Chicago has put a special emphasis on stopping heroin trafficking, with several undercover operations like Operation Monticello’s Revenge on the Northwest Side of Chicago. From January 2017, there were approximately 2,424 narcotics-related local arrests made by the Chicago Police Department.

Heroin charges in Illinois fall into three categories: possession, selling, and manufacturing/ trafficking. If you are facing heroin charges in Chicago, hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer can ensure the best outcome for your case.

The penalties for crimes involving heroin can be severe and vary widely, depending on how much heroin is involved. Federal laws may also apply to your case.  You may be sentenced to a prison sentence of 6 years to 60 years, and pay fines up to $500,000.

Below are five reasons you need a criminal defense attorney following an Illinois heroin arrest:

  1. Your Lawyer Can Explain the Legal Process For You

Unless you’ve been to law school or worked in a law office, the criminal legal system will be unfamiliar and may be confusing. Having an experienced attorney to guide you will put you at ease and make sure you understand how your case will progress.

  1. Your Lawyer Can Ensure No Deadlines Are Missed

Criminal cases are full of procedural requirements. When you hire a lawyer, they will know what forms and documents need to be filed, and when. Completing and submitting all documents promptly will ensure everything is done right the first time. This will eliminate unnecessary delays in the case.

  1. Your Lawyer Can Help You Consider All Options

Criminal defendants may have numerous options in the process. One of the biggest considerations is whether a case should go to trial or if you should accept a deal offered by the prosecution. Having a lawyer who understands the possible outcomes and avenues available is important.

  1. Your Lawyer Can Handle Negotiations / Discussions with Prosecution

An experienced lawyer will know how cases like yours are often resolved, and what options may be available to get charges reduced or dropped.

  1. Your Lawyer Can Save You Money

Hiring a lawyer can be expensive, yes. But not having a lawyer can mean years of lost income and other consequences. A skilled and experienced lawyer that will handle your case efficiently can reduce the time it takes for your case to go through the legal system, and help you get back to the business of living your life, as quickly as possible.

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