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Illinois law has prescribed a certain process for divorce. This process begins when you file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with the Circuit Court Clerk in the county where you live. You must then serve a copy of the petition to your spouse, who will have 30 days to respond.
But what if your spouse is missing? If you do not know your spouse’s whereabouts, it can make the process more complicated. This article will discuss what to do if you cannot locate your spouse. An attorney can best guide you through these steps as well as the
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There are two types of custody: child custody, which involves making decisions about the child, and physical custody, which is when the child is in his or her parent’s physical care. Illinois law refers to child custody as “parental responsibilities” and refers to physical custody as “parenting time.”
By default, the law prefers that both parents share parental responsibilities and parenting time more or less equally. The mother and father have equal rights to the child, and courts are very reluctant to interfere with those rights. Therefore, a judge will award sole custody to one parent only in certain
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As a parent, you want the best for your child, and this desire can be even stronger when you have a child with disabilities. You have been there for them every step of the way, providing love, support, and care. But have you thought about what will happen when you can no longer be there for them? That is where estate planning comes in. An Illinois estate planning lawyer can help you create a plan to give you a sense of ease and reassurance that your child will be taken care of.
The Importance of Estate Planning
Estate planning is
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Dealing with a dispute over an estate is the last thing anyone wants after the passing of a loved one. Unfortunately, there are sometimes occasions when it is necessary to challenge an estate planning document. If you are wondering whether you can challenge an estate planning document such as a will, there are specific grounds on which an estate planning document can be contested. An Illinois lawyer can help you explore these reasons and explain the steps involved in challenging an estate plan.
The Validity of the Document
One of the primary reasons to challenge an estate planning document
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Mediation is a great legal tool that helps parties in a dispute come to a settlement before ever getting to court. In a divorce, spouses who disagree on elements of the divorce often can resolve their differences in mediation. This helps both parties avoid a costly and messy court battle.
While you are not required to have an attorney present in mediation, it is highly recommended. An Illinois divorce attorney can help you navigate the mediation process and negotiate the best outcome. But whether you bring an attorney or attend mediation on your own, know that saying certain things can
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Child support is taken seriously by Illinois law. Parents who willfully do not comply with child support orders can face severe consequences.
The key word, however, is “willfully.” The law understands that sometimes circumstances change. The parent who was ordered to pay child support — also referred to as the payor or obligor — may have a valid reason for no longer being able to make payments. But if payments are withheld deliberately, the parent will face serious penalties.
The best way to understand how Illinois law will view your case is to contact a qualified Illinois child support attorney
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When a loved one passes away, his or her last will and testament often become the focus as families determine how assets get distributed. However, there are situations where a will may not accurately reflect the deceased’s true wishes or follow proper legal procedures. In such cases, contesting the will in probate court allows interested parties to challenge its validity. An Illinois lawyer can help you determine if you believe you have grounds for contesting a will.
Lack of Testamentary Capacity
For a will to be valid in Illinois, the testator (the person making the will) must have been of
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There are three types of adoption in Illinois when it comes to involving the biological parents: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. 

  • In an open adoption, the biological parents remain involved and maintain a relationship with the child. 
  • In a semi-open adoption, the biological parents are somewhat involved in the child’s life but are not in frequent contact. 
  • In a closed adoption, there is no contact with the biological parents at all. The adoption is handled strictly through a third party like an adoption agency, which fields all communication between the biological and adoptive parents.

Open adoption can be
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Going through a divorce is tough, and it can turn your whole world upside down. Through all the emotional turmoil, it is important not to neglect the practical matters, like updating your estate plan. If you have recently divorced, make sure to review and revise your estate planning documents with an Illinois estate planning lawyer who understands how divorce can affect estate plans.
Why Updating Your Estate Plan Is Essential
Under Illinois law, divorce automatically revokes any provisions in your will that benefit your former spouse. However, this automatic revocation does not apply to other estate planning documents, such
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As soon as people realize they are going to get a divorce, they often feel stressed and overwhelmed. Some of that stems from the truth that they will need to figure out how their assets, finances, property, and parental responsibilities will be divided. Some of it stems from preconceived notions about acrimonious divorces based on scenes portrayed on TV.
However, there are ways to end a marriage that are aimed at finding the best resolution for both parties and a minimum of negativity. If you are hoping for as cooperative a way as possible to end your marriage, you
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When you adopt a stepchild, you become the child’s legal parent. This means that you will be granted certain rights and have legal responsibilities toward the child as if he or she were born to you. Adoption, therefore, requires careful planning and attention to the legal process. Adoption law can be complex, which is why you should consult with an experienced attorney who can walk you through it. 
Factors to Consider Before Adopting a Stepchild
Here are a few basic questions you might want to ask yourself before adopting a stepchild:

  • How old is the child?
  • Where are the child’s

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By nature, humans are an optimistic species. We do not want to think of a future where we can no longer take care of ourselves and need hired help to get us through the day. While many people end up living in nursing homes, most of them probably never pictured that when they were younger, preferring instead to imagine they would be forever young, healthy, and strong. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for most of us.
While it is human nature to prefer focusing on a rosy future, people can also manage to overcome that to plan for a
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People draw up wills to dictate how their assets will be distributed after they die. In general, whatever is included in a will is respected as the last wishes of the person whose will it is, otherwise known as a testator. However, there are some circumstances in which the people left behind challenge a will because they do not believe it reflects the real wishes of the person who signed it. There are various reasons given for such doubt, but a major claim is that the person lacked testamentary capacity when they signed it. This can be a very complicated
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Divorce can be a tumultuous time for a family. With parents splitting up, children are sometimes left feeling confused and unstable. In such a time of change and transition, it can be difficult for anyone involved to be able to put their own wishes aside and try to think about what would be in the best interest of someone else, but parents going through divorce are expected to do just that. They are tasked with reaching a settlement and parenting plan that would best serve their children, even if it does not accommodate everything they would want. For couples in
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In Illinois, the process of adoption can be complex, involving various legal requirements and procedures to ensure the best interests of the child. One important aspect of adoption, particularly in uncontested adoption cases, is the home study conducted by a licensed social worker. This evaluation plays a crucial role in determining the suitability of the adoptive parents and ensuring a safe and stable environment for the child. It is also important to ensure that you retain legal assistance from an attorney as you look to navigate and successfully complete the uncontested adoption process. 
Why is there a Home Study
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Estate planning is a legal process that determines how your assets will be distributed according to your wishes after you pass away. While do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions have gained popularity in certain areas of law, using DIY estate planning kits is not worth the risk they pose. Suppose you are interested in estate planning and are currently weighing your options on whether to use a DIY estate planning tool or hire a lawyer. In that case, the following are critical reasons why you should hire an attorney instead of a DIY kit
Lack of Personalization
Estate planning is not a
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