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Memorial Day weekend traditionally signals the beginning of summer. With warmer weather coming, more people will enjoy time out with friends, attend barbecues, and enjoy a few drinks at a local bar or restaurant. At the same time, Illinois police will be out in numbers looking for drunk drivers. If you have been pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence, there are certain things you should and should not do.
What Not to Do When Pulled Over on Suspicion of DUI

  • Don’t become combative or defensive – Remain polite and civil to the officer and do not

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Everyone has made mistakes they wish they could erase, but if you have a criminal past, it could have a daily impact on your life. From finding a job to buying a house, you could be paying for your mistake for the rest of your life. However, in the state of Illinois there is a way to have certain arrests and criminal charges expunged from your record or have your record sealed to allow you the opportunity to move forward and earn additional freedoms back. While some criminal charges will always stay on your record, by contacting an experienced expungement
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With warmer weather finally coming to Illinois, motorcyclists will be out and ready to ride. If you ride to and from work or just like to hit the road on the weekends, safety is key for enjoying your ride. Committing traffic violations while riding your motorcycle can put you and others at physical risk and also can lead to traffic citations and in more serious cases license suspension and criminal charges. If you are facing any charges related to riding your motorcycle or from operating any motor vehicle, it is important to contact an attorney who will fight to protect
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If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Illinois, you are facing serious consequences, including to your driving privileges. While even a first-time DUI conviction will result in your license being suspended for at least one year, it is possible to regain limited legal access to drive. It is essential to work with an attorney who has experience needed to help you navigate the legal process. 
Illinois Consequences for a First-Time DUI
If it is the first time that you have been arrested and convicted of DUI, you may be able to regain driving privileges while
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Graduation parties and other events at the end of the school year can be a popular time for underage drinking. Many minors and even parents are unaware of the severe consequences Illinois teens face if they are caught underage drinking or possessing alcohol. Penalties for underage driving under the influence (DUI) can be even harsher. Even passengers in a car can be charged for illegal transportation and have their license suspended for one year. At The Law Office of Brian J. Mirandola, we can represent your child if they have been accused of underage drinking and are committed to
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Warmer weather is right around the corner, but so is construction season in Illinois. If you are caught speeding or stopped for other traffic violations in a construction zone, you face much stricter penalties than for violations outside of a work zone. Even for a first violation, drivers face higher fines, the temporary loss of their license, and more points added to their driving record, resulting in higher insurance rates. Slow down and drive safely in a construction zone, or you could face serious penalties.
Speeding Violations in Construction Zones
A driver will be assessed a minimum fine of
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The state of Illinois defines forgery as when an individual intentionally falsifies documents, issues or intends to issue falsified documents, or uses a false signature to deceive another party. Forgery is considered a criminal offense typically charged as a Class 3 felony. But, what does fraud look like in day-to-day use? It is essential to understand common deceptive practices that can be charged as felony forgery to maintain lawful practice and keep yourself safe from criminal misconduct.
Falsified Checks
One of the most common acts of forgery is through creating falsified checks. Checks are a written form of financial payment
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The Constitution of the United States protects citizens from unjustified searches and seizures by government entities. This right is typically exercised by individuals who feel that they have had an illegal search or confiscation of property by a police officer either in their home or in their vehicle. Without a warrant or strong probable cause, officers are not allowed to search your private property. If you were charged with a crime after an officer searched or invaded your property without reason, a skilled defense attorney might have a solid foundation to build your defense case. 
What is a Justifiable Search?
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Many drivers receive traffic violations at some point during their driving career. Whether a driver rolled through a stop sign, accidentally ran a red light, or was cited for speeding, drivers may have to pay a fine or receive points on their driving record. However, commercial drivers, including truck drivers, are held to higher legal standards than regular drivers on the road. Commercial vehicle operators cited with a traffic violation must report the ticket to the Secretary of State’s office. Failure to report a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) violation to the state can result in severe legal and professional penalties.
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Minor traffic violations may seem relatively unimportant in everyday life. An occasional traffic ticket for speeding or running a stop sign is seen as irritating rather than a legitimate legal concern for most drivers. However, traffic violations that accumulate can become a real problem for a driver in the state of Illinois. Points from violating traffic laws add up quickly on your driving record, which can lead to a license suspension or revocation. Below are four common traffic violations you should avoid when driving in Illinois. 
Speeding Violations 
On most roads, the speeding limit will be posted on a sign. Depending
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Don’t let the media’s portrayal of underage drinking and drug use fool you — it is dangerous and illegal. Although the thought of a wild high school party or a college freshman dorm room includes mental pictures of booze, marijuana or other illicit activity, the state of Illinois has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking, and this is for good reason. The drinking laws in the United States are set in place to ensure that underage minors do not injure themselves, or others, due to alcohol consumption. If an underage minor (under 21)  is caught drinking alcohol, the child, and
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The consequences for speeding can range from a pesky speeding ticket all the way to an arrest. Most drivers understand and respect the need for speed limits–to keep Illinois citizens safe. But how can drivers abide by the legal speed limit if there are no street signs posted? Although some roads post individual speed limits, there are overarching laws that all Illinois drivers should be aware of in case there are no posted limits.
Location Limits
It is the responsibility of drivers to follow driving laws, including the speed limit. When there are no street signs that can indicate how
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A DUI (driving under the influence) charge is a serious crime in Illinois. If you are pulled over and charged with a DUI, the consequences may change depending on your situation. For a first-time offender, a DUI is a class A misdemeanor, and you may be facing up to one year in prison with up to $2,500 in fines and a potential license suspension. However, if you are a recurring DUI offender in Illinois, your driver’s license may be suspended for an extended period of time or revoked completely. 
Legal Blood Alcohol Limit 
In the state of Illinois, a
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Prescription drug forgery in the state of Illinois is a felony under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act and can result in significant fines and jail time. Even if prescription drug forgery was your first offense, the ramifications are often severe. In the state of Illinois, those charged can face up to five years in the penitentiary and pay up to $200,000 in fines. If you are being charged with drug forgery, it is important to speak to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

What is Drug Forgery?
Prescription drug forgery can fall under several categories. Typically, this type
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Video games and television make theft of an automobile seem like an inconsequential act. In reality, being accused of stealing a car can change your entire life. Penalties are severe and may include significant jail time. In Illinois, merely being in possession of stolen goods can lead to theft charges. Some people accused of stealing a vehicle thought that they bought the vehicle legally. When they find out that the vehicle was stolen, they are shocked.
If you or a loved one have been charged with motor vehicle theft, contact a criminal defense lawyer right away. Your attorney can start
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Illinois legalized recreational marijuana in 2020. However, the drug is still regulated by the state. It is also illegal to drive a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis. If you are pulled over by police and they suspect you of “drugged driving” or driving under the influence of marijuana, you can be arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI).
Drugged Driving DUIs
Marijuana affects cognitive abilities, decision-making, and reaction time. Consequently, legislators have made it illegal to operate a car while under the influence of marijuana. You can be charged with DUI for using marijuana in
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