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No one should ever have to experience sexual abuse or sexual assault. Being harmed like that can leave long-lasting mental and emotional scars, and many victims are left with physical injuries as well. You may have heard some truly alarming statistics about low conviction rates for sex offenses in criminal court. However, filing a civil claim is completely different. To successfully prosecute someone for a sex crime, it must be proven that they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. To win a civil claim, however, you would only need to show a jury that it is more likely than
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After you get hit by a negligent driver, you are likely to get a call from their insurance company fairly soon. The insurance company will make you a settlement offer. It will sound like a good offer, but it rarely is. Insurance companies do not count or consider every financial loss you will suffer as a result of your car accident. Their goal is to get you to accept a settlement that does not come close to fully compensating you. Before you think about accepting a settlement, it is important that you take the time to add up every
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Rear-end collisions are not always harmless fender-benders. A hard rear-end collision can cause serious or even disabling injuries. Head, neck, and arm injuries are very common in rear-end crashes. The damage does not need to look bad from the outside to be bad for the individuals inside the car. In a rear-end accident, the driver in front is often completely stopped, causing them to absorb the full force of the impact. There is also little the driver in front can do to avoid being rear-ended even if they do see the accident coming. This type of car accident is very
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Workers’ compensation is not just for those in traditionally high-risk blue-collar jobs. White-collar office workers can and do get hurt at work and are equally entitled to workers’ compensation protection. While injuries suffered by those with desk jobs tend to be less severe on average, they can still keep an employee out of the workplace for weeks while they recover. If you were injured at your office job, you should take the situation seriously and consider having an attorney help you recover compensation. The costs associated with a workplace injury are compensable whether you operate a desktop computer or a
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The most careful driver in the world would still be powerless to avoid a car crash caused by mechanical failure. These accidents can be terrifying for everyone involved. One moment everything is fine, and you are cruising down the road in control of your car. Then suddenly, you realize that you are no longer in control of your car, and a crash is inevitable. 
Initially, it may even appear to others that the crash was your fault. You are left trying to figure out what went wrong. Fortunately, the maker or seller of a defective car part can be held
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While the bathroom is typically the most dangerous room in a house, the kitchen is a close second. Anything from burn injuries caused by a hot stove to lacerations sustained while chopping vegetables can happen in a kitchen. Using reasonable care can help you avoid some types of kitchen injuries. However, when a kitchen appliance or other product is defective, there is probably nothing you can do to avoid getting hurt. Injuries caused by defective kitchen products can be severe. They often involve explosions, gases, or fires, all of which can be extremely harmful or even lethal. If you were
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Workplace accidents can be permanently life-altering. Some victims are able to recover enough to return to work in some capacity. Others must change career paths to accommodate their change in physical ability. There are some, however, who are never able to return to work. People who have suffered a severe and disabling injury in the workplace may be able to receive permanent total disability through Workers’ Compensation. Obtaining this level of compensation is not always easy from a practical standpoint. These claims can be worth quite a lot, and employers are rarely willing to pay out without a fight. It
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Expecting a new baby is exciting and terrifying all at once. So many things can go wrong during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, so many expectant parents are understandably nervous. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are tasked with recognizing potential complications and taking the necessary action to mitigate any negative health consequences to the mother and baby. However, medical professionals involved in the birthing process do not always meet the high standards parents expect of them.
Failure to perform a Caesarean section or delayed c-section can cause serious and potentially deadly complications. If your baby was harmed during labor or
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Truck drivers may need to follow laws that do not apply to drivers in personal vehicles. Large commercial trucks present a much greater danger to everyone on the road, so it makes sense that those driving them are subject to additional regulations. While crashes involving personal vehicles can be devastating, truck accidents are highly likely to cause serious injuries to anyone involved. When truck drivers follow all the safety laws that apply to them, major accidents are less likely to happen. It may give you a bit of hope to learn that if it turns out that the truck driver
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When you get hurt on the job, you should not have to worry about how you will pay for medical care or get by financially while you are missing work. Workers’ Compensation programs exist for exactly this type of situation. It should be simple – you have an accident in your workplace, you file a claim, and your medical expenses and lost wages are covered. Unfortunately, some employers are not as cooperative with this process as they should be and will deny a rightful claim for any number of reasons. If your claim was denied, you might have a lot
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The statistics about child sex abuse are grim. Approximately one out of every five girls is sexually abused. It is estimated that about one out of every 20 boys is abused. However, many children, teens, and adults never report sexual abuse, sexual assault, or other sex crimes committed against them.
Sexual abuse victims often suffer profound physical, mental, emotional, and psychological consequences after being victimized. They may develop anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health issues that require expensive medication and treatment. Many turn to drugs or alcohol to numb their pain.
If you or a loved one
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When you or your loved one is extremely ill or badly injured, a hospital admission may come as a relief. Hospital patients are monitored by trained medical professionals 24 hours a day, so you would think that they are as safe as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Hospitals are often understaffed and overwhelmed, which can contribute to critical safety mistakes. Hospitalized patients are medically fragile as it is. A single careless mistake can do serious harm or even prove fatal. If you were personally harmed by or lost an immediate family member due to medical malpractice in
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You probably already have a good idea of what to do after you get into a car accident – call the police, exchange information, get medical attention, and then call an attorney. Equally important – but lesser known – is the list of things you should not do after a car crash. Making one of these mistakes could make it more difficult for you to recover full compensation or even bar your claim. It can be difficult to think clearly in the immediate aftermath of a crash, particularly while you are still on the side of the road or if
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Signs of abuse can be as difficult to pick up on in elders as they are in children. Many residents of skilled nursing facilities are experiencing some form of incapacity. It may be difficult or impossible for them to outright tell you that they are being abused. In neglect cases, some nursing home residents hesitate to speak up out of misguided politeness. Residents themselves may not be aware that they are being neglected. If one of your loved ones lives in a nursing home, it is important that you check on them regularly and keep your eye out for
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Mental and emotional injuries are very real harms that can occur in the course of a person’s employment. Traumatic events can happen in the workplace just as easily as they can happen anywhere else. Workers who witness a major accident can suffer psychiatric injuries just as the people involved in the accident may suffer physical injuries. Other extreme events that occur while an employee is performing their job duties can cause lasting psychological harm that makes it impossible for the employee to return to work immediately. Contrary to popular belief, these mental injuries can be covered under workers’ compensation.
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 Sexual abuse can have a devastating, lifelong impact on a child. Few crimes evoke the level of outrage that sexual abuse of a child does, and for good reason. Suffering from sexual abuse at a young age can leave a child in need of therapy for many years to come and cause troubling behavioral changes. The sooner the abuse is caught, the more complete a child’s emotional and psychological recovery can be. Parents should keep a lookout for any signs that their child is being hurt in this fashion. There are some signs that may prompt parents and other
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