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In many family law cases, child support is a crucial issue. Both parents have financial obligations and will be required to contribute to the basic needs and expenses of raising their child. One parent will typically be required to make payments to the other, and when these payments are not made on time or in full, the child’s quality of life can be significantly affected. 
Fortunately, there are several legal avenues that a parent can explore to enforce child support orders and collect past-due payments. An experienced attorney can help determine the best ways to address these situations and can
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Parental alienation, which is when one parent tries to interfere with the relationship between a child and her other parent, sometimes happens in hostile marriages or divorces. Parental alienation affects the child deeply and can even be viewed as a form of child abuse in Illinois. In 2013 the Illinois legislature designated the month of April as Parental Alienation Awareness Month.
Because parental alienation is a serious concern, it is also a serious accusation and has legal consequences. Make sure you know the signs of parental alienation and what actions you can take if your child is being
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With any divorce comes a great deal of uncertainty. And with uncertainty comes stress. Among your most intense fears may involve you being unsure where you will live in the future or whether or not your spouse is legally able to kick you out of the house while your divorce is ongoing. If you have concerns regarding your living situation or perhaps your spouse has begun threatening to kick you out, discuss these concerns with a qualified attorney. Your attorney is trained in Illinois divorce law and can ensure that you are aware of your rights and make certain
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When there is a lot of conflict in your marriage, and you and your spouse do not have a civil relationship, getting through your divorce will be difficult. If you and your spouse are furious with each other, neither of you is likely to be willing to compromise on which marital assets you keep or how often you each see the children. Uncontested divorce may still be possible, but there is also a chance that you will need to go through divorce litigation to get a fair outcome. If your divorce is filled with conflict, you must be represented by
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Your gender and marital status play a big role in determining how your relationship with your child is recognized by the state of Illinois. A woman who gives birth is automatically considered the baby’s mother and if she is married to a man at the time of the birth, he is automatically considered the father, without any tests carried out to check whether that is biologically true. If she is not married, there is no automatically recognized father even if the father is there at the hospital when the baby is born. If you are not married and you are
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Child custody issues can be emotionally and legally complex, especially when one parent is neglecting their parental responsibilities toward their child. In Illinois, the primary consideration in child custody cases is the child’s best interests. Courts will always prioritize the child’s well-being and safety above all else. However, gaining full custody in Illinois if your ex is neglecting your child requires careful consideration of various factors and adherence to Illinois’ custody laws.
Under current Illinois law, the term “custody” has been updated and replaced with the concept of allocating responsibility among the parents to make significant decisions and the
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Few events are more life-altering than a divorce. When a spouse faces the additional stress of losing his or her job during an already stressful time, the impact can be enormous. In Illinois, understanding how a spouse’s job loss can influence the divorce process is important, as it can undoubtedly present challenges and new considerations to the already turbulent process of divorce. And remember, to ensure you are legally protected throughout the divorce process, hire an attorney from a respected Illinois law firm.
At The Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C., we understand on a human level how difficult divorce
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While parents and courts try to make parenting time arrangements as stable and consistent as possible, sometimes plans change. The child is then forced to adapt, which can increase confusion for a child already suffering from it.
For this reason, some parents choose to put a “first right of refusal” clause in their parenting plan. This article will discuss what a parenting plan is and why you might consider requesting the first right of refusal.
As always, it is best to consult with an experienced family lawyer if you have any questions about parenting time.
What is a Parenting Plan?
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Illinois Spousal Support Lawyers servicing Lake County, Kane County, McHenry County, and Cook County, Illinois Going through a divorce is an emotionally turbulent experience. Of the many aspects you must consider, the issue of maintenance, formally known as alimony, but often referred to as spousal support, can be one of the most complex to navigate. …
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When going through a divorce or legal separation, parents of minor children will need to consider a variety of topics related to child custody (now called “parental responsibilities” under Illinois law).. It is important to make sure these matters are addressed correctly, since the decisions made can affect parents and children for years to come. 
During the legal process, one of the most crucial tasks will involve producing a parenting plan that addresses the well-being of a couple’s children. An experienced family law attorney can ensure that a divorcing couple’s parenting plan aligns with Illinois law, while also safeguarding the
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Parents who have chosen to get divorced often find telling their children difficult. It is hard for parents to know how their children will react. Deciding how to approach the conversation is challenging. Parents must consider when and where to break the news and what their children’s reactions might look like. Some children are taken by complete surprise, but others are surprisingly perceptive and already know that divorce is looming. Parents must make sure their children know that both parents still love them and will put them first, even though the parents do not want to be together anymore.
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The term “hedge fund” implies an elite financial institution. In reality, there are more hedge funds than there are Burger Kings.

A hedge fund is “a specialized investment group usually organized as a limited partnership.” Black’s Law Dictionary (11th ed. 2019)

The operators of hedge funds claim to be able to see into the future with great accuracy…yet they get divorced as consistently as the rest of us.

The profits of the hedge funds are divided between the fund owners and the fund operators. The operators of these hedge funds get paid in a very particular way called “carried interest” which,
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Mediation is a popular alternative dispute resolution method in divorce or family law matters. Many opt to participate in mediation…
The post What is the caucus approach to mediation? first appeared on Family Law Headquarters by Stange Law Firm.
The post What is the caucus approach to mediation? appeared first on Family Law Headquarters by Stange Law Firm.
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Lawful permanent residency and U.S. citizenship are both legal statuses that allow you to remain in the United States indefinitely. However, citizens and permanent residents have different rights and privileges. It is easier to become a lawful permanent resident than to become a citizen but to retain your status as a permanent resident, you must be cautious about how often and for how long you leave the country. A citizen, however, may travel or live anywhere in the world without risking his or her citizenship status. Citizenship, once granted, is permanent. If you are unsure which status to pursue, a
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Whenever a legal proceeding involves a child, such as a divorce or child custody case, a court can appoint a guardian ad litem. A guardian ad litem (GAL), which is Latin for “a guardian for the lawsuit,” is a person who advocates for a child’s interests in any court proceeding that involves an underage or mentally incompetent child. In Illinois, GALs are attorneys who have gone through extra training.
If you have questions about appointing a GAL for your child, it is best to consult with a family law attorney who can advise you.
This article will discuss what
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Many people who are going through a divorce focus on how they will be affected, and they will want to take steps to protect their rights and ensure that they can move forward successfully after ending their marriage. However, parents will face additional concerns related to their children during the divorce process. It is important to protect children from the fallout of divorce and take steps to address both their physical needs and their emotional well-being. When addressing issues related to child custody, parents will want to determine how they can establish a positive co-parenting framework while also taking
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