As the fall begins, it is looking like the violence in Chicago may never end. On Saturday, September 26th, a 5-year-old girl was stabbed fatally in her home in the Garfield Park neighborhood. An adult woman, who may have been related to the child, was detained in connection to the stabbing, although no further details have yet been released in this developing story.

This tragic incident marks a beginning to autumn, continuing the trend of violence seen across the city during the summer months, much of it targeted towards children.

As unrest across America grows, it seems as though Chicago pays much of the price of the violence that it brings along with it. Already, 38 juveniles have been killed in violent crimes in Chicago this year, and everyone hopes that that number will not continue to rise.

Violent Crimes Have Been on the Rise Since Summer

It’s not just children and young adults who have been injured and killed across Chicago this summer; adults, too, often become caught in the crossfire. Many people, even those that you may not expect, choose to arm themselves in an effort to protect themselves and their families from these violent crimes, and oftentimes the criminal justice system misunderstands self-defense as retaliation.

Although it may be justified, deciding to fire your own weapon in self-defense can lead to even worse problems than just a criminal charge, like a full-blown shootout that can see you or your family injured, all for attempting to protect your home and property.

In cases like this, it is especially important to have experienced legal representation that can handle complex and complicated charges and see them through to the very end.

What to Do If You’ve Been Accused of a Violent Crime

Violent crimes are never without cause, but in each individual case, there will be a story behind what has happened. It’s more important than ever that, if you are accused of a crime, your version of events can be recounted to the courts by way of a talented criminal defense lawyer.

If not, violent crimes are often felonies, and whatever District Attorney is assigned to your case may not have enough time or energy to put into making sure you are able to tell your side of the story. That’s why it’s imperative that you contact a legal professional right away who can help to guide you through this ordeal and come out the other side with your freedom intact.

Criminal Defense Legal Help in Chicago

While violence may be all too common in Chicago, that doesn’t mean that good legal defense is easy to find. Instead of searching through ad after ad for lawyers on the web, why not find a criminal defense lawyer who is top-rated by his peers and clients, both in professionalism and passion?

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