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Financial conflict is one of the most common reasons for divorce in Illinois. Whether one spouse is a spendthrift, is chronically unemployed, or the stress of managing a household’s finances is simply too great, couples frequently get divorced because of money issues. 
Sometimes a couple’s financial problems are so great that they find themselves considering bankruptcy at the same time that they are ending their marriage. In Illinois, the law allows spouses to get divorced and file for bankruptcy simultaneously, but doing so is not necessarily a good idea. In this blog post, we will examine common strategies for combining
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About 70 percent of U.S. women change their last name to their spouse’s last name when they get married. Some men also decide to change their last name to their spouse’s last name upon marriage. For many, this tradition is an important sign of love and commitment. When a marriage ends, however, the name may no longer reflect the current reality. Many divorcing spouses wish to change their name back to what it was before they were married but they have questions about how the process works.    
Do I Have to Change My Name When I Get Divorced?
Not everyone
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Each successive generation has its own take on marriage. They buck the conventions of their parents and grandparents to leave their own imprint on the rite. The millennial generation is no different. Of course, millennials are marital trailblazers in more than one way, but one of their most striking departures is found in their embrace of a once-taboo agreement – the prenuptial agreement or “prenup.” A prenuptial agreement is a contract between soon-to-be-married parties that delineates financial rights in the event of divorce. In the past, the prenup was misunderstood as an affront to the sanctity of marriage, but
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Filing for divorce is never easy, but for victims of domestic violence the prospect of a spouse or partner finding out about a divorce filing could pose a serious threat. Sometimes victims are afraid to talk to anyone about their home situation – a fear backed by research showing that victims who try to leave their abuser often face severe retribution.
If you are considering divorce and want to know about your options, you may wonder if it is possible to discreetly hire an attorney without telling your spouse. In this blog, we will discuss the expectation of privacy between
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 People often work for the better part of their adult lives so they can look forward to retiring one day. Divorce can throw a shadow over your retirement prospects – after all, an important part of the divorce process is dividing marital assets. 
Retirement accounts, including government pensions, are generally considered marital assets. Even if you started working at your job before you got married, any contributions to a pension account – from you or the government – after the marriage began will be considered marital property. Pension accounts must be valued and then divided, which can present significant challenges
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Creating a parenting plan during divorce is particularly challenging for parents who are so hostile towards each other that even the most minimal communication elicits an argument. Of course, this has a negative impact on the emotional and psychological well-being of parents, but the primary victims of this hostility are children who get exposed to conflict. 
In cases like this, Illinois parents may pursue a strategy called “parallel parenting.” Parallel parenting is an explicit acknowledgment that the children will be better off if the parents communicate as little as possible. 
Prevent Conflict with a Parallel Parenting Plan
Many couples can
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The complexity of a divorce case depends on how quickly and easily spouses can resolve divorce issues. Spouses must divide debts and assets, handle child-related concerns like child custody and child support, and determine if one spouse will pay spousal maintenance to the other. When a couple owns a business or professional practice or other complex assets, property division will be much more involved. Disputes regarding parenting time and responsibilities can also complicate the divorce process considerably.
In situations such as these, spouses have several options: They can pursue traditional divorce litigation or they can use an alternative divorce resolution
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A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) can lead to significant administrative and criminal penalties. These penalties are especially harsh if you are convicted of aggravated DUI or you have been convicted of drunk driving one or more times in the past. DUI can lead to the loss of your driver’s license, heavy fines, and even jail time. However, being charged with DUI is not the same thing as being convicted of DUI. If you or a loved one were recently arrested for allegedly drunk driving, it is important to understand the potential defenses to this serious charge.

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When someone suffers injuries because of negligence or wrongdoing, they can file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. If this suit is successful, they receive what are known as “damages.”Damages are meant to serve as financial compensation for the injuries the plaintiff suffered because of the defendant’s misdeeds.
People with only a passing knowledge of personal injury law are familiar with compensatory damages or damages intended to compensate the victim for losses. However, far fewer are aware a second damages category exists – punitive damages.
Punitive Damages: The Basics
As mentioned above, damages are meant to address the
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Businesses often rely on contracts to protect their rights and interests, and these legal agreements can protect them from financial losses if they meet all of their contractual obligations. However, there are many cases where a business may be placed in a difficult position because another party failed to fulfill a contract’s terms. In these cases, a business may pursue a breach of contract lawsuit, and it may seek to recover damages from the other party to address the losses that it experienced because of the breach.
Types of Breach of Contract Damages
When pursuing civil litigation to address
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Individuals getting divorced in Illinois are often very private about the intimate details of the divorce process and final judgment. This is especially true of high net worth individuals, who frequently have the added concern that their divorce may be of some interest to the public. Whether a couple has a public profile and wants to keep celebrity reporters out of their business, or a private couple wants to avoid a busybody neighbor with a history of spreading rumors, there are many legitimate reasons for wanting to avoid public exposure after divorce.
Unfortunately, fear of embarrassment is usually not a
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Divorce is a life-altering event that brings along significant changes. Seemingly overnight relationships are changed forever, but those relationships do not have to end: ex-spouses can remain friends and all parties can preserve their relationship with their children. Here’s how.
Become Friends
While the marriage has ended, it is not impossible for ex-spouses to form a new kind of relationship, though this will likely not happen overnight.
Parties need time to regain trust in one another, and it is important that everyone has time to heal and process the divorce.
Maintaining civility and open communication with one another is the
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Although getting divorced is never easy, the divorce process can quickly become a nightmare if your attorney has become non-responsive or shows up to meetings unprepared. Besides the expense of hiring an unhelpful attorney, you may now be faced with the additional burden of finding and hiring someone else. 
But before you decide to change your divorce attorney, it is important to set clear expectations so you know what could change and what will likely stay the same. There are certain things you can expect of your attorney, but some frustrations with the divorce process are natural and will happen
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The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services estimates that roughly 100,000 grandparents in Illinois are raising their grandchildren. For these people, the meaning of the word “grandparent” goes above and beyond the love and care most grandparents give to their grandchildren. 
When grandparents take the place of parents who are unable to care for their children, sometimes the best option is for the grandparent to adopt their grandchild. Any adoption is a long and complex process, but an experienced Illinois adoption attorney can answer any questions you may have and help make the adoption process easier. 
When Can a
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Divorce is a state of conflict and, often, police are called to resolve that conflict. When the police finish their work, they often prepare a report of what happened. That report will include the police officer’s observations and opinions. In addition, the police report will contain statements by the parties, other police officers, paramedics and anyone else who was present at the time.

Illinois divorce courts will give great deference to a police officer’s testimony. The police officer should have no bias. A police officer’s testimony is often the only thing that makes sense after a chaotic confrontation between two
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Every child deserves to be cared for by loving parents, and a child’s mother and father both have obligations to support their child and ensure that the child’s needs will be met. Parents have the right to be involved in raising their child and spend time with them on a regular basis. While this right may be automatically established for some parents, others may need to take steps to legally establish paternity. Doing so can ensure that the rights of the parents and the child will be protected.
Situations Where Parents May Establish Paternity
A presumption of paternity exists
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