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While divorce is rarely a simple process, for couples who have a high net worth or ultra high net worth, it can be even more complicated. People often feel as though more money should reduce their problems, and yet this is rarely the case – especially if you have a spouse who intends to fight you over every penny. Furthermore, high-net-worth divorce cases often involve couples with at least one spouse who is in the public eye. If you are considering divorce, but are worried about the implications it could have for your reputation, estate, and children, having the help
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Parents who are divorced, separated, or never married often struggle with the limited time they get to spend with their kids. Missed holidays and big chunks of summer vacations can be tough, but so can the basic, everyday interactions that parents miss out on when their children are with their other parent. 
Illinois allows parents to potentially resolve this issue by putting a creative section in their parenting plan called “the right of first refusal.” If you and your spouse get along fairly well and you are hoping to spend more time with your children, read on to find
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Nearly one in three women will be sexually harassed at work, and although workplace sexual harassment tends to affect women more often than men, men can be victims, too. Reporting sexual harassment is rarely easy and straightforward, and it can become even more complicated when power dynamics are at play. If you are being harassed at work, it is important to know your rights, as well as the potential consequences you could suffer if you do not take action to stop the sexual harassment.  
How Are Victims of Sexual Harassment Affected? 
In addition to the embarrassment and awkwardness of dealing
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If you are getting or have already gotten divorced in Illinois, chances are that you are receiving or paying spousal maintenance payments. Also known as alimony or spousal support, spousal maintenance is less common than it used to be but is still common enough that it is important to be aware of the laws that regulate this area of family law. One of the questions that spouses frequently have after divorce, whether they are making or receiving alimony, is whether certain actions or events could cause alimony to end. Like most legal issues, the answer in a specific case is,
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Every child deserves to have a safe, comfortable home in which to grow up. When parents get divorced, one of the court’s main duties is to make decisions that will benefit the children of the marriage. Often, this means that one of the spouses will be compelled to make child support payments to the other in order to help them raise the children.  
When Is Child Support Awarded? 
Child support is almost universally granted to one of the spouses during a divorce that involves the parents of minor children. Illinois courts base their child support decisions on an “income shares”
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On the whole, couples today are considering the potentially negative impacts of divorce more carefully than couples of the past, especially when there are children involved. This means fewer marriages end in divorce, and, when they do, couples are more conscious about the way they choose to separate. Many people are children of divorced parents themselves and have experienced the pain of high-conflict divorce first-hand. Others have simply read the research and know that divorce does not have to be a catastrophic experience when adults can work cooperatively together. Whatever the reasons may be for you, if you are considering 
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Although students are often the focus of sexually harassing behavior on Illinois’ university campuses, the truth is that employees of a university may be subject to sexually harassing behaviors as well. Studies on the subject show that universities tend not to screen applicants for histories of sexual harassment or prior misconduct, potentially leading to hiring employees with a clear tendency towards sexually predatory behavior. Such behaviors could come from fellow employees, department managers, or even bold students. Sex-based discrimination may also be more subtle, such as being passed up on a promotion because you are pregnant or might become pregnant.
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Same-sex marriage has been legal in Illinois for nearly 10 years, letting Illinoisans of every orientation pursue a legally recognized relationship with the person they love, including the traditional financial and governmental benefits of marriage. Unfortunately, LGBTQ individuals’ relationships are susceptible to the same shortcomings and downfalls as their heterosexual peers’, meaning gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer spouses may need to dissolve their marriages through a divorce as well. 
Fortunately, LGBTQ divorces are managed in nearly the same way as heterosexual marriages, meaning that the pathway through divorce is usually clear. Here are some answers to common questions about
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Even after many years of discussions, trainings, and high-profile media cases regarding sexual harassment, this terrible behavior continues in many different scenarios. Sexual harassment can affect victims so significantly that they no longer feel safe coming to work or performing their work duties. It may create a hostile, intimidating, or offensive workplace. 
Fortunately, state and federal law prohibit sexual harassment and provide avenues for legal relief for victims who are suffering from this behavior at work – even if it comes from people who are not the victim’s coworkers or managers. If you are being sexually harassed at work
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You may have known that divorce would be inevitable for a long time, but now that you are finally here, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. While divorce is never easy, for people who are married to high-conflict spouses who seem to thrive on confrontation, anger, and blame, the divorce process can be an absolute nightmare. And while most divorces are moving away from litigation in favor of mediation or collaborative divorce, for high-conflict relationships, alternative dispute resolution methods may simply not be an option. 
If you are facing divorce with a high-conflict spouse, it is essential
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Many workplaces have employees who have flirty, fun relationships with each other. Although a professional might counsel people not to engage in this behavior just to stay on the safe side, as long as everybody consents, this behavior may not be a problem. 
But for some, a teasing or light-hearted workplace attitude toward sexual jokes, innuendo, or flirting may be a problem because it opens them up to subtle sexual harassment. Without obvious behaviors that are easy to identify as sexual harassment, victims can struggle to put their finger on why certain behaviors make them uncomfortable. They may feel
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 Child support payments may be an important part of your life, long after the divorce, and while most parents are happy to support their children financially, life can sometimes get in the way of being able to pay the same amount of support that you had in recent years. If you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances, such as a job change or loss, you may need to ask a court to modify your child support obligation. It is important to understand when and how child support orders can be modified and an experienced Illinois family lawyer
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Even when a parenting plan has worked well for years, children get older, parents’ living and work arrangements change, and everyone may find that an existing parenting plan no longer works. If you are interested in changing your parenting plan – especially if you believe your child’s other parent may not agree to the changes – it is important to understand when parenting plans can be modified and what your options may be. Read on to learn more about this important topic, and then contact an Illinois family lawyer for help. 
Understand What You Need to Change
Parenting plans in
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Despite increased cultural awareness of the potential power imbalance inherent in certain workplace relationships, people continue to meet, date, and eventually marry romantic partners at work. The constant close proximity with colleagues, in addition to the challenges people often tackle at work together, create an easy opportunity for close personal relationships to develop. 
Although these relationships may start consensually and may not violate any workplace agreements or codes of conduct, when they end, the awkwardness and unpleasantness of a personal breakup often carry over into the workplace. Unfortunately, one former partner may continue to act in a sexually aggressive way
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Government policy is rarely straightforward, but changes in the law can make it even harder to analyze. Such is the case with Social Security benefits after divorce, the rules around which may change depending on when you were born. Fortunately, however, with the help of a knowledgeable Illinois divorce attorney, you can learn everything you need to know about your Social Security benefits after divorce and how you can negotiate a fair divorce settlement that minimizes the impact of divorce on your retirement plans. 
Do I Lose Social Security Benefits if I Get Divorced? 
Although privately owned property like pension
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Couples (or one individual partner) often consider divorce long before they actually discuss it or begin the process of finding attorneys and filing for divorce. Being unprepared for a divorce can cause major disruptions in a family’s life, and there are many things to consider carefully before officially getting started. 
One obstacle that often results in a delay between wanting to get a divorce and actually filing for one is when couples cannot afford to live independently of each other. With home prices and rents rising astronomically over the last year, a couple may feel trapped in their current living
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