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The goal of finding a nursing home for your older friends or family members is to provide them with the opportunity to receive care when living alone is no longer an option for them. Many nursing homes are presented as being both credible and safe for the elderly.  
As a concept, a nursing home sounds like a lovely place of residence where residents will be protected, assisted, and cared for on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes provide the competent care residents deserve. 
Occasionally, residents of nursing homes are subjected to negligence on behalf of those who are
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Patients should be able to enter offices, clinics, and hospitals with full confidence that they can trust their healthcare provider. However, the unfortunate truth is that not all medical procedures are conducted safely, and every so often, instances of medical malpractice take place. 
Medical malpractice is a form of negligence that happens at the hands of medical professionals, such as nurses, doctors, physicians, clinicians, dentists, and ophthalmologists, among other professions. Examples of medical malpractice may include being prescribed the wrong medication, not receiving the proper dose of anesthesia prior to surgery, or failing to diagnose a patient with a disease
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No matter which industry you work in or the job title that you hold, all types of employment come with their own set of stressors and complications. Ideally, your job will not cause you to experience unbearable stress or other related mental health concerns.
However, some employees find themselves wondering what their legal rights are in the midst of heightened stress that makes them concerned for their mental health. If you are interested in learning about whether or not you can file a workers’ compensation claim for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders, or other mental illnesses in Illinois,
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Returning to work after suffering a serious workplace injury is a cause for celebration; it is a sign that things are getting back to normal.
However, returning workers often do not work regular hours right away, and their job duties are often less than what they were pre-injury. Such “modified jobs” allow workers to ease back into full employment, but they also create financial hardship. Workers that come back in a limited capacity usually make less money than they did pre-injury.
Thankfully, there is a solution called Temporary Partial Disability (TPD). TPD is intended to help close the gap between
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 Truck accident victims are often left with debilitating physical injuries, not to mention medical debt, job loss, and mental trauma.
Recovering compensation for these losses is often a long and arduous process. Thankfully, victims have rights under Illinois Law. If the accident was caused by negligence or wrongdoing, they can file a personal injury claim against those responsible. A successful claim may result in financial compensation for losses resulting from the accident.
The thrust of every claim is, of course, the evidence. The evidence presented will determine who is at fault and how much money the plaintiff is owed
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Despite advances in medical technology, thousands of mothers and babies are injured during childbirth every single year.
Uterine ruptures are one of the most common, and most serious, birth injuries. The term describes the tearing of the uterine wall during childbirth. Severe complications often follow uterine rupture. The mother may experience severe bleeding, which can cause the baby to suffocate in the womb. In rare cases, uterine rupture is fatal to both the mother and the baby.
Even if both parties survive, they may be left with permanent disabilities. The Mother could suffer permanent damage to her uterus, rendering
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A serious injury has tremendous consequences far beyond bodily harm. You may be unable to work, burdened by medical debt, and troubled by psychological trauma.
Overcoming these obstacles is incredibly challenging. If a person’s injuries are the result of negligence or wrongdoing, they can file a personal injury claim against those responsible to pursue compensation for the harm they suffered.
There is, for example, significant confusion regarding who can be sued. It is often assumed that only the person directly responsible for an accident is liable, but in reality, many different parties could be responsible because of the doctrine of
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Suffering a serious workplace injury can disrupt your life on multiple fronts. Besides debilitating physical injuries, you may be left unable to work and with a mountain of medical debt. It may be difficult to simply pay the rent and put food on the table. However, your situation becomes much more perilous if your workers’ compensation claim is denied. Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies devise crafty ways to avoid their responsibilities to injured workers. For example, they may claim that the injury is not work-related or not serious enough to prevent the claimant from working. Thankfully, injured workers can appeal denied claims
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Childbirth does not always happen naturally. Sometimes, doctors utilize a variety of techniques to facilitate the birthing process. An episiotomy is one of the most common procedures to help the mother deliver. When a doctor performs an episiotomy, he cuts the area between the vagina and the anus known as the perineal. This incision creates a wider opening for the baby to pass through. Episiotomy is often performed out of necessity, such as when the baby’s head is too big for the birth canal, the mother requires a forceps or vacuum-assisted delivery, or the baby is in breech position. Most
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 Nursing homes abuse is an endemic issue that exists in every state and around cities throughout the country. According to the National Coalition on Aging, nearly 5 million seniors are abused on an annual basis, violating the dignity of some of our most vulnerable citizens.
Types of Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing home abuse takes many different forms. It may be obvious in some cases, while more covert in others.  
Nursing home abuse may be:

  • Physical: The infliction of bodily harm.
  • Emotional: Bullying, verbal harassment, intimidation, and shaming are included here.
  • Financial: The theft or misuse of the victim’s financial

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Not all car accidents are the same, some simply have more destructive potential than others. Among the most dangerous car accident types is the sideswipe.
A sideswipe accident occurs when the sides of two vehicles traveling in the same direction collide. Although the initial impact by itself may not cause much destruction, it often causes one or both of the drivers to lose control and either drive off the road or crash into other vehicles.
Thousands of people are injured in sideswipe collisions every single year. In fact, over 900 people died in sideswipe accidents in 2020 alone, according to
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When an elderly individual starts to experience accidental injuries, such as bruises, cuts, or broken bones, their families often opt to move them to a nursing home so that they can receive proper and attentive care. Unfortunately, placing a loved one in a long-term care facility does not always mean they are safe from injury. While accidents can still happen, abuse and neglect also play a significant role in nursing home injuries. The following addresses some of the most common physical dangers residents face while living at a nursing home.
Four Frequent Injuries Resulting From Nursing Home Neglect and
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When a pregnant mother is preparing to give birth to her child, she may not consider the possibility of facing an emergency situation. In some instances, this emergency situation may require a cesarean delivery. The need for a first-time cesarean delivery, better known as a C-section, is often not apparent until the delivery process has already begun. Some mothers opt for this method ahead of time if they have been experiencing complications through their pregnancy or have already undergone a c-section with a previous child. In other cases that require an emergency c-section, it is the doctor’s responsibility to understand
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When an employee is injured at work, in most cases, they are entitled to financial damages through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance program. In Illinois, any injury resulting from the employee’s job can qualify for a workers’ compensation claim. However, it is the employee’s responsibility to file the claim correctly and provide sufficient evidence. Anyone pursuing a workers’ compensation claim, should be aware of the mistakes that employees often make that diminish the validity of their claim and ability to collect compensation.
Missteps That Can Derail Your Workers’ Compensation Claim
1.) You fail to seek medical attention after the
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Even the most confident of drivers can feel a twinge of intimidation and vulnerability when passing a large semi-truck on the highway. Some drivers accelerate faster to lessen the amount of time spent next to the truck, while others may avoid passing them until absolutely necessary.
These instincts are not entirely unfounded. Accidents involving large trucks have proven to be incredibly devastating to occupants of passenger vehicles and often result in catastrophic injuries. This blog details some of the most common injuries seen in truck accidents and the long-term consequences the injured victims may suffer.
Back and Neck Injuries
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Construction accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities. There are many factors that contribute to the dangers of a construction worksite including heavy machinery, high heights, and insufficiently trained employees. Workers in this industry should understand the dangers they may face and what steps they can take in order to protect themselves against construction accidents.
Studies completed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have identified four leading causes of construction site injuries and fatalities. These causes, which are referred to as the “Fatal Four,” include falls, being struck by objects, electrocution, and
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