The term “reckless driving” is often used casually to refer to driving behavior that is unsafe or unpredictable. However, reckless driving has a specific definition under Illinois law and individuals convicted of reckless driving can face serious criminal penalties. If you or a loved one were arrested for reckless driving, it is important to get started on a defense strategy right away. Reach out to an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help you understand your options and take the steps necessary to reduce your chances of conviction.  
Illinois Law Regarding Reckless Driving
The law specifically mentions two instances in
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The answer is generally not. Under the right circumstances, however, you may be able to prove that what you said to the child was in fact innocent. Although a law may be deemed unconstitutional if it penalizes innocent people who reasonably believe they were acting legally, the Illinois appellate court has held that the grooming statute is not such a law. The law instead restricts speech that is integral to criminal conduct. Under 720 ILCS 5/11-25, you commit grooming when you knowingly use an on-line or local bulletin board service or any other device with electronic data storage or

More than 12,000 people nationwide are killed in alcohol-related crashes each year, and with the holiday season upon us, drinking and driving behaviors are sure to be a problem once again. For more than three decades, police departments in Illinois have been surveyed to track the number of DUI arrests. In 2021, Aurora came in second statewide, with 325 arrests, a nearly 63 percent jump from the previous year. Decatur ranked number four in the state.
This holiday season, you can bet law enforcement will be on the lookout for drunk drivers, and past DUI convictions can affect whether you
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Whether it is due to a traffic stop for alleged speeding, DUI checkpoint, domestic disturbance, or another reason, interacting with the police can be unnerving. Many people find themselves in situations where they do not know the correct protocol for communicating with a police officer. This can lead to increased anxiety, or worse yet, criminal charges. Here are 10 tips on how to respond in such a situation.
How to Handle Police Interactions in DuPage County
It is important for everyone to understand how to handle interactions with law enforcement. There are actions you can take as well as
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Social media helps us connect with loved ones and friends; it can even play a role in our professional lives. There are certain things we share online that we expect will remain within our friend groups — but is this expectation reasonable? This is a question that often comes up in cases where the police use social media platforms to gather evidence to build a criminal case.

These efforts are more than just a national issue, they are present right here in Chicago. The Chicago Police Department even has a specialized social media task force that monitors online activity; so
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Like the speed of cars has increased over the years, so have the price and consequences of speeding tickets. Chances are that you will receive a traffic violation at some point in your life. Traffic violations like speeding tickets can be not only annoying, but they can also be costly. It is essential to keep in mind that when dealing with a speeding ticket, you need to remember that you have options. 
Depending on how fast you were going, speed tickets can have a genuine impact on one’s life, ranging from fines of $75 escalating up to having your
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In our April 20, 2021 post, we discussed People v. Pearson in which the court held that police could not search a defendant’s hospital room without a warrant because the defendant had a reasonable expectation of privacy in his hospital room.  (Can Police Search My Hospital Room Without a Warrant?)
But a later Illinois Appellate case shows how specific facts viewed by a particular judge can reach a different outcome.  This is why it is important to hire an experienced attorney who is familiar with your courthouse and can present your facts in their best possible light to

It may be hard to fathom that the average convicted drunk driver will get behind the wheel of a car 80 times before being arrested. With nearly 12,000 alcohol-related deaths, we are seeing a 14 percent increase since 2019. For that reason, the legal consequences are severe, especially for repeat offenders. At [[title]] we understand that drunk driving is a problem but so is being wrongly accused of DUI. The repercussions are not fair if there are flaws in the arrest.
Seek Legal Help
Too many drivers do not seek legal help because they are embarrassed. But an unfair DUI
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Social workers play a crucial role in helping people work through their problems and become effective, well-adjusted members of society. Whether social workers practice in child welfare agencies, addiction services, schools, or private practices, they help vulnerable people and communities deal with real-world problems.
Unfortunately, because of the often public-facing nature of their job, social workers often find themselves targeted by dissatisfied clients, parents, or coworkers. Social workers also carry the burden of performing professionally at a very high standard, protecting vulnerable people even at the expense of their own needs or desires. Sometimes, social workers make mistakes that jeopardize
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Being accused of a crime can be distressing, especially if you believe you are innocent of the accusations being brought against you. In Illinois, crimes like domestic violence carry stiff penalties, possible jail time, and devastating interpersonal consequences. Law enforcement does not look kindly upon domestic abusers, and the same goes for the public. When you are accused of a crime like domestic violence, public sentiment often assumes the accused as being automatically guilty.
If you have been accused of domestic violence, you must understand the seriousness of the situation. You want, at all costs, to avoid being charged with
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When calculating the true cost of a DUI in Illinois, you must consider both the financial and more importantly, the non-financial costs associated with a DUI arrest.
Financial Cost of a DUI
The financial costs of a DUI can be substantial. Most DUIs are charged as Class A misdemeanors, which carry a fine of up to $2,500.00 plus mandatory court costs and assessments. Court costs and assessments, which are set by law and which the judge has no control over, are approximately $1,400.00. Additionally, there are also expenses associated with the following:*
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The post What is the
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You were invited to a party at the apartment of someone you didn’t know very well. The party was fun, and you drank a lot. Shortly after you left early in the morning, you realized you forgot your coat. You thought you remembered the apartment, but when you rang the bell, no one answered. The door was unlocked, so you figured you’d just go in and get your coat. You knew the host wouldn’t mind. But to your horror, you entered the wrong unit. The residents had been sleeping and immediately called the police. You ran away, but the police

If your driver’s license was revoked because of a DUI or other reason, you will need to attend a hearing through the Secretary of State in order to have it reinstated. There are both formal and informal reinstatement hearings. If this is your first DUI or your license was revoked because of a minor moving violation, you will most likely attend an informal hearing. It is important to prepare for your hearing and take all of the steps required by the Illinois Secretary of State. Your driving privileges depend on it.
Informal Driver’s License Hearings in Illinois
An informal driver’s
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Many people have serious pain or suffer from anxiety and rely on prescription drugs to cope with and tackle their daily lives. With doctors writing more than four billion prescriptions a year, it is no wonder that many medications end up being misused. While that may be the case many people need to get things done, so they often drive. So, could you face DUI drug charges if you can prove that you have a prescription for the medication in your system at the time of the arrest?
Are Prescription Pills Intoxicating Substances?
In Illinois, it is illegal to drive
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Accusations of Medicare fraud or abuse can have a significant impact on a healthcare provider’s ability to practice his or her profession. In addition to limiting the kinds of patients a provider can serve, Medicare provider revocation can be involved without other sanctions that may prevent a doctor from practicing altogether and may involve hefty fines. In one recent example, a Kentucky doctor was fined $720,000 and suspended from federal healthcare programs for fifteen years for submitting false claims to Medicare and Violating the False Claims Act.
If you are facing accusations of Medicare fraud, you need experienced, aggressive legal
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Getting pulled over by law enforcement can be a nerve-racking experience regardless of whether you have been drinking or not. Looking in your rear-view mirror and seeing those flashing lights can make you so nervous that it may feel like your heart will beat out of your chest. During this critical time, staying calm and remembering your rights are essential. 
The police officer walks to your window and asks if you have been drinking. Before you know it, the officer asks if you will consent to a breathalyzer test. You oblige and find out seconds later you have blown
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