Chicago has never been a haven of peaceful protesting, and the second weekend in August saw more looting, vandalism, violence, and more than 100 arrests in connection with the protests. It is suspected that an officer-involved shooting in Englewood helped to plant the seeds on social media for rumors to abound about this weekend’s outbreak of violence, but many news stations are still following the situation to understand exactly how the looting began as well as the aftermath of this struggle between police and the citizens of Chicago.

The protests this weekend mark the continuation of a months-long struggle between the public protesting police brutality and the police force that has become their target.

Although Mayor Lightfoot said in a statement that federal officers sent by Trump are not welcome in Chicago, it remains to be seen exactly how this situation will go away on its own. Officials warned that there may not be an “overly simplistic answer” to how exactly the violence began but that enacting more intelligent policy might help to stem more violence from starting.

Being Accused of Violent Crime in Chicago

As of 9am today, more than 100 people have been arrested in connection with the vandalism, violence, and looting that happened on Chicago’s West Side this weekend. Many officers reported injuries as well–a total of thirteen officers were injured during the unrest on the Magnificent Mile, including one officer who was hit with a bottle. In addition, one civilian and one private security guard were wounded by gunshots as the police attempted to get the crowd under control.

Those who live in Chicago are no strangers to the amount of violent crime that happens on our streets each and every single day, but since May’s explosion of BLM protests after the death of George Floyd, tensions between the communities of color and the police have led to an uptick in crime and arrests. Common charges in connection to protests can include simple misdemeanors but looters may also find themselves charged with violent crime and weapons charges if there is evidence of violent behavior.

It’s natural to want to defend your community, but when those protests turn violent and even deadly, it may be a smart idea to want to hire a lawyer who has experience defending their client’s rights.

Finding a Lawyer to Assist You in Fighting Criminal Charges

Whether you have been accused of a violent crime, weapons charge, or even of just simple looting, a criminal defense attorney will be on your side the moment that trouble comes to pass. In Illinois, these crimes are taken very seriously, and you may be looking at felony charges and years spent in jail due to this type of crime, where you are truly guilty or not. If you’ve had a run-in with the police, call Vadim A. Glozman to ensure that your rights will be protected.

A talented criminal defense attorney may shave years off of a prison sentence or get charges dropped entirely. If you’re currently dealing with the accusation of a crime, call Chicago Criminal Law Firm to get started with your free and no-obligation case consultation.