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Chicago has put a special emphasis on stopping heroin trafficking, with several undercover operations like Operation Monticello’s Revenge on the Northwest Side of Chicago. From January 2017, there were approximately 2,424 narcotics-related local arrests made by the Chicago Police Department.
Heroin charges in Illinois fall into three categories: possession, selling, and manufacturing/ trafficking. If you are facing heroin charges in Chicago, hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer can ensure the best outcome for your case.
The penalties for crimes involving heroin can be severe and vary widely, depending on how much heroin is involved. Federal laws may also apply
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In St. Charles, a tragic situation played out on Friday. Andrew Jensen struck and killed an elderly woman in a wheelchair, then fled the scene of the accident.
Though he turned himself in only hours later, Jensen faces several charges, including leaving the scene of an accident and failing to report it, that could result in felonies on Jensen’s record.
Helen Radnoti, 88, was attempting to cross the street with her son when Jensen’s Dodge Ram turned right, striking the woman and inflicting injuries that she died of at Delnor Hospital in Geneva. Jensen did not even stop to
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As the fall begins, it is looking like the violence in Chicago may never end. On Saturday, September 26th, a 5-year-old girl was stabbed fatally in her home in the Garfield Park neighborhood. An adult woman, who may have been related to the child, was detained in connection to the stabbing, although no further details have yet been released in this developing story.
This tragic incident marks a beginning to autumn, continuing the trend of violence seen across the city during the summer months, much of it targeted towards children.
As unrest across America grows, it seems as though Chicago
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The night of September 1st was a scary one for one Chicago four-year-old, reports the Chicago Sun Times. The child was left inside of his mother’s Kia Sportage, which was left running, when it was stolen from outside of a restaurant on South Shore Drive. The suspect, a male who exited the restaurant, reportedly jumped into the running vehicle and took off with the boy still in the back seat, before crashing the car just a few blocks away. Thankfully, the child was unharmed, but the suspect still remains at large.
While those who live in Chicago are no
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An eighteen-year-old Chicago resident is facing federal charges of carjacking and firearms offenses, a grand jury decided. The teen was already charged with vehicular hijacking and aggravated kidnapping due to an incident where he used a handgun to threaten and carjack that passengers of a Buick Lucerne on July 28th, but a grand jury decided to indict the teen on charges of carjacking and discharging a firearm as well.
Violence in Chicago has been at a high this summer, with July reporting one of the deadliest weekends for homicide deaths in Chicago history, but thankfully this incident led to the
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Chicago has never been a haven of peaceful protesting, and the second weekend in August saw more looting, vandalism, violence, and more than 100 arrests in connection with the protests. It is suspected that an officer-involved shooting in Englewood helped to plant the seeds on social media for rumors to abound about this weekend’s outbreak of violence, but many news stations are still following the situation to understand exactly how the looting began as well as the aftermath of this struggle between police and the citizens of Chicago.
The protests this weekend mark the continuation of a months-long struggle between
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A long hot summer has turned deadly in the streets of Chicago, with July’s murder rate jumping almost 140% over this time last year. According to CNN, the deadly month culminated in the shooting of a 9-year-old boy near the North Side, whose death capped the month off with 212 children killed in the city.
Almost every one of these deaths can be attributed in some way to gun violence, especially firearms obtained illegally, and police have reported that seizures of illegal firearms are up in 2020 as well.
This year has been a difficult one for many, whether
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On Tuesday, July 14th, two armed robberies occurred in Englewood, only two hours apart. In each incident, the victim was approached by a group of a group of people and a gun was brandished, along with an order to give up their property. No more details were reported on the robberies, but police are asking anyone with knowledge of these crimes to call Area One detectives to talk more about these robberies.
Armed robbery is unfortunately a common occurrence in Chicago, a city known for its harsh neighborhoods and large amount of gang-related violence. However, if you are a legal
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Even a first time drunk driving conviction in Illinois can cost much more than $10,000. A DUI conviction could mean losing your driver’s license or job, and possibly having difficulty getting a job in the future, or admitted to a college. You may have to participate in Illinois’ ignition interlock program, BAIID (Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device).
The penalties for DUI get progressively worse with each offense. A first or second-time DUI offender is usually charged with a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois. A third DUI is a felony. A fourth DUI offense carries a three to seven-year prison sentence
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If you are being investigated for a computer or internet crime, you could face a large fine and lengthy prison sentence, and have a criminal record for life. Your case could be prosecuted by both federal and state authorities.
Before you allow the legal system to determine your fate and future, take control of your future and reach out to the Illinois criminal lawyers at the Chicago Criminal Law Firm.
Vadim A. Glozman and his team handle all types of internet crime defense cases, including:

  • Child pornography possession and distribution
  • Computer and email hacking
  • Credit card, debit card and bank

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“RICO” is an acronym for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. The passage of the RICO act in 1970 was aimed, originally at the mafia. RICO allows both prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed in a group criminal enterprise.
Types of activities that may fall under RICO include illegal gambling /betting operations, bribery, murder, kidnapping, money laundering, counterfeiting, embezzlement, slavery,  drug trafficking, and multiple other unsavory business practices.
Since the 1970 passage RICO has been the basis for investigations involving numerous crime families, motorcycle clubs, and gangs. Notable investigations involving RICO laws over the years have
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Chicago Chain-Reaction Crash Kills Driver and Injures Trooper
An Illinois state trooper was injured and a driver were killed in a multi-vehicle crash on I-57 in south suburban Riverdale, police reported. The trooper and the other driver were driving in the northbound lanes of I-57 near 138th Street around 2:30 a.m. when what might have been a case of drunk driving lost control of his vehicle setting off a chain-reaction crash sending both cars off the roadway and into a wall. Though, the actual cause of the accident is still under investigation.
The Northbound I-57 at 147th Street Crash Scene
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