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A blow to the head can result in serious brain injuries. These injuries may occur in car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, construction accidents, and a wide variety of other situations. Unfortunately, these injuries are not always well-understood, and a person may not experience symptoms immediately after an accident. However, the effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can persist for multiple months or years, or they may even lead to permanent impairments that affect a person’s health, their relationships with others, and their ability to maintain employment. By understanding these effects, a brain injury victim can work
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There are many ways that medical negligence can cause patients to suffer serious injuries. In some cases, patients may be harmed due to medication errors, including situations where a patient experiences an allergic reaction to a medication or when drugs are administered at the incorrect dose. Errors related to anesthesia can be especially harmful, and they may cause a patient to suffer long-lasting harm, or they may even lead to a person’s wrongful death
Errors Involving Different Types of Anesthesia
Different methods of anesthesia may be used to minimize pain and discomfort during a medical procedure or ensure
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While cell phones and similar electronic devices are used by most people on a near-constant basis, many people understand that texting while driving or using a handheld phone to make a call while behind the wheel can be very dangerous. Public safety campaigns have emphasized the dangers of these activities, and laws have been passed that make it illegal to use electronic devices while driving unless they are in hands-free mode. However, there are multiple other forms of distracted driving that can lead to dangerous car accidents. Victims who have been injured in these types of accidents can work
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Accidents in which a person loses their footing and falls down may seem like minor incidents, but they can lead to a variety of serious injuries, including broken bones, dislocated joints, traumatic brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries. When slip, trip, and fall accidents take place on someone else’s property, a victim may be able to pursue compensation through a premises liability claim or lawsuit. By understanding the reasons why these accidents may occur and working with an experienced attorney, victims can ensure they are taking the correct steps to protect their rights.
Slip and Fall Injuries
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Most of the roads in the United States are designed with motor vehicles in mind. This makes sense, since most people need to drive regularly to get to and from work, to run errands, or to engage in other activities. However, there are many other people that also need to use the roads, and drivers should take care to act safely and prevent injuries to people on foot. During the month of October, safety advocates highlight the risks faced by pedestrians and provide guidance on the steps people can take to prevent injuries in pedestrian accidents. However, the messages
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There are many forms of nursing home negligence that can cause serious harm to residents. The possibility of nursing home abuse is a major concern for many families who have loved ones in these facilities. Improper restraints are one form of abuse that may be committed by a nursing home’s staff, and this includes the use of drugs to sedate patients or prevent behaviors that staff members consider to be troublesome. Chemical restraints are used far more frequently than many people realize. Family members should be aware of the potential situations in which this type of abuse may occur and
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In Illinois, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance reimburses injured workers for medical expenses and part of their lost wages if a work injury causes them to miss work. However, what happens if a work injury aggravates a pre-existing medical condition like degenerative disc disease? Is the worker still entitled to compensation? What if the insurance company tries to claim that work duties did not cause the worsened medical condition?
Successfully recovering compensation for worsened medical conditions is often tricky, especially if the medical condition gradually worsened over time instead of being caused by a singular
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Advances in medicine have helped people lead longer, healthier lives. Countless medications are available to treat ailments ranging from headaches to advanced cancer. Unfortunately, the vast number of medications available today means that there is an increase in the chances of medication mistakes. One of the top causes of medication errors in the U.S. is sound-alike medications, or medications with similar-sounding names. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who are not paying close enough attention may mistake one medication for the other. Look-alike medications are also at risk of being mixed up. Medication mistakes such as these can lead to severe, sometimes
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If you have been the victim of a violent crime such as an assault, sexual assault, battery, or robbery, you may be interested in pursuing legal action against the responsible parties. Many people assume that legal action against the person who attacked them is the only recourse available after an assault. However, you may also be able to pursue legal action against the business or facility in which you were hurt. A premises liability claim is a personal injury claim brought against negligent property owners or property managers. Through a premises liability claim, you may be entitled to compensation
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In Illinois, workers’ compensation insurance covers costs resulting from a work injury or illness. When most people think of workers’ compensation, they picture an injured worker who fell or otherwise suffered a one-time traumatic accident. However, this is not the only type of worker harm that may result in a workers’ comp claim.
Exposure to dangerous chemicals, toxic fumes, and other hazardous substances such as asbestos can take a major toll on a worker’s health, especially when the worker is exposed to the dangerous chemical on a long-term basis. Unfortunately, bringing a successful workers’ compensation claim for exposure to hazardous
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Car accidents happen every day. In a typical Illinois car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance company is usually responsible for compensating accident victims. However, what happens if one of the cars in an accident is owned by the government? How are car accident cases different when the at-fault driver is a government employee such as a police officer, ambulance driver, or delivery driver? Can you sue if you were struck by a mail truck or other government vehicle?  
Government Liability for Car Crashes
When an employee causes an accident by driving negligently, the driver’s employer is typically the party
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Nursing home residents often need assistance with everything from taking medication to showering. Residents trust nursing home staff to adequately tend to their needs and ensure a safe living environment. Sadly, many nursing homes fall short of this expectation.
One of the most pressing concerns for elderly and disabled nursing home residents is falling.  Falls can be attributed to muscle weakness, osteoporosis, vision problems, walking difficulties, poor balance, as well as other medical conditions that can contribute to the risk of falls. If your parent, grandparent, or other loved one suffered a preventable fall accident in a nursing home, you
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Losing a hand, foot, arm, or leg impacts nearly every aspect of a person’s life. If you or a loved one suffered an amputation or limb loss, you know this firsthand. When another party’s irresponsible or unlawful actions result in dismemberment or amputation, that party may be liable for damages through a personal injury claim. The injured person may be entitled to compensation for both the financial impact of the limb loss and the non-financial consequences of the injury.
Understanding Negligence in an Amputation Injury Claim
Most personal injury cases are based on an allegation of negligence. In the
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Doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals spend as many as 10-15 years in school preparing for their careers in medicine. Consequently, we expect medical professionals to provide competent, accurate medical care. Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional’s failure to provide reasonably skilled care causes someone to suffer avoidable health problems. A victim of medical malpractice may be able to recover financial compensation for additional medical bills, lost income, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other damages. If you received substandard care from a medical professional, you may wonder if you have a valid medical malpractice claim.
Elements of Medical
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 Car accidents often result in property damage, serious injuries, or even death. Victims and their families may be left with significant medical bills, repair costs, and other expenses. They may also be unable to work or complete daily responsibilities while recovering from car crash injuries. Fortunately, compensation for these costs and other damages may be available through a personal injury case. If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident in Illinois, it is important to understand how Illinois handles shared fault accidents. 
Modified Comparative Negligence
If you cannot reach a settlement with the insurance company, you
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Drivers are generally aware of the risks they face while using the roads. Car accidents can occur for many different reasons, and most of the time, driver negligence is the primary cause behind a collision. However, there are other issues that can affect safety on the roads, including conditions that lead to dangerous highways, such as cargo loads that have fallen from trucks. People in Central Illinois recently encountered a unique and unexpected issue when olive oil that had leaked onto the roadway affected vehicles’ ability to maintain the proper traction.
Olive Oil Spill in Farmer City
On July
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