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Becoming a sex offender would have a major impact on your life. You would be subject to all sorts of restrictions and rules. You would be required to register as a sex offender and keep updating your registration periodically. The registry is public, so chances are many of the people around you would find out about your conviction. Child sex offenders are subjected to even more restrictions than those who offend against adults. If you have been accused of a sex crime in Illinois, you need an aggressive Rolling Meadows, IL criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.
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In Illinois, there is an offense called drug-induced homicide. Although this crime has more in common with the offense of involuntary manslaughter, which is charged when the defendant did not mean to kill anyone, it is considered a form of murder. Drug-induced homicide is more serious than involuntary manslaughter. This law was introduced to combat the growing number of overdose deaths, most of which are caused by opiates like heroin, fentanyl, and prescription pain medications. Drug dealers, and even people who simply share drugs with people they know without charging them, can now be held accountable if someone
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Drug possession charges carry a lot of stigma. People may assume that you are a drug addict and that all of the negative stereotypes about people with substance abuse problems apply to you. You may find that potential employers, landlords, and even friends or family members are hesitant to trust you. While you may have been made to feel like there is no way to fight back against your drug possession charges, you may have a legal defense available. People who did not intentionally choose to have illegal substances in their possession are sometimes charged with this crime erroneously. An
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Not everyone who gets arrested on domestic violence charges is guilty. In fact, many are entirely innocent and have been falsely accused or were acting in self-defense. The problem with domestic violence cases is that the police are seldom there to witness the assault – and neither is anyone else. Most legitimate abusers do not assault their partners in public where others can see – they do it behind closed doors in their own homes. This means that police officers who respond to calls about domestic disputes essentially have to guess what probably happened and make an arrest based on
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You are at a social gathering at a friend’s home when you start feeling unwell. You feel a little tired, a little dizzy, and “off” in a way you cannot quite describe. Wanting the comfort of your own bed, you decide to leave the party early and go home. On your way back, you are pulled over. You are shocked when the officer arrests you for driving under the influence when all you had was one glass of wine. Hoping to clear your name, you submit to a drug test, believing it will be clean. To your shock, you find
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While a first DUI normally leads to a license suspension and maybe a few days in jail and a second DUI can be a little more serious, your first two DUIs are usually misdemeanors. If you get a third DUI in Illinois, you are now facing a felony charge. Felonies carry a year or more of time in prison and can have a much more serious impact on your life than a misdemeanor. While misdemeanor charges are often overlooked by employers and landlords, felony charges for repeat DUIs can lead to rejection after rejection. The other legal penalties for a
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Having a police officer knock on your door can be alarming, whether or not you are guilty of any crime. Whether or not you have done anything wrong, realizing that the police are on your doorstep can induce a feeling of panic similar to what you might feel when you are getting pulled over. Unless the police have a search warrant signed by a judge, you likely have no legal obligation to answer the door. However, under some circumstances, the police may enter anyway, even if that means they have to break down your front door. It is important to
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Violating a protection order – even a civil protection order – is a criminal offense. Whether or not you were criminally charged with domestic violence, a protection order has the force of law. Violating the terms of a protection order can lead to jail time. If you were charged with domestic violence or assault against the protected party, a violation of the protection order is probably also a violation of your probation or pre-trial release. You must read the order carefully and strictly follow its terms. If you have been accused of violating a protection order in Illinois, it
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Roadside sobriety tests are often used by police officers to establish probable cause so that they can make a DUI arrest. However, these tests are notorious for producing inaccurate results. A person who is perfectly sober can fail roadside sobriety tests and be wrongfully charged with a DUI for a number of reasons. Some people simply do not have good balance, and external factors can also affect your score. If you were arrested for drunk driving because you did not pass a roadside sobriety test, a Rolling Meadows, IL DUI lawyer may be able to have those results excluded
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Being pulled over after you have been drinking can be frightening and can sometimes cause drivers to make poor decisions due to their panic. When you see a police officer behind your vehicle with their emergency red-and-blue lights flashing, you are legally required to pull over as soon as you can safely do so. While it is understandable that some intoxicated drivers may resist stopping out of fear of being charged with a DUI, doing so can lead to additional charges for fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer. Having these charges, in addition to a DUI,
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Two adults in Illinois can willingly decide to fight. This is in fact, fairly common. In some cases, adults decide to fight for recreational purposes, and it is quite clear that both parties consented to the combat. For example, if you participate in an organized wrestling or martial arts competition, you probably have to sign a document agreeing to experience physical contact that would otherwise be considered criminal assault. In other cases, it is less clear whether both adults implicitly agreed to fight each other. Bar fights are a fairly common example of a physical struggle that may or may
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Domestic violence charges are bad enough in their misdemeanor form. This particular offense carries a lot of stigma. Felony domestic violence is a far more serious charge. Not only will people convicted of this crime have to deal with being thought of as a “wife-beater,” they will also have to live the rest of their lives as felons. Domestic battery can be charged as a felony for several different reasons. Repeat offenses are one of the more common reasons people face felony charges for what would otherwise be considered simple domestic batteries. However, more serious forms of violence, such as
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Any sex crime is a serious matter. All sex crimes in Illinois are felonies, except for criminal sexual abuse, which can only be committed by a juvenile. If you are convicted of a sexually oriented offense, you can expect to serve time in prison. Courts are notoriously harsh when it comes to sex offenders. These crimes are routinely treated as some of the most serious offenses a person can commit, just behind murder. Sexual assault – commonly known as rape – and assaultive sexual offenses against minors are the most likely to lead to long prison terms and lifelong
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Unfortunately, there are cases where a term of incarceration is unavoidable. If you are facing a serious felony charge – especially a violent felony, a sex offense, or a high-level narcotics charge – you may not have any alternative to prison time. In those cases, your attorney’s role is to minimize the amount of time you would serve by presenting mitigating factors. However, in misdemeanor or even some felony cases, there are some alternatives to jail time courts may use at their discretion. If you are facing a more minor charge, like drug possession or simple assault, you may be
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The distinction between a traffic violation and a misdemeanor offense can be confusing for people who do not work in the criminal law field. If you were pulled over by the police and given notice that you broke a law, you may wonder how serious the situation is. Traffic violations are generally somewhat minor, although they can ultimately result in a suspended license or other issues if you have enough of them. A misdemeanor traffic-related crime is a fair bit more serious. While you cannot go to jail for a simple violation, you could face some jail time for a
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A traffic violation in Illinois is a serious offense, commonly resulting in points against your license, fines, and court costs. 
Even though a traffic violation may seem minor, a violation can remain on your driving record for four to five years. If the violation resulted in license suspension or revocation, the offense will remain on your record for up to seven years. 
A traffic violation can make it difficult to secure affordable car insurance. Do not let yourself be at a disadvantage for liability coverage. If you have received a traffic violation, you need an Arlington Heights traffic crimes defense
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