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Parental Alienation Awareness Day is THIS Thursday, April 25

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The Anti-Alienation Project

the Colorado Panel Event
on April 4, 2024

The Anti-Alienation Project wishes to say thank you to PASG for sponsoring our Colorado panel event. It was such a meaningful and profound healing experience to meet, in person, and spend time with other child survivors of parental alienation.
The full panel discussion video, with Dr. Jennifer Harman’s awesome introductory lecture, will be premiering on YouTube on Parental Alienation Awareness Day this Thursday at 7 PM EST (5 PM MST).
Please join us to
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Custodial Interference is a form of child maltreatment and a crime under family violence. Raising awareness about this issue can help reduce alienating behaviors, such as withholding and manipulating children.

Your help would be appreciated in sharing and promoting this campaign throughout the month of April.

The goal is to urge parents to contact their governmental representatives (state legislators in the U.S.) to ask them to take a stand against custodial interference in all its forms.
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Chief Justice Mary Jane Theis and the Illinois Supreme Court announced the adoption of new Rule 909 which establishes a statewide framework for courts to utilize “parenting coordinators” to resolve minor issues causing conflict in family law cases. The new Rule is effective immediately.
New Rule 909 and the Illinois Supreme Court Rules can be found here.
New Rule 909, first proposed by the Illinois State Bar Association and approved unanimously by the Supreme Court Rules Committee, allows for each Illinois judicial circuit, if it chooses, to establish a parenting coordination program via local rule. Several judicial circuits, including
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Opinion Date: March 12, 2024
Areas of Law: Family Law, Mental Health Law

This case involves an appeal against a judgment from the Montana Eighteenth Judicial District Court, Gallatin County, which committed the appellant, G.M., into the custody and care of the Montana State Hospital (MSH) for involuntary mental health treatment. The key issue at hand is whether the District Court erroneously found that G.M. was unable to adequately care for her own basic needs and safety based on hearsay statements made by her husband through the testimony of a court-appointed professional.
G.M., aged 66 at the time of the
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Source: One Mom’s Battle
” The High Conflict Person’s actions are driven by revenge and anger. This person is unable to act in the best interest of their child and is unable to move forward in a healthy direction. They use every opportunity to berate, chastise or make digs at the healthy parent. They undermine the healthy parent by disrupting the child’s sleep schedule, diet and routines. They contradict established rules and withhold information. Ignoring school responsibilities, projects and homework to create chaos for the healthy parent. It’s also using the parenting time schedule as a weapon and, forcing custody
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In my practice, much of the emphasis on this blog is placed on complex child custody litigation, and how to manage these difficult issues with child custody litigation.  Yet, in some of my cases along with child custody issues there can be significant financial issues and division of property issues. One issue that sometimes arises is the valuation of a family owned business, or the valuation of a percentage share in a corporation our group of companies.
With certain exceptions  all property acquired during marriage through the time, skill and efforts of either spouse is considered marital property. The disposition
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In  my practice, I have the privilege of working with parents who are the targeted end of a toxic  alienation campaign.  The above video highlights the importance of the reintegration therapist, with the reminded that there are very few clinicians that actually have the training and experience to work with “brainwashed” children.
“A therapist that’s going to be helpful to an alienated parent and their damaged children here should have clinical and research experience, at least to know the research completely, and be able to differentiate the weak studies from the strong studies. They also should have a lot of
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Amanda is the founder of the Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation and the creator of the Australian Parental Alienation Awareness Day, on the 12th of October. Amanda is regularly consulted as an emerging subject matter expert in this field. Amanda’s goal, and that of the Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation, is to educate parents, Family Court and mental health practitioners on parental alienating behaviours, the dynamics, processes and profiles, and the trauma, stress, and lifelong impact it has on children.

Nearly 40% of the Parental Alienation literature has been published since 2016. Parental Alienation research has moved beyond

The Parental Alienation Study Group has completed a thorough critique of a book that has been published seeking to discount the reality of Parental Alienation. PASG has done a thorough and clinically sound debunking of this book, and the review published by PASG is worth reading by any clinician or legal professional involved in PA mitigation.
A Comprehensive Review of Misinformation and Other Inaccuracies in Challenging Parental Alienation: New Directions for Professionals and Parents
Created by Parental Alienation Study Group
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As a long-term member of the Parental Alienation Study Group, I am pleased to see that there is going to be an excellent seminar this summer on new developments in the field. See the recent post from Dr. Harman. Dr. Harman is an accomplished and awarded scientist and teacher, and has published many peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and has presented her research regularly at scientific conferences around the world. Dr. Harman’s areas of research expertise focus on the topic of power in relationships: power in how intimate partners influence each other for good or bad. As an applied social
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For the decades that I have been practicing Family Law/Divorce/Child Custody, I have always endeavored to deliver good value for the money spent on legal fees. Aside from keeping my hourly rates at a moderate level so that they are affordable for all clients, I also have some pride in the fact that my Firm really works to manage the cases aggressively and at the same time, cost effectively.  With this in mind, I thought I’d post some suggestions on how clients can help keep legal costs down in a contentious divorce:
Here are 7 ways to save on divorce
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Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
Parental alienation occurs when efforts are made to discourage a child’s attachment to a parent. This often occurs during acrimonious divorces, when one parent discourages the child/children from having a relationship with the other. Mechanisms often used to alienate the child/children are extremely harmful to children and include the following:

  • Slandering the other parent. This involves making deprecating statements about the other parent repetitively. This often includes fabricated information.

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In my law practice, a number of issues that come up with divorce and child custody matters are focused around a spouse with a High Conflict Personality.  HCPs can make a divorce and child custody case difficult to the point of being traumatic, and it is so important to have a lawyer that understands these personality types, and has management strategies for dealing with HCPs in the courtroom.  Attorney and HCP expert Bill Eddy offers a podcast on the link below, along with some appropriate advice:

” Here are four of the biggest mistakes when dealing with HCPs:
Trying to
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One of the longstanding issues in dealing with Parental Alienation within the clinical community, as well as with the legal community, has been the inclusion of Parental Alienation diagnostics in the DSM.  An important group (of which I am proud to be a member) is the Parental Alienation Study Group.
Parental Alienation Study Group, Inc. (PASG), is an international, not-for-profit corporation. PASG has 800 members – mostly mental health and legal professionals – from 62 countries.
PASG is an organization open to anyone who reports an interest in the topic of parental alienation—personally, professionally, or both. Membership in PASG does
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