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The construction industry is vital to our modern lives. Without construction workers, many of the buildings, roads, and structures that we use on a daily basis would not be standing. Unfortunately, this important industry is also plagued by a serious and pervasive problem: sexual harassment.
Exploring the Problem of Sexual Harassment in the Construction Sector
Most would agree that construction work is much unlike the office jobs that dominate today’s typical workplace. Construction workers are often forced to work in close proximity to each other, climbing scaffolding or working on ladders in tight spaces. This can make some workers a
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If you are a divorced parent or soon will be, you may already be planning for the upcoming summer break. For many families, the end of the school year marks the beginning of a time when many co-parents must establish a new schedule for their children. The best way to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and successful summer is to work together as co-parents and ensure that you and the other parent are on the same page regarding parenting time and responsibilities.
Set up a Parenting Plan or Temporary Allocation Order
The parenting plan or parenting agreement is
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 Sexual harassment in the workplace has become a hot button issue in recent years. After celebrities such as Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer were publicly scrutinized for accusations of workplace sexual harassment, more and more people started taking notice of the issue.
As an employee, it is crucial that you understand your rights under Illinois and federal law. Many workers unknowingly allow discriminatory and offensive behavior to go unchecked because they are not aware of the rights and the legal safeguards designed to protect them. This allows perpetrators to continue their unlawful behavior and avoid being held accountable for
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Property division, parenting plans, child support – with so many things to contend with during a divorce case, tax considerations often get put on the back burner. If you are planning to divorce, it is very important that you understand how the divorce will influence your tax obligations and prepare appropriately. Educating yourself about tax-related matters now can help you avoid unpleasant surprises and unexpected fees later on.
Tax Filing Status
Once the divorce is finalized, you and your spouse will file taxes separately. During the divorce process, however, you may still be allowed to file jointly. If your divorce
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When a marriage nears its end, the situation can become contentious rather quickly. Both spouses may deal with feelings of resentment, guilt, anger, and fear. Another common element in many divorces is the financial strain that comes with it. If one spouse cannot afford to move out, then the spouses may be stuck living together until a solution can be reached.
Many spouses question whether they can even get a divorce if they are still living together. They wonder if there is a mandatory separation period in Illinois before divorce is permitted and how long it must last. 
If you
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Even though the Illinois legal system has developed a sophisticated process for handling complaints of sexual harassment, many people still endure this unacceptable behavior at work and are unsure how to handle it. Worries about embarrassment in front of colleagues, a desire to avoid confrontation, and/or a fear of retaliation often keep people from speaking up about sexual harassment when it happens. Sometimes, it can be difficult to recognize that inappropriate behavior is sexual harassment until after the fact. 
However, it is essential to speak up and take action when you feel that are being sexually harassed. There are
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People who work hard and take professional risks are often rewarded with commensurately high incomes. While this can be a major personal boon, when it comes to divorce, having a significant income or high net worth can create complications. One of the most complicated areas of divorce for high-net-worth individuals and families is that of alimony (known technically as “spousal maintenance” in Illinois). Cases involving alimony for separated high-net-worth couples can be complex and difficult to predict, leading to frustration for both spouses. Understanding the law in this regard is essential for setting realistic expectations and negotiating for fair
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Research suggests that few life events are as disruptive as divorce, especially when it happens unexpectedly. However, being prepared for divorce – anticipating its beginning and understanding what you can do to help yourself through the process – can make a major difference in terms of how much stress you feel. If you are considering divorce or suspect your spouse may be getting ready to file for divorce, here are five steps you can take to minimize the negative impacts of a divorce on your life.
Understand Your Financial Situation
Many couples have an implicit or explicit arrangement in
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In 2016, Illinois updated the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) to better meet the needs of unmarried and divorced couples. The current law altered the language to represent modern parenting styles more accurately. Instead of one parent being the primary custodian and the other parent merely having visitation rights, the law now describes parenting duties as being shared between the parents. Parents who are getting divorced should be sure to understand the new law, as it differs somewhat from laws in surrounding states, both in terminology and function. 
The allocation of parental responsibilities is an important part
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The time before a marriage is often one of great excitement and anticipation. It can also be a time of enormous stress – especially if one fiancé announces unexpectedly to the other that his or her parents want a prenuptial agreement to be signed before the marriage can take place. The partner who is given the option to either sign a prenuptial agreement or cancel the wedding may feel a wide range of emotions – surprise, confusion, and uncertainty, just to name a few.
 If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to take a deep breath and
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Victims of sexual harassment are often torn about who to tell and where to go for help. Depending on the details of the harassment, you may not know who in your company you should go to or you may even feel uncomfortable speaking to the person you need to speak to. Furthermore, you may not want the person harassing you to get in serious criminal trouble, even if you are intent on getting the harassment to stop. If any of this sounds familiar to you, speak with an Illinois sexual harassment attorney right away. 
Do I Go to the Police
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Starting a business and getting it up and running is no small endeavor. It takes an enormous amount of effort, commitment, and consistency to succeed in business ownership, and many different factors exist that constantly threaten the success of a business. Although many business owners are aware of the dangers of competitors, supply chain difficulties, and rising office rental prices, there can also be another source of danger that they do not suspect until it is too late: divorce
Business assets are generally considered part of the marital estate. Unless your business is specifically protected by a prenuptial or
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Modern relationships are often complicated, especially when they come to an end. In times past, people rarely got divorced or had children out of wedlock, and when they did, there was a hefty amount of social stigma attached to their actions. Thankfully, we have moved past the era where people, especially women, were severely restricted in their actions and family law systems across the country have been updated to reflect a more accurate reality. 
In Illinois, family law no longer automatically gives preference to the mother in matters like child custody (known as parental responsibilities and parenting time). However, Illinois
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United States employees in every field have protections that guarantee fair treatment under the law. Some of these laws, such as nondiscrimination laws and sexual harassment protection laws, are federal. Others, such as minimum wage laws, vary from state to state. Illinois has a specific statute that protects hotel room attendants. Hotel workers are not only at risk of harassment and abuse from hotel patrons, but also poor working conditions, especially when they speak limited English or do not have a thorough knowledge of their legal rights. 
Fortunately, if you work at a hotel, motel, or another licensed establishment
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Unexpectedly finding out that you are a father of a young child can be one of the greatest shocks a person ever goes through. Perhaps you heard something through the rumor mill about an ex-girlfriend; perhaps a picture appeared on social media of an ex with a young child who looks remarkably like you did when you were younger. Whatever the circumstances, if you find yourself wondering whether it is too late to establish paternity of a child, you should learn more about your options from an Illinois paternity lawyer. 
How is Paternity Established in Illinois? 
In most cases, parents
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Several high-ranking supervisors and co-workers of a man who was sexually harassed by a prisoner made the news when, instead of helping their co-worker handle the incident appropriately, they decided to harass him further. Making matters worse, this took place in an Illinois correctional center, making a government agency responsible for providing an appropriate response to the sexual harassment. Several people were fired when the incident came to light, and further stories of sexual harassment in the Illinois prison system have now also come out.
The kind of behavior in this particular incident – inappropriate “pranks” and other jokes laden
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