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As a landlord, you might have to make some tough decisions about when to excuse a tenant’s misconduct and when to evict him for breaking the terms of his lease. One of the grounds for eviction in Illinois is creating a disturbance that interferes with the neighbors’ right to quiet enjoyment of their homes. In fact, if you fail to evict a tenant who routinely disturbs the peace, your other tenants could break their leases early and move out to escape the disruption. You will need evidence of the disruptive tenant’s behavior to show the court. A Naperville, IL landlord
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If you can show that you were acting in reasonable self-defense, your domestic violence charge can be dismissed, or you could be found not guilty at trial. It is very, very common for people to get arrested for domestic violence after defending themselves against an abusive partner. Many domestic abusers are quite skilled liars and very good at manipulating the situation to make it appear as though they are the victims. A spouse or romantic partner who has complete control over his or her victim may be completely calm when the police arrive while the actual victim is in a
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Emotional support animals are a relatively new phenomenon. ESAs are not service animals and do not have the same set of rights. In general, if your tenant has a qualified emotional support animal, you must allow the animal to live with the tenant. However, you can request documentation proving that your tenant has a legitimate need for the animal as verified by his or her mental health provider. You are also only required to make reasonable accommodations to allow the ESA to live on your property, meaning that if the animal is causing significant problems, you may be able to
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Field sobriety tests can be unreliable. Anything from the shoes a person is wearing to the weather conditions on the side of the road can cause a person who is sober to appear intoxicated. People who have certain medical conditions might appear intoxicated during field sobriety tests when they are not. Unfortunately, police officers do not often listen to the person they have pulled over when he or she tries to explain how his or her medical condition might influence the results of the test. This can lead to needless DUI arrests. A Naperville, IL criminal defense attorney can take
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Buying a multi-unit building that is already occupied is likely one of the simplest ways to become a landlord or expand your business. However, working with existing tenants can be challenging if the previous landlord was not so concerned with keeping the property well-maintained and enforcing policies set out in the lease. If you have found yourself in a situation where you have tenants who do not respect the terms of a lease you did not write but now own, you may be faced with backlash when trying to create a nicer community. Evicting existing tenants may eventually become necessary.
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It is common for a person who gets arrested to be charged with more than one criminal offense. This is especially true if your arrest stemmed from a traffic stop. People may get pulled over for a mundane reason, like speeding or having a taillight out, only for the police to discover that the person appears to be under the influence of drugs. Then, while making a DUI arrest, the police search the vehicle and discover that the person is also in possession of drugs. Now, the arrestee is facing both a DUI and a possession charge. If the
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Recreational cannabis use has been legal for adults over 21 years old in Illinois for years now. Legalization was widely regarded as a step towards reducing the number of people who are incarcerated for very minor drug crimes. Most people can purchase, possess, and use reasonable amounts of marijuana legally. However, there are still situations where an Illinois resident can face criminal prosecution for cannabis-related crimes. THC products are generally legal but regulated. If you have been arrested in Illinois for a cannabis charge, it is important to consult with a DuPage County drug crimes attorney immediately. Some
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In Illinois, retail theft can be charged as a felony under certain circumstances. Illinois states retail theft as the act of taking possession of, carrying away, or transferring any merchandise displayed for sale in a retail establishment with the intention of not paying for the item. If you are facing charges related to retail theft, discuss your case with a lawyer to ensure you can obtain a robust defense to fight the charges you are facing adequately. 
When Does Retail Theft Become a Felony?
Several factors can elevate a retail theft offense to a felony charge:
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Being charged with a violent crime like assault in Illinois can be a frightening thing, especially for those without experience dealing with the criminal justice system. However, even when charged with a violent crime, it is important to understand and take advantage of the various defense strategies that may be used to help fight and possibly defeat the charges you are facing. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to ensure you have the legal guidance of a professional with experience defending clients against charges related to violent crime.
Here Are Defense Strategies to Be Aware Of

  • Self-defense – Of course,

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    Eviction can be a complex and sensitive issue for both landlords and tenants. In Illinois, landlords must adhere to specific laws and regulations when seeking to evict a tenant. If you are a landlord looking for legal assistance regarding evicting a tenant, an eviction attorney for landlords can help you make this possible. By contacting a landlord eviction lawyer, you can understand your rights and responsibilities regarding this civil litigation process associated with landlord evictions in the state.
    Five Causes for Eviction in Illinois

  • Nonpayment of rent – One of the most common reasons for eviction is when a tenant

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    Receiving a speeding ticket can be downright annoying but also costly. If you have received a speeding ticket, it is important to remember that you have legal rights and options to defend yourself. If you are wondering whether realistic defense strategies exist when looking to fight a speeding ticket, the good news is that defense strategies do exist and can be an essential factor in fighting the charges or even having them dismissed. However, implementing these strategies is easier said than done, making acquiring a lawyer necessary. 
    Challenging Radar or Laser Accuracy
    One common defense strategy in Illinois speeding cases
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    The Christmas season is upon us, which means the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or false accusations of retail theft. Suppose you have found yourself facing retail theft charges in Illinois during this festive time. In that case, it is crucial to implement an effective defense strategy in order to protect your rights and reputation. Contact a lawyer; they will have the legal knowledge and skills required to develop and implement a robust legal defense on your behalf. 
    Four Defense Strategies for Retail Theft Charges in Illinois
    Work with your attorney to
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    Drug manufacturing charges are serious offenses that carry severe penalties in the state of Illinois. Many people have a general idea of what illegal drug manufacturing is through movies and other forms of media, but what do such charges actually entail? If you are facing drug manufacturing charges, you are implored to seek legal help right away. Without the guidance of a lawyer, you are opening yourself up to making your legal problems even worse. 
    Legal Definition of Drug Manufacturing
    Drug manufacturing refers to the process of producing, cultivating, or synthesizing controlled substances, such as meth, cocaine, heroin, or
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    As Thanksgiving approaches and the rest of the holiday season, DuPage County, Illinois, like many other areas, prepares for an increase in DUI (Driving Under the Influence) incidents. Law enforcement agencies and local authorities are taking proactive measures to ensure road safety during this holiday season. If you are arrested for DUI, you are strongly advised to contact a criminal defense lawyer. While hiring a lawyer will not guarantee a positive end to your legal situation, it will give you a fair chance at pursuing a favorable conclusion to your current legal woes.
    Holiday Season Means Increased Police Presence
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    When people struggling with drug addiction are arrested for a crime, many assume that automatic jail time is inevitable. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. The legal system recognizes the complexities of addiction and behavioral health, offering alternative options instead of incarceration. If you are facing drug charges and are suffering from a form of drug addiction, contact a lawyer to ensure you understand your rights. You may have access to alternative programs and treatment instead of serving time in jail.
    Understanding the Link Between Drug Addiction and Criminal Behavior
    Drug addiction often fuels criminal behavior,
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    Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense as it can have serious consequences for both individuals and the community at large. In Illinois, DUI laws are stringent, and offenders can face harsh penalties. However, what many people may not realize is that even the morning after a night of heavy drinking, they may still be considered DUI offenders under certain circumstances. This is a phenomenon known as a “hangover DUI.” If you are facing charges related to a hangover DUI, a lawyer may be able to help.
    Defining a Hangover DUI
    Also known as a “morning-after DUI”
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