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On average, people are putting off getting married and having children until their late twenties and early thirties. In addition to giving people more time to accumulate assets of their own, those who wait until later to get married may be more likely to have pets when they enter the relationship. Other times, a couple who is already married might test their ability to keep a helpless creature alive by getting a pet before they commit to trying to have a baby.
However you come to pet ownership, one thing is certain: If you and your spouse end up getting
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A compromise leaves everyone unhappy, as the old saying goes, and nowhere is this more true than with a divorce decree. The hallmark of a good divorce decree seems to be that both spouses are left wishing they had more control over the outcome and that the terms of the decree benefitted them more personally.
Although certain parts of a divorce decree can only be changed in very rare circumstances, other parts can be modified to better suit your circumstances. However, it is important to know when a divorce decree modification petition is likely to be approved so you do
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Disputes about child custody (known in Illinois as “parental responsibilities” and “parenting time”) are unpleasant affairs, whether they occur during a divorce or afterward when parents are trying to rewrite their parenting plan. Although parents are encouraged to come up with a parenting plan on their own, this is not always possible. Personal conflict and disagreements about essential values can make it very difficult to reach an agreement.
When this happens, a judge may become more involved in making decisions about child custody that can seem arbitrary or confusing to the parents. The judge is charged with finding the best
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While divorce is typically not a pleasant experience, certain relationships involve a high amount of interpersonal conflict and when high-conflict couples get divorced, the process can become downright nasty. Of course, true abuse or neglect can and should influence the outcome of a divorce, but false accusations have the potential to do so as well. If you are worried your spouse might escalate to the level of accusing you of having hurt or neglected them or your children, you need the help of an experienced family lawyer right away.
How Should I React to Accusations of Abuse or Neglect?
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One of the most challenging aspects of divorce is the need to divide assets and debts that a couple has accumulated during a marriage. A divorcee’s long-term financial stability can feel threatened by this process, as a typical divorce leaves both partners with less in asset ownership and cash savings than they had before the divorce. Naturally, this can have implications for retirement.
Those interested in getting divorced can rest easy, however, knowing that certain things are not changed by divorce. One of these is Social Security benefits, a major piece of one’s overall financial picture. Understanding what your benefits
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No matter what your marital arrangements look like, parenting involves making significant sacrifices for your children. Unfortunately, some parents end up making major economic sacrifices to raise their children by staying home to provide childcare and then are left in a vulnerable position when they need to file for divorce. If you are in this situation, understanding your options for getting divorced is an important part of protecting yourself now and in the future.
Temporary Spousal Support
When only one spouse works outside the home, that spouse often ends up controlling most or all of a couple’s finances. That
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Even when the outcome is ultimately welcome, the process of getting divorced is exhausting more often than not. You and your spouse will need to divide your belongings, make tough decisions about your parenting plan for any minor children, reach a settlement on spousal support, and much more. Dealing with these challenges can be easier with the help of a support team.
One such supportive individual that you may want guiding you throughout your divorce is a divorce coach. Divorce coaches are becoming more popular and offer several advantages. Read on to learn more about divorce coaching, and then contact
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As a marriage begins to irretrievably break down, both spouses are usually aware that they are headed for divorce. One of the most common consequences of this knowledge is the gradual separation of each spouse’s income and belongings, especially if one spouse moves out or plans to move out. However, despite their best efforts at separating personal and marital property, spouses must still face the scrutiny of a judge’s approval when getting divorced.
Following Illinois law on property division when it comes to things like bonuses, stock options, performance incentives, etc., can be challenging – especially when spouses disagree
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Questions or disputes over paternity are very common, especially when the parents of a child have already separated or never had a formal relationship in the first place. Prospective mothers, who may be facing pregnancy and childbirth without a partner, are often torn between the benefits of establishing paternity and the drawbacks of establishing a permanent legal relationship between a child and a man whom she may not trust or know very well – or worse, that she fears.
If you are pregnant or recently gave birth to a child and are wondering whether the benefits of establishing paternity for
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College is notorious for being exorbitantly expensive; even if a child attends an in-state school, they could be paying tens of thousands of dollars a year to earn a degree in a field that may or may not have good prospects for future financial success.
Many parents, especially those who are divorced and who do not share values and priorities, are torn over whether the cost of sending a child to college is ultimately worth it. While parents who are still married cannot be compelled to pay for an adult child’s college education, many parents who are divorced may
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Divorce is rarely simple or pleasant, but certain types of personalities tend to make the divorce process much more hostile. This can include personality disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder, paranoid schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, and even people who, while having no diagnosable issue, are just plain cruel or vindictive. 
Yet the divorce must go forward and for parents of young children, this means seeking a resolution to complex issues of parental responsibilities and parenting time. It can feel impossible to do this, but eventually, every divorce is concluded and every set of co-parents finds or is given a
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After parents of minor children get divorced or break up, they need to formalize several different categories of arrangements that will determine how the co-parenting process will work. This can involve a lot of frustration and negotiation as parents, who are often separating precisely because they have fundamental differences in values and judgment, struggle to reach an agreement about what is best for their children. 
One of the most common areas of conflict has to do with a child’s education. Where should the child go to school? Should both parents be expected to ensure a child’s homework gets done and
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Many people put off initiating divorce because they worry about the impact divorce and living alone afterward could have on their finances. This makes sense – after all, life is rarely less expensive when you are managing a home on a single income. But staying in an unhappy or abusive marriage is often untenable, even when finances are a compelling factor in the decision-making process. If you are considering divorce and are wondering how the asset division process could impact your financial portfolio, especially your hard-earned retirement, contact an Illinois divorce attorney. 
What Happens to Retirement Accounts in Divorce? 
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In times past, people had to prove fault when they wanted to get divorced. This meant bringing evidence before the court that their spouse was abusive, cruel, neglectful, or had abandoned the family. Now, however, thanks to an updated family law code, the only “grounds” for divorce in Illinois is irreconcilable differences, meaning that the relationship has broken down and does not stand a chance of recovery. 
On a theoretical level, at least, most people would agree that infidelity is a good enough reason to end a marriage. When it actually happens, however, people often feel more torn; is one
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Very few things in life are as challenging as managing a pregnancy. In addition to morning sickness, mobility difficulties, and the chronic discomfort of being able to smell everything around you in acute detail, a crumbling marital relationship can add a burden that feels too much to bear. Unfortunately, many women in Illinois find themselves in a situation where they urgently want or need to leave their relationship, despite being pregnant. If you are in this situation and are considering divorce, it is important to understand your options. 
Do I Need to Wait Before Filing for Divorce if I
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The divorce rate in Illinois and across the nation is continuing to drop, and couples who do get divorced are generally doing so more deliberately than past generations. Because many Millennials and Gen Zers grew up watching their parents fight their way through miserable divorces and custody battles, these generations have shifted their focus to finding a more peaceful divorce process whenever possible. 
An uncontested divorce is one way that couples who want to get divorced can reach an agreement on important issues like property division, spousal support, and a parenting plan. However, even if you are
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