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Although some jobs are more dangerous than others, any profession comes with the risk of injury. An office worker may develop carpal tunnel syndrome from typing on a keyboard all day. A factory worker may suffer a deep laceration caused by faulty equipment.

Injured employees in Illinois are usually entitled to workers’ compensation. However, in some cases, an injured worker may be able to bring a personal injury claim against a third party. Third-party claims may be brought in conjunction with a workers’ compensation claim or in lieu of a workers’ compensation claim. Read on to learn more.
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Auto insurance is mandatory in Illinois. Unfortunately, some people ignore the law and drive without insurance. In most car accidents, the at-fault driver’s insurance company pays for vehicle repair and other damages. If you were in a crash with an uninsured driver, you may be worried about what will happen. Will you get compensation for vehicle repair or replacement costs? What about your medical bills resulting from your injuries? Fortunately, individuals in this situation have options.
Accidents Involving Uninsured and Underinsured Drivers
Being in a car crash is already bad enough. Finding out that the person who hit you
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Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers are extremely valuable members of our society. However, when a medical professional makes a mistake, the consequences can be catastrophic – especially if the victim of the mistake is an infant. Preventable birth injuries can be caused by almost countless factors. Sometimes, a doctor or nurse misinterprets test results. Other times, medical staff fail to recognize signs of maternal or fetal distress. Whatever the reason, birth injuries can lead to years of suffering and additional medical needs.
Infant Injuries that May Be a Result of Medical Mistakes
Every parent hopes for a healthy,
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When you have a loved one in a nursing home, you may understandably worry about his or her wellbeing. While many nursing homes are staffed with compassionate, knowledgeable workers, some nursing homes fail to meet the high expectations residents and loved ones expect.
When a nursing home fails to maintain a safe facility, property monitor residents, and provide for the residents’ needs, avoidable injuries and deaths can occur. If your loved one died after falling at a nursing home facility, you may be able to seek justice through a nursing home negligence claim.
Preventing Fall Accidents Should Be a
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From a young age, we are taught to “stop, drop, and roll” in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, fire safety education other safety measures do not prevent every fire from occurring.
Fires can cause horrible burns, lung damage from smoke inhalation, and other injuries. Individuals who survive a serious fire are often left with disfiguring scars and long-term health problems. If you or a loved one were hurt in a fire, you may be able to take legal action against the at-fault party. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and
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Whether you were hurt in a car crash, slip and fall accident, or you suffered due to negligent medical care, you have rights as an injured person. Illinois law makes it possible for you to seek financial compensation for the harm you have suffered. Personal injury claims seek to make an injured person “whole.” This is usually accomplished through monetary damages. The amount of compensation that victims can receive for damages varies based on the type of injury, the circumstances of the injury, and other factors.
Compensation for Medical Bills After an Accident
Car accidents and other
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Individuals in nursing homes are often elderly and in poor health. They may have cognitive issues including Alzheimer’s disease, physical disabilities, and chronic health concerns. Nursing home staff have a legal duty to provide adequate supervision, assistance, and care to nursing home residents. When nursing home staff fail to provide the care residents need, residents can suffer potentially deadly medical conditions as a result.
Infections are especially dangerous in nursing homes. An undiagnosed infection may spread throughout the resident’s body and even develop into sepsis. If your loved one suffered medical problems or passed away from an infection due to
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Whether we like it or not, winter has officially arrived in the Springfield area. As any Illinois resident can tell you, avoiding snow and ice-related falls is a major part of life during the winter months. Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, and broken bones. If you or a loved one were injured after slipping on ice, you may be curious about your legal options. You may wonder if the property owner’s failure to salt or clear ice from the area makes the owner liable for damages. Illinois law regarding injuries
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Originally published: March 10, 2020 — Updated: December 28, 2021
UPDATE: While the errors described below may be considered medical malpractice, victims who have suffered injuries in these situations will need to understand the steps they will need to follow to ensure that they can receive compensation for their injuries. To successfully pursue a medical malpractice claim, a person will need to prove all of the following elements:
The doctor owed the patient a duty of care – Once a doctor-patient relationship has been established, a doctor will be required to meet certain standards when providing medical treatment. This
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An unfortunate reality of driving is that every time you are on the road, you are putting yourself at risk of getting into a car crash. Thankfully, the risk is small, and in most cases, you will not be the victim of a motor vehicle accident. 
However, you can only control your own driving habits. If other people choose to distract themselves while driving, they are subsequently increasing your chances of getting into an accident as a result of their decisions. 
Have you been the victim of a distracted driver truck accident in Springfield? If so, we are here to
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Work-related injuries can occur in a variety of situations. Accidents can take place in the workplace, or a person may suffer from illnesses or health conditions caused by exposure to certain conditions or the ongoing strain placed on their body by work-related tasks or activities. In these cases, a person may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, including coverage for their medical expenses and wage benefits that address their loss of income. When a work injury results in a permanent disability, the benefits a person can receive will depend on the parts of their body that were affected and the level
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There are many different types of car accidents that can result in serious injuries and significant property damage. Rear-end collisions are some of the most common types of accidents, and they often occur at intersections, on roads where vehicles slow down to make turns, and in situations where drivers are unable to slow down or stop in time due to distracted driving or traffic violations such as speeding. Even though a rear-end accident may seem to be relatively minor, victims may experience multiple types of injuries, as well as other damages. To ensure that they will be able to address
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A blow to the head can result in serious brain injuries. These injuries may occur in car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, construction accidents, and a wide variety of other situations. Unfortunately, these injuries are not always well-understood, and a person may not experience symptoms immediately after an accident. However, the effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can persist for multiple months or years, or they may even lead to permanent impairments that affect a person’s health, their relationships with others, and their ability to maintain employment. By understanding these effects, a brain injury victim can work
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There are many ways that medical negligence can cause patients to suffer serious injuries. In some cases, patients may be harmed due to medication errors, including situations where a patient experiences an allergic reaction to a medication or when drugs are administered at the incorrect dose. Errors related to anesthesia can be especially harmful, and they may cause a patient to suffer long-lasting harm, or they may even lead to a person’s wrongful death
Errors Involving Different Types of Anesthesia
Different methods of anesthesia may be used to minimize pain and discomfort during a medical procedure or ensure
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While cell phones and similar electronic devices are used by most people on a near-constant basis, many people understand that texting while driving or using a handheld phone to make a call while behind the wheel can be very dangerous. Public safety campaigns have emphasized the dangers of these activities, and laws have been passed that make it illegal to use electronic devices while driving unless they are in hands-free mode. However, there are multiple other forms of distracted driving that can lead to dangerous car accidents. Victims who have been injured in these types of accidents can work
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Accidents in which a person loses their footing and falls down may seem like minor incidents, but they can lead to a variety of serious injuries, including broken bones, dislocated joints, traumatic brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries. When slip, trip, and fall accidents take place on someone else’s property, a victim may be able to pursue compensation through a premises liability claim or lawsuit. By understanding the reasons why these accidents may occur and working with an experienced attorney, victims can ensure they are taking the correct steps to protect their rights.
Slip and Fall Injuries
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