If you are faced with DUI charges, you may be wondering what might happen to your Illinois driver’s license. There are many potential outcomes of a DUI conviction, including the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license in addition to fines and other penalties. An experienced Illinois license reinstatement lawyer can help you understand how to get your license back if you have lost it after a DUI conviction.
License Suspension Versus Revocation
Losing your driving privileges in Illinois after a DUI occurs in two ways – license suspension or revocation. With a license suspension, there is a time limit
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Secretary of State hearings occur in Illinois when you need to get your driver’s license reinstated, or when you are facing accusations of obtaining a driver’s license fraudulently. These hearings can be confusing, and it is important to have legal representation at your hearing to ensure your rights are protected.
An experienced Illinois Secretary of State hearing attorney is key to maximizing your chances of reinstating your driver’s license and making sure your best interests are protected during your hearing.
Understanding Illinois Secretary of State Hearings
In Illinois, there are two different types of Secretary of State hearings – informal
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Decision Not to Hear Case Sets Up Future Decision
As we have previously covered, the Supreme Court seemed poised to review the constitutionality of the Illinois law which banned the sale and transfer of various assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. However, the Supreme Court declined to review existing challenges to the law, instead opting to return the cases to the lower courts so they may review if the law violates the Second Amendment under the current legal framework set by the Supreme Court in recent decisions. “We will definitely be back,” Hannah Hill, executive director of the National Foundation
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You were spending time with a few friends and contributed drugs to the gathering. Maybe you and your friends wanted to try psychedelic mushrooms together, and you were the one who happened to know a dealer who could sell you some. Or perhaps you had the opportunity to pick up some MDMA for the first time since college and wanted to share. Something went wrong that night, and you got arrested. You appear in court the next morning, expecting to be charged with simple possession or maybe some form of public intoxication, depending on what happened. You are shocked when
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Evictions might seem like a very straightforward legal process. You tell the court that your tenant has stopped paying rent, has an unauthorized pet, or is disturbing the neighbors, and the court signs off on having the county sheriff evict him – or so you would think. However, evictions can become much more complicated than that. Your tenant might deny your accusations or get his own lawyer to help him resist the eviction or make counterclaims. If your eviction proceeding gets messy, it is best for you to be already represented by a well-qualified DuPage County landlord evictions attorney.
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Almost 200 People Charged in Sweeping Nationwide Crackdown Announced by DOJ
Attorney General Merrick Garland announced in a press conference that the Justice Department had recently filed charges against nearly 200 individuals for their roles in various frauds relating to the healthcare industry, with the aggregated alleged false claims totaling $2.7 billion. Those charged included doctors, nurse practitioners, and other licensed medical professionals in the two-week nationwide health care fraud sweep, with authorities seizing over $230 million in cash, luxury goods and other assets from the accused. Cases highlighted by the DOJ included an Arizona couple accused of providing medically
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England is the origination point for felony murder laws, yet those laws were abolished in 1957. Today, America is the only country where felony murder laws exist. Illinois expanded the ways felony murder could be charged in 1961 after having the law in place since 1827. Then, on January 22, 2021, the Illinois Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity-Today, or SAFE-T Act, was signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker.

A provision that narrowed—but did not abolish—Illinois felony murder laws was tucked away in the SAFE-T Act. Many people who fell under the felony murder law seem to have
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Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, typically shortened to DUI, is a crime in Illinois. However, there are different levels to DUI charges, and this charge may be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on a few different circumstances. It is important to understand the difference in DUI charges, as these charges carry varying penalties. An experienced Illinois DUI defense attorney can answer your questions if you face a DUI charge.
Understanding Illinois DUI Charges
In Illinois, the majority of DUI charges are misdemeanors. First-time DUI offenses and second-time DUI offenses are both Class A misdemeanors,
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Weapons can pose significant dangers when misused, leading to severe consequences for individuals and communities. Illinois has strict laws to regulate weapon possession and usage to maintain public safety. Understanding the types of weapon offenses like carrying brass knuckles, is critical for ensuring compliance with the law and avoiding legal penalties.
Types of weapon offenses
In Illinois, weapon offenses cover a wide range of activities. Some of the most common types include:

Unlawful firearm possession without the required Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card.
Unlawful Use of a Weapon (UUW). This includes carrying or using a weapon that violates state laws.
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Vehicle theft is taken seriously in Illinois, and there are harsh penalties for those who steal cars or commit crimes related to vehicle theft, such as buying or selling a stolen vehicle. While you may think that borrowing a car is no big deal if you have plans to return it, you could potentially be arrested for vehicle theft should the person you borrowed the car from report your use of the vehicle to the police.
A knowledgeable Illinois car theft defense lawyer is essential to protecting your rights and understanding your options if you have been charged with vehicle
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Contrary to what you may have seen on TV, running a stoplight that results in a traffic death is not automatically a criminal offense.  Of course, the death is a terrible tragedy, and you may be sued in civil court for negligence, but you will not go to prison.
However, a traffic accident may become a criminal offense if you: (1) drove recklessly, (2) were impaired or (3) left the scene of an accident.
In Illinois, you may be charged with reckless homicide if you unintentionally kill someone while driving a motor vehicle. Your actions, whether lawful or unlawful, must

Many prescription drugs are controlled substances. As such, possessing them without a valid prescription is a criminal offense. Depending on the drug involved, you may even be charged with a felony offense that carries the potential for severe penalties, including extensive incarceration.
With so much at stake, it’s imperative that you understand how Illinois handles this issue, that way you can formulate an effective criminal defense in the event you end up charged with possessing prescription medication without a valid prescription.
When can you be charged with possession without a valid prescription?
There’s really no limitation here. If you possess
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Court Said In-House Administrative Proceedings Violate Jury Trial Rights
In another decision reached this week, the Supreme Court ruled against the Security and Exchange Commission (”SEC”) in a dispute over the ability of the federal agency to use in-house judicial proceedings to seek civil penalties against defendants accused of engaging in securities fraud. The case, SEC v. Jarkesy, involved a founder of two hedge funds who was investigated by the SEC and ultimately found by an administrative law judge in an in-house proceeding, rather than a jury trial in federal court, to have violated securities law over false claims to
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What do traffic cameras have to do with gun crime? According to advocates for license plate recognition technology, quite a lot. Shootings along Illinois expressways have decreased by roughly a third since the state started using this technology. These cameras also make it easier for police to track down stolen vehicles and recover guns used in crimes that offenders have discarded along highways. However, the ACLU and other civil rights organizations have opposed the use of traffic cameras to collect detailed information, including plate numbers and vehicle descriptions, citing privacy concerns. If you were recently arrested after being spotted by
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