On Tuesday, July 14th, two armed robberies occurred in Englewood, only two hours apart. In each incident, the victim was approached by a group of a group of people and a gun was brandished, along with an order to give up their property. No more details were reported on the robberies, but police are asking anyone with knowledge of these crimes to call Area One detectives to talk more about these robberies.

Armed robbery is unfortunately a common occurrence in Chicago, a city known for its harsh neighborhoods and large amount of gang-related violence. However, if you are a legal firearm owner, this type of charge could take away your ability to possess a weapon for the rest of your life, and no one wants to be without protection in Chicago.

Armed robbery is a very serious accusation, and if you’ve been arrested for this type of charge, it is imperative that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure your rights and freedom are protected. 

What Constitutes Armed Robbery In Illinois?

In Illinois, laws surrounding armed robbery and other related crimes can be complex and multifaceted–depending upon circumstances, an armed robbery charge can result in a felony as well as many years spent behind bars. However, to simplify it a bit, here are the necessary components of an armed robbery that must be proven in a court of law.

According to the Illinois Criminal Code of 2012, in order to be considered an armed robbery, the alleged perpetrator must knowingly take another person’s property as well as:

  1. Must be armed with a dangerous weapon and
  2. Must discharge the firearm during the offense, whether it hurts someone or not

If these specifications are not met, it is likely that the judge will dismiss your case, especially if you have hired a talented criminal lawyer to ensure your case goes smoothly.

What Charges Come with Armed Robbery in Chicago?

If you have, however, been the alleged perpetrator of an armed robbery, the charges and sentencing that come along with this type of crime are steep. Those charged with armed robbery face up to decades in prison, as well as the weight of having a Class X felony on their record. Should the discharged firearm hurt or kill someone, this sentence can be upgraded to 25 years to life in prison.

This is why it is so important to retain a defense attorney if you are accused of armed robbery or any other weapons charges–because the consequences for not doing so can be severe, and end your life and freedom as you know it. If you are currently struggling with any type of criminal charge or accusation, get in touch with one of our talented attorneys today to schedule your free case consultation.

The road to normalcy may not be a quick or easy route, but with a skilled lawyer on your side, the path becomes a little bit easier to navigate.