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Alimony, spousal support, and spousal maintenance are all terms that describe financial support an ex-spouse pays to another ex-spouse. Traditionally, spousal support was paid to wives after a divorce. Women commonly spent their marriages caring for their families and maintaining the home. They often did not have the education or work experience needed to get a job and become financially independent from their husbands. However, times have changed, and many women are now the breadwinners of their families.
If you are getting divorced, you may be curious about your rights and responsibilities regarding spousal maintenance. Spousal support or maintenance
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As people live longer and longer lives, the chances that you could one day experience age-related incapacity increase. Even if it is only for a short time in your very advanced age, most people will at some point lose the ability to think clearly and make decisions on their own behalf. While no one wants to go through an illness that affects the mind, like dementia, the reality is that many of us will. Planning for incapacity is a wise choice; the younger and healthier you are when you do it, the stronger your plan may be. The entire process
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Research suggests that the negative effects of divorce on children in Illinois and across the rest of the United States can last for many years after the divorce is finalized. Children are often stuck in the middle as parents struggle to manage their relationship with each child and the challenging divorce process simultaneously. Unfortunately, this often results in direct or indirect attempts at parental alienation and enormous negative impacts on children’s mental health. 
There is good news, however. Family counseling allows parents and children to learn more about how to manage divorce with skill and compassion. It teaches parents to
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 Divorce is never easy, but some spouses are intent on making the divorce process as difficult and miserable as possible. A spouse may avoid signing paperwork, fail to show up at court hearings or mediation appointments, spread rumors about the other spouse, or simply refuse to cooperate. Some spouses even resort to childish games and mind tricks during a divorce. If your spouse is making your life miserable during your divorce, know that you are not alone. This is an issue that many people deal with. There are litigation tools to help prevent your spouse from acting this way,
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Savvy investors often buy one or more real estate properties. They rent the properties to tenants and receive rental income. While rental properties are a great way to earn passive income, addressing real estate property during a divorce is often complex. Many landlords are unsure of how rental properties will be dealt with during their divorce. If you or your spouse own one or more rental homes, speak to a divorce lawyer for help.
Real Estate Property Ownership Rights
There are two main types of assets in an Illinois divorce. Marital assets are those assets acquired during the marriage. Separate
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Although alimony is less common in Illinois divorces than it used to be, it is still frequently ordered or negotiated between a divorcing couple. Technically known as “spousal maintenance,” alimony is intended to allow a spouse to recover from the financial consequences of separation from their partner, especially if the marriage lasted a long time and the spouse receiving alimony sacrificed all or part of their career potential to raise a family. If you are seeking an Illinois divorce and are wondering how long alimony lasts, read on and then contact a DuPage County family law attorney who can help.
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Even as the negative consequences of using social media become increasingly clear, nearly everyone has a social media account on at least one platform. And while social media has been shown to have a negative effect on marriage, perhaps the effects of inappropriate social media use during an Illinois divorce can be even worse.
In fact, inappropriate social media behavior is so prevalent and so useful when it comes to arguing a divorce case that the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers states that 81 percent of divorce attorneys say that social media has helped a divorcing spouse search for evidence
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Going through a divorce is never easy. It often takes a huge emotional and financial toll on both parties and their families. However, when your soon-to-be-ex is a narcissist, it can be even harder. Narcissism is a personality disorder that often manifests in a lack of empathy, attention-seeking behavior, and an inflated sense of self-importance.…
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Children deserve to grow up in a nurturing environment, but a safe and stable home is not always a possibility with their legal parents. Foster care offers individuals and families looking to adopt the opportunity to provide a temporary solution for children and young adults in need that may lead to a permanent adoption.
Illinois Foster Care System
Foster care involves individuals and families providing a home to children who are unable to find safety, security and love in their current environment. Although beginning as a temporary solution with the goal of familial reunification, foster care can also serve as
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When people think of abuse or domestic violence, they may picture a battered individual with visible injuries. Although physical abuse is one type of domestic violence, it is not the only type of abuse men and women may be subjected to. Threats, intimidation, scare tactics, stalking, and harassment are just some of the ways an abuser may hurt someone without physically injuring them.
Fortunately, Illinois law reflects the fact that abuse does not always involve punching or kicking. Other forms of psychological and emotional torment also fall under the category of abuse. Victims have the right to seek legal
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Construction workers have a vital role in our modern society. Building, repairing, and demolishing structures and roads is no easy task, and dangerous hazards are around every corner. Although many rules and safety requirements are put in place to reduce the chances of construction site injuries and deaths, construction remains an industry with a high rate of worker injuries. If you or a loved one were seriously hurt on a construction site job, contact a work injury lawyer for help.
Getting Compensation for Your Medical Bills and Lost Wages
Construction site injuries can occur for countless reasons. Falling off
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For some people, the initial shock of finding out their spouse committed a crime that landed them in an Illinois jail is a divorceable offense the first time it happens. Others may have given a spouse chance after chance and finally cannot take their behavior any longer. For victims of domestic violence, jail time may also offer an opportunity to finally escape the jailed abuser without fear of reprisal. Whatever the situation may be, having a spouse in jail can be overwhelming and divorce is often a natural consequence.

Do I Have to Wait For My Spouse to Get
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As a parent, your children are probably the most important part of your life. A parent’s greatest fear is losing their children. You probably cannot imagine your life without your children in it. So when you and your children’s other parent split and go to court for child custody, you hold out hope for the most possible time with your children. Nothing is scarier than hearing that the other parent is demanding exclusive custody. The prospect of your former spouse or romantic partner taking your children out of your life is enough to send any parent into full-blown panic.
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Marriages can break down for a variety of reasons, but once a couple chooses to pursue a divorce, they will often be looking to make a clean break, separate their lives from each other, and determine how they can move forward successfully. However, this is not always easy, especially when a couple needs to address complex financial issues related to the assets they own and other financial resources that are available to them. During the property division process, spouses may need to determine how to handle multiple types of complex assets, including retirement accounts and benefits. It is
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It is natural for any person coming out of a divorce to feel sad or depressed. Experts and individuals who have been through the process agree, while the short-term outlook may feel gloomy, it is a time to take care of yourself and chart a new, positive course for your life. By avoiding negative behavior and not feeling sorry for yourself, you will feel physically healthier and mentally ready to take on new challenges in your life.
Planning for Your Best Post-Divorce Life
Whether your divorce was a contentious battle or an amicable parting, you can seize the moment to
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