St. Charles Child Custody LawyerWhen a woman gives birth in Illinois, her husband is automatically considered the legal father. This is also the case if:

  • The parents divorced less than 300 days before or after the birth.

  • The parents entered into any other kind of legal relationship, such as a civil union, within 300 days of the birth.

If the parents do not enter a legal relationship, however, then the law does not assume that anyone is the father. In this case, the father must declare his fatherhood and, in some cases, prove it. This is called establishing paternity.

However, if the father does not want to establish paternity, the mother can take certain steps to force paternity to be established.

This article will discuss why establishing paternity is important and how it can be done without the father’s consent. If you want to establish paternity, consult with a qualified Illinois paternity lawyer who can help you through the process.