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Forgery charges can be complex to deal with, and using the wrong defense strategy in court can result in serious legal consequences that follow you for a lifetime. It is important to understand the basics of Illinois forgery laws and the penalties that forgery charges may carry. A skilled Illinois forgery defense attorney can guide you through your options if you find yourself facing charges for forgery.
Understanding Illinois Forgery Laws
In Illinois, there are a few different things that may result in a forgery charge. The crime of forgery is covered in this Illinois law, and someone may
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DUI charges are difficult to navigate, and receiving a DUI conviction comes with a range of penalties, depending on the severity of your infraction. A strong DUI defense and awareness of your legal options after receiving a DUI arrest are essential to navigating this charge. DUI charges never leave your criminal record, which is why it is important to be aware of the impacts such a conviction may have. An Illinois DUI defense attorney is just the person to help you understand your next steps.
What Are the Penalties of a DUI?
A first DUI charge in Illinois is typically
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A criminal record can be problematic for many reasons, especially when it comes to applying for jobs, housing, or other opportunities. In some cases, you may be eligible for record expungement, but there are specific rules surrounding criminal record expungement. An experienced Illinois record expungement lawyer can help you understand your options.
Understanding Illinois Expungement Laws
Expungement is the process of removing certain criminal offenses from your record, and Illinois only allows expungement in certain situations. In the majority of cases, individuals who do not have any prior criminal offenses and have not received a conviction for domestic violence,
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Reckless driving can be considered a serious offense in Illinois, and the penalties associated with reckless driving can vary. If you have been arrested or issued a citation for reckless driving in Illinois, it is important to understand the penalties you may be facing. It is also essential to obtain the services of an experienced Illinois reckless driving attorney to advocate for you and protect your criminal record as much as possible.
What Type of Offense Is Reckless Driving?
In Illinois, reckless driving is generally considered a Class A misdemeanor. However, there are exceptions that can make a reckless
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February 14 is meant as a day to show love, when you and a significant other can express it openly and often. It should not be a day for a domestic violence charge, subsequent arrest, and a night in jail. Even if no physical violence occurs, a heated argument can quickly lead to false accusations. To ensure you can keep a cool head and look to make it a positive night to remember, there are some things to keep in mind. Of course, if you are facing a domestic violence charge, a criminal defense attorney should be the first
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Being criminally convicted of a crime by a judge, jury, or through your own admission does not necessarily spell the end of the journey. Unless explicitly stated otherwise during sentencing, you still have the right to fight the conviction and sentence if you so desire. Time is of the essence and you will need to file an appeal or withdraw your plea as soon as possible. For help with the entire process, consult an attorney to enlist in your fight.
How To Withdraw a Guilty Plea
You can wait until a judge or jury decides on your sentence before choosing
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Underage drinking is a problem in Illinois. When a person younger than 21 decides to drink and drive, it is illegal, and Illinois has no problem taking away their license. Subsequent violations can see the penalties increase as they would for adults, resulting in possible jail time, fines, and further loss of driving privileges. A driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can destroy a young person’s life before it has even begun. The best course of action when facing an underage drinking and driving charge is to consult an attorney immediately.
Violating Illinois’ Zero-Tolerance Law
A police officer can pull
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Forever – that is how long a conviction will last on a criminal record. It is referred to as a “permanent” criminal record, after all. However, just because it remains on your permanent criminal record does not mean that all convictions will remain on your public record. Some convictions, and arrests that did not lead to a conviction, may be eligible for expungement or sealing. A solid criminal defense attorney can help determine which records can be sealed or expunged, and which cannot be washed away from the public eye.
Seal and Expunge
The primary difference between sealing a criminal
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Driving under the influence (DUI) is not specific to cars and trucks. Arrests can take place for anyone driving under the influence using other recreational vehicles, such as an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or boat. Though they may not be common, there are attorneys with enough experience in these situations who can help defend your rights from recreational vehicle DUI charges.
What is Driving Under the Influence (DUI)?
Driving under the influence (DUI) in the state of Illinois consists of a driver who:

  • Is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Has a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08

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So your spouse has filed for an order of protection against you for domestic violence. What can you do in this situation? You could lash out irrationally, making matters worse, or you can respond with a level head, void of any emotional outbursts, in a respectful manner. Understanding your legal rights regarding a response is important as you only have a limited time in which to respond. At this time, it is prudent to involve an attorney experienced in these kinds of cases.
Protective Orders
Protective orders, or orders of protection, are limited to family members, household members,
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In Illinois, as long as there is intent to steal, burglary and attempted burglary are the same thing. So, even if an alleged burglar had no chance to steal anything, if they were in an unauthorized area with the intent to steal something, then they can face burglary charges. If you are facing charges of burglary, you must remember to contact a lawyer immediately. A criminal defense attorney will be able to defend your rights during interrogation and in a court of law.
How is Intent Proven?
As intent is the only thing required to prove burglary has taken place,
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Misdemeanor charges are plentiful in the state of Illinois. Though a misdemeanor will typically carry a penalty lesser than a felony, it should be taken no less seriously. There are several different types of misdemeanors one can face charges of in Illinois. Each misdemeanor carries its own penalties and sentencing. An experienced criminal defense attorney is a good friend to have when facing misdemeanor charges or any criminal charges in Illinois.
Understanding Illinois Criminal Charges
Not all misdemeanor charges require legal representation but a good lawyer is always something to consider when being charged with any criminal offenses. Misdemeanors are
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Illinois is an implied consent state, meaning anyone who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is consenting to sobriety testing. Sobriety testing is often used in determining whether or not a driver was driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Refusal to accept a breathalyzer test to record your current blood alcohol content (BAC) level can have serious consequences, which could see your driver’s license suspended or worse. An attorney who handles DUI defense cases can easily guide you through what to expect when facing such charges and formulate a defense for your trial.
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Attempting to make a gas station purchase using Monopoly money is more likely to get you laughed at than anything else. However, using counterfeit bills to buy anything could land you in deep trouble with Illinois law. Using counterfeit money carries very steep penalties, which include having a hard time in prison. Forgery and fraud charges are no laughing matter. Facing these charges alone is a mistake, and you would do well to consult a criminal defense attorney experienced in fraud defense cases.
What is Counterfeit Money?
For currency to be counterfeit, it must be forged, altered, or falsely
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Traffic violations are a common occurrence in the state of Illinois and the country as a whole. But which infractions are the most common, and what penalties are you likely to face when charged? When staring down charges for traffic violations, you must understand your rights and secure an experienced defense attorney to defend you.
It is quite the obvious entry to the list as it is the most common traffic violation you will come across in Illinois. Obeying the speed limit can prevent you from being pulled over and slapped with a speeding ticket. Speeding puts both you
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Scott’s Law has been in effect since 2002, yet some individuals still may not fully understand it and the penalties they can face when violating the traffic law. Illinois continues in its attempt to educate drivers on the proper procedures regarding Scott’s Law and the safety of emergency responders, even implementing a change to the law in 2017 to apply to all vehicles displaying flashing emergency lights. Violating Scott’s Law can carry minor to severe penalties, depending on the offense. A strong lawyer committed to defending your rights will help you better understand the traffic violations you face and
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