Aurora Car Crash LawyerMost people know to seek prompt medical attention after a car accident, even if they do not think they have been badly hurt. Often, people who are experiencing little pain during their initial ER or urgent care visit get a clean bill of health. Then, a few days later, they begin experiencing severe pain in their head, neck, back, or abdomen. People who experience these delayed injuries, as they are called, may not initially link the pain they are experiencing to the car accident they had several days ago. However, it is very likely that any new pain or loss of mobility within a week or so of a car accident is related to the car accident. Some injuries are not readily apparent the day of the accident for a number of reasons. Harms like whiplash or even some head injuries may take several days to reveal themselves. If you start experiencing new symptoms days after your accident, it is important to return to the doctor for further evaluation. You should also contact an attorney as soon as you are able to. Cases involving delayed injury can be somewhat complex. 

Why are Some Injuries Delayed After a Motor Vehicle Crash? 

Some injuries are obvious at the scene of the car accident. Things like lacerations and badly broken bones are often apparent to onlookers. Other injuries may not be so readily apparent. One reason for this is that most people experience an adrenaline rush in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Adrenaline is a natural pain reliever that may prevent you from experiencing pain associated with your injuries until it has worn off. 

Other injuries result in inflammation that builds over time. Consider the example of a bruise. You may not see a bruise after hitting your head on a corner, but one may appear the next day. 

Types of Delayed Injuries

Common delayed injuries after a car crash include: 

  • Internal bleeding – If the pain is in your abdomen, it may be a very serious internal bleed. 

  • Whiplash – Signs of whiplash like a stiff and sore neck may take days to appear. 

  • Brain injuries – Brain injuries can be insidious. You may not know that you have one until symptoms begin days later. Take bad headaches seriously and go to the ER. 

  • Nerve damage – Nerve damage may begin slowly. If you notice numbness or persistent “pins and needles” pain after an accident, it should be medically investigated. 

It is important to seek urgent medical care again if new symptoms arise after a car accident. 

Contact an Aurora Car Accident Attorney

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