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For many people, divorce represents a fresh start that will allow them to close a chapter in their lives and move on from a relationship that was not working. Part of moving forward following a divorce may include changing a person’s last name and reverting to their maiden name or the name that had used before getting married. There are also a variety of other situations where name changes may be appropriate for those who are involved in family law cases. By understanding the requirements for legally changing a person’s name, those who are looking for a fresh start or
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There is a misconception surrounding divorce and divorce attorneys: many people assume that retaining a divorce lawyer is only needed if the split is especially hostile. In reality, working with a divorce lawyer can benefit you, your soon-to-be-ex, and your children even if the situation is amicable. Getting divorced involves many complex financial, legal, and practical concerns. Your attorney can help you address these concerns in a way that minimizes the negative impact of divorce on you and your wallet.
Benefits of Retaining an Attorney During Your Naperville Divorce Case
Television and movies have driven many popular misconceptions about divorce.
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The 2022 Illinois Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists highlighted four Kogut & Wilson attorneys for their work in family law. This award follows the recognition of three Kogut & Wilson attorneys on the 2022 Best Lawyers and Ones to Watch lists for their legal excellence.
The Kogut & Wilson honorees include:
Super Lawyers:

Rising Stars:

The Super Lawyers list is a renowned resource for finding the most outstanding attorneys. Just five percent of attorneys in each Super Lawyers region are selected to the list by receiving remarkable
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The process of untangling marital finances is complicated and often very messy. Divorce is already a tough process in many ways, but when significant financial issues are at stake, an already degrading relationship between spouses can quickly become hostile. Every divorce is different, with its own unique challenges and complexities, but there are certain steps divorcing spouses can take to prepare themselves financially for a high-asset divorce. 
Be Cautious When Acting on Advice
Everybody has an opinion when you get divorced. You may have a friend whose attorney recommended they take a specific action that yielded positive results; your
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A house is often a married couple’s greatest asset. How they treated that house during the course of their marriage will determine the value of the house and the subsequent allocation of that value during an Illinois divorce. Home improvements can be a factor in determining the equitable distribution of marital assets in an Illinois divorce.

Is The House Marital?

Before any questions about home improvements are asked, one first must determine if the house, itself, has a marital or non-marital character.

“The court shall make specific factual findings as to its classification of assets as marital or non-marital
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With divorce cases, orders of protection are not uncommon. Unfortunately, domestic violence and other circumstances that place people’s safety in jeopardy may be a key factor in someone’s desire to file for divorce as it is. 
While getting a divorce is an excellent first step in distancing yourself from a partner who places you or your children in harm’s way, the divorce process can sometimes take a long time. For people who need protection sooner than later, there are options, known as protection orders, that can keep children out of their partner’s reach before the divorce is finalized. 
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 Divorcing parents in Illinois have to manage a myriad of complex issues: Child support, asset division, spousal support, and more. While every divorce is different, many parents will agree that designing a parenting plan is one of the most challenging aspects of divorce. If you have children under the age of 18 and are pursuing divorce in Illinois, here are five things you will need in your parenting plan. 
Basic Details About You and Your Children
Every parenting plan must describe specifically to whom the plan applies. You will need information about your children, including their
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A divorce is an inherently tense process. Even when you are facing an uncontested divorce, tensions run high and a lot of difficult conversations must take place.

However, a detail that can make an already-stressful experience even more overwhelming is when a divorce involves partners with high net worths and high-value assets. A high net worth divorce poses a series of challenges that a typical divorce case would not necessarily present.
What is a High Net Worth Divorce?
In order to best understand the challenges that a high net worth divorce poses, it helps to define this type of
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When married couples with children divorce, they must address more than asset division and other property issues. They must also address how they plan to raise their children as a divorced couple. In Illinois, child custody involves two main components. The allocation of parental responsibilities is the allocation of significant decision-making responsibilities. Parenting time is the time each parent spends with the child. Read on to learn about how parenting time can impact child support payments in a DuPage County divorce.
Do I Pay Less If I Have More Parenting Time?
Child-related expenses can quickly add up and child support
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 Ending a marriage requires the spouses to address multiple financial issues. Most couples need to determine who will keep the marital home, vehicles, furniture, and other property. They may also need to divide bank account balances, retirement funds, business profits, and other assets. Financial issues such as these are especially consequential in a high-asset divorce case.
However, for spouses or the court to determine a reasonable division of assets and liabilities, they must have a full accounting of assets and debts. Unfortunately, some spouses lie about property or income during divorce. They try to hide assets to shield them
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State and federal laws prohibit employers from discriminating against workers because of their sex or gender. Sexual harassment falls under the umbrella of discrimination based on sex. An employee who is sexually harassed by an employer, supervisor, or co-worker may file a complaint. The employer is required to take action to prevent further harassment.
However, sometimes, the harassing individual is not an employer or employee. Third-party harassment occurs when a non-employee harasses an employee. If you were harassed by a vendor, contractor, customer, or other non-employee at work, read on to learn more.
Is My Employer Responsible for Harassment Committed
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When two parents get a divorce, a major focal point of their divorce proceedings is often the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time. These child custody agreements are designed with the best interest of the children in mind. When parents relocate to another city or move to a different state altogether, the relocation may impact your parenting plan. 
Three Steps Involved in Relocation When You Share Child Custody 
Each instance of relocation when child custody is involved will have its own set of complexities and specifications. The best way to ensure that you have a complete understanding of your
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As a parent, it can be extremely difficult to share your child with an ex. Whether you were married to the other parent for years, or just briefly dated, child custody can be a complicated, emotionally-charged topic. To make the situation even more complicated, child custody laws vary from state to state. In Illinois, child custody is now called the allocation of parental responsibilities. Visitation is called parenting time. If you are an unmarried or divorcing parent, read on to learn how the state handles parenting time and other child-related concerns.
Divorcing Parents and Illinois Parenting Plans
If you are
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Once a couple decides to get divorced, they have to resolve several issues, including spousal maintenance, marital property division, child support, and parenting arrangements. But the process of negotiating these issues is not easy, and a couple may wonder if they really want to complete the divorce process. Although most spouses may already know the marriage has permanently broken down when they file for divorce, others may wonder if they can continue down the path towards divorce if there is any chance of reconciliation. 
Illinois Divorce is No-Fault Only
While couples used to need certain justifications
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When family law cases involve children, including situations where parents get divorced or child custody cases where parents are unmarried, child support will often be a factor. This form of support will ensure that children’s ongoing needs will be met. While parents may expect that child support will be paid by one parent to the other, they may not be fully aware of what child support is meant to address and what types of expenses will be included. By working with a family law attorney, a parent can make sure they understand how the law applies in their situation, and
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When you think of estate planning, you probably think of wills and trusts – the ways people decide how their property should be distributed after they pass away. This is known as testamentary planning. It is a very important goal of estate planning. However, there is another side of estate planning that addresses what will happen to both you and your belongings later in life should you one day lose the capacity to make your own decisions. This is known as incapacity planning. A comprehensive estate plan will involve both testamentary planning and incapacity planning. 
What is Testamentary
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