IL family lawyerDivorce can be a tumultuous time for a family. With parents splitting up, children are sometimes left feeling confused and unstable. In such a time of change and transition, it can be difficult for anyone involved to be able to put their own wishes aside and try to think about what would be in the best interest of someone else, but parents going through divorce are expected to do just that. They are tasked with reaching a settlement and parenting plan that would best serve their children, even if it does not accommodate everything they would want. For couples in harsh conflict, this might be too much to ask. When parents are unable to formulate a child custody agreement that they both find acceptable, the court needs to step in and make decisions based on what would be considered to be in the child’s best interest. If you are curious about how such determinations might be made, a DuPage County, IL child custody attorney can answer your questions and offer helpful guidance.