and do not respond quickly enough to the brakes, or something the truck is transporting falls off the truck, the potential damage from an accident can be staggering. When a regular driver is minding his own business and suddenly a huge object crashes into his windshield, it can be extremely damaging and even fatal. Unfortunately, that is what happens when cargo is not properly secured onto a truck, and it is a major problem on the roads. If
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The Illinois DREAM Act is designed to help children of immigrants obtain higher education, even if they are undocumented. Receiving a scholarship and being able to start college can help you begin building a better life. Although the Illinois DREAM Act does not offer a path to citizenship, being a college student or a college graduate may eventually help you as you pursue legal residency. You should be aware that Illinois’ DREAM Act is different than the federal DREAM Act, which offers a path to citizenship for certain undocumented young people who entered the country as children. Many young
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Fighting a divorce out in court — also known as litigation — can be costly and emotionally taxing. That is why litigation is usually a last resort in divorces. When a couple files for divorce and cannot agree on certain issues, the court will often order the parties to attend alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation.
Another form of alternative dispute resolution is collaborative law. A collaborative divorce is a private divorce process in which the spouses hire a team led by an attorney to work out the issues they disagree on. Depending on what those issues are, your team
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People who are preparing to take the naturalization test required to become a U.S. citizen are often very anxious about passing. It is quite normal to feel worried, as this is likely the most high-stakes exam you will ever take. Students are often very anxious about taking tests that come with far less serious repercussions should they fail. While the naturalization test may not be easy, it is designed so that most people who make an effort to study will be able to pass. There are classes you can take to help you prepare, or you can study independently using
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In recent years, there has been increasing awareness of the dangers that professional athletes face due to the high risk of serious brain injury. The risk is heightened if you play a sport with a higher chance of repeated trauma to the head, like in hockey, wrestling, and football for example. The repeated hits to the head suffered by someone who has been playing a particular sport professionally for several years can lead to the development of what is known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which can result in severe disability. If a loved one suffered brain trauma that
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Parents who have had a teenager or preteen child living in their home know that kids this age tend to be secretive. Social studies suggest that this is a normal part of teenage development as children seek to create some distance from their parents and establish an independent identity.
Although this may be a normal stage of human development, most parents understandably have concerns about their children’s behavior during teenage years. This is especially true in the age of the internet and smartphones, where other teenagers and even adults can have direct access to children without parents being aware of
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A child does not need to be born inside the United States or in one of its territories to become a natural-born citizen. If your child has at least one parent who is a United States citizen, there is a good chance that he or she can be granted citizenship at birth or based on one parent’s citizenship status. However, simply having one parent who is a U.S. citizen is not always enough. You will also need to prove that the parent with U.S. citizenship meets certain residency requirements. The requirements also vary depending on whether the child’s mother
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Being injured in a pedestrian accident can be a traumatizing experience. You could be walking outside enjoying the fresh air, and suddenly, a car or truck strikes you down. Without the protection of a metal outer shell like a car has, a person is likely to suffer serious injury all over their body if they are hit by a car driving at full speed. The injuries could result in a very long and expensive recovery process including surgeries, therapies, and a great deal of time spent away from a paying job. If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, speak
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Low-income families in Illinois can apply for financial assistance from the state. This help is given through the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF) program, which is run by the Illinois Department of Human Services. To qualify for financial benefits, you must:

  • Be pregnant or live with a child under 19
  • Live in Illinois
  • Be a United States citizen or meet certain immigration requirements

If you share joint custody with your co-parent, the state will consider only one of you to be “living with the child” for the purpose of receiving benefits. This article will discuss what joint custody is
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Lawful permanent residency and U.S. citizenship are both legal statuses that allow you to remain in the United States indefinitely. However, citizens and permanent residents have different rights and privileges. It is easier to become a lawful permanent resident than to become a citizen but to retain your status as a permanent resident, you must be cautious about how often and for how long you leave the country. A citizen, however, may travel or live anywhere in the world without risking his or her citizenship status. Citizenship, once granted, is permanent. If you are unsure which status to pursue, a
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