The Illinois State Board of Dentistry is the agency that oversees licensed dental professionals. If a complaint has been filed against a dental professional with the board of accusations of unnecessary treatment, substandard care, or inappropriate behavior, it is critical to have an experienced Illinois professional license defense attorney defending you against these allegations or you could risk losing your license to practice. In some cases, the patient may have also filed a dental malpractice claim. 
Why Should I Have an Attorney?
Defending against a complaint can be a complicated process, requiring the knowledge and experience of how the process
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A 58-year-old Illinois woman who has been charged with two counts of aggravated driving under the influence is not only facing the loss of her license and potential loss of freedom – she is also facing the loss of her vehicle via a civil forfeiture complaint. While many people are aware of police seizing the assets of people convicted of drug dealing and other illegal activities, is seizing the vehicle of a person who is accused of drunk driving legal under Illinois law?

BAC Four Times the Legal Limit
According to information released by law enforcement, on the night of
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When a person is charged with a crime, there are certain legal steps in the Illinois criminal justice system they must go through. One of those steps is a trial. The trial will determine whether the person is guilty of the charges they are accused of committing.
Most trials are jury trials. This is our right under the Sixth Amendment, which says that an accused has a right to an impartial jury. Typically, the jury is made up of 12 members. In order for there to be a verdict, the jury must vote unanimously either way, guilty or not
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In Illinois, after you have plead guilty to a crime or been convicted at trial, what is known as the sentencing phase of your case begins. During sentencing, the court will look over the facts and circumstances surrounding your crime and decide what sentence is appropriate. “Mitigating factors” are circumstances that suggest a crime was not as serious as the charge implies or a harsh sentence is not warranted.  When successfully argued, these factors may lead to a lighter sentence. If you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, it is important that you work with an experienced attorney who
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An officer generally must have a warrant in order to search you or your property unless an exception to the warrant requirement exists. One exception is that you consented. But did you really? While this may seem like a straightforward yes or no question, the facts can be murky, and different judges may interpret the same facts very differently. To prove consent, the state must show you did so freely and without coercion. Consent cannot be extracted by implied threat or covert force. If your consent was nonverbal, the court will look at whether you intended to consent or were

In today’s litigious society, doctors often have to worry about medical malpractice claims. The high cost of malpractice insurance to protect a physician and their practice is one of the factors that drives the high cost of healthcare. Although focused on malpractice concerns, worrying about accusations for Medicare or Medicaid fraud is not something that a physician usually concerns themselves with, yet these accusations occur much more often than you may realize.
Medicare Fraud Accusations
The False Claims Act was enacted to protect these programs from the filing of false claims. A physician can be accused of fraud for false
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Halloween is just a few weeks away. The COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on many events last year, but this year many people will be gathering at costume parties and masquerade balls to celebrate with tricks and treats. One trick that revelers may find themselves facing, however, is being stopped or arrested for DUI. What can you do to avoid this “scary” situation and what steps should you take if you are stopped?
Halloween and Alcohol
Many adult Halloween events involve alcohol. Unfortunately, many people do drive after they have been drinking. It is estimated that almost 45 percent
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A recent decision by Cook County prosecutors not to pursue charges against five suspected gang members involved in a fatal Chicago shootout left many locals surprised and confused. Although all five were arrested on suspicion of murder and aggravated battery, they were later released from jail without being formally charged. The reason prosecutors cite for declining to charge the shooters is that they were engaged in “mutual combat,” according to a police report. But what does that mean?
If you are facing violent crime charges of any type, contacting an attorney as soon as possible is of great importance.
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In Illinois, once you have plead guilty to or been convicted of a crime, the case moves into the sentencing phase. During the sentencing phase, the prosecution will have the opportunity to present what are called “aggravating factors.” Aggravating factors are circumstances that make the crime more serious and may cause a judge to issue a harsher sentence. If you are facing the possibility of a felony or misdemeanor conviction where aggravating factors may be present, you will need an experienced attorney to give you the best chance at avoiding harsh sentencing. 
Examples of Aggravating Factors 
For each criminal charge,
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Hearing the word “audit” can trigger a stressful reaction, no matter what entity is conducting the audit. One of those entities is the Illinois Office of Inspector General. Receiving notification that your medical practice is under an audit or investigation by IG could result in severe consequences without the experienced and skilled representation of an Illinois medical license defense attorney.
Is There a Difference Between a Healthcare Audit and a Healthcare Investigation?
The two terms are often misunderstood to mean the same thing but there are specific differences between the two. A healthcare audit examines the behaviors and actions
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In Illinois, an individual’s driver’s license can be suspended or revoked for driving under the influence of alcohol DUI), receiving several driving violations, failure to pay toll road fees, and even failure to pay child support. If an individual’s license is revoked, the only way to reinstate the license and recover the ability to drive is to meet certain eligibility requirements and attend a Secretary of State (SOS) driver’s license reinstatement hearing.
Informal Driver’s License Reinstatement Hearings
There are two types of license reinstatement hearings in Illinois. If you lost your license due to a first-time DUI or moving
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The COVID-19 pandemic has, at least for the time being, changed court procedures in the Skokie and Rolling Meadows courthouses, the Daley Center and elsewhere.  Depending on your jurisdiction, most of your court appearances will take place on zoom.  This can seem intimidating, but it’s really not that scary.
When you are arrested for DUI, the officer will give you a ticket with information for your first court date and place.  Unfortunately, this does not usually include the zoom meeting and pass codes you will need to log into the courtroom.  You will have to search the court’s website in

Lake County Traffic Attorneys
Our Lake County Traffic Attorneys provide professional representation to those issued traffic violations throughout Lake County. Lake County traffic tickets are assigned to one of three branch courthouses depending on the police department that issued the citation.

  • Mundelein Branch Court located at 105 East State Route 83, Mundelein, IL 60060
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    In Illinois, DUI is defined as driving or having actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or another drug.  DUI can be upgraded to an aggravated offense, which increases the penalties, for the following reasons:

    • This is your third-time or later DUI.
    • You were driving a school bus with passengers on board.
    • Your intoxication was the proximate cause of a motor vehicle accident that caused great bodily harm, permanent disability or disfigurement to another.
    • You have a previous conviction for an alcohol-related involuntary manslaughter or reckless homicide.
    • You were speeding in a school zone and


    Getting pulled over by Illinois state or local police can be a scary and unpleasant experience, and this is especially true if an officer suspects you of driving under the influence. It can be difficult in the heat of the moment to remember or understand your rights, and you may reasonably wonder: Can I refuse a breathalyzer or sobriety test if I’ve been pulled over? 
    What is Implied Consent? 
    Different states have different laws addressing requirements and consequences for people suspected of driving under the influence. Illinois is called an “implied consent” state, which means that when you got
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    Getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is cause for serious concern, and you may feel that your entire future is at risk due to a rare lapse in judgment. For many people, one of the most troubling thoughts is the idea of spending time in jail after an arrest or conviction. Jail time is certainly possible for DUI offenders in Illinois, but it is often possible to avoid it, especially with the help of an experienced DUI defense attorney.
    Police Custody After a DUI Arrest
    If you are arrested for DUI, you will almost
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