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Throughout a lifetime, there are times when you may find yourself relying on someone else for different reasons. For some people, however, this need to rely on someone else is more significant than a typical individual’s need to rely on someone. For instance, if someone is disabled physically or mentally, they may require a higher level of assistance.
Watching a family member or friend struggle to sustain themselves and manage their life can be heartbreaking. Luckily, in Illinois, if you are watching a friend or loved one struggle to maintain their affairs due to a disability and wish to help
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Couples may choose to pursue a divorce for many different reasons. Sometimes, differing work schedules and being required to work long and irregular hours put a terrible strain on a marriage. Unfortunately, this strain can lead to divorce. Out of all the occupations out there, few jobs require more sacrifice and demand than being a first responder. Whether a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic, first responders are real-life heroes who frequently put themselves in harm’s way to help others. If you are a first responder looking to get a divorce, consult a highly experienced Illinois divorce attorney with experience
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When it comes to estate planning, choosing the appropriate tools, selecting suitable beneficiaries, and accurately preparing all necessary documents can be a complex and daunting task. This is especially the case when one of your intended beneficiaries relies on a government aid program. For example, suppose you plan on issuing an inheritance to a family member who relies on government aid programs. In that case, you may unknowingly impact that individual’s ability to continue benefiting from government aid programs. To avoid this, you may create a special needs trust to provide security to your loved one while ensuring you
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Children deserve to be raised in loving, caring and nurturing households. It is becoming increasingly common for families to have children by non-traditional methods. An excellent option for growing a family is through adoption
Adoption can be a profoundly rewarding experience for so many different types of families. Adoption allows you to grow your family while simultaneously positively impacting a child who needs it. There are lots of options available for families interested in pursuing adoption. If you are interested in pursuing adoption, consult an adoption attorney who knows the law and will ensure all steps are appropriately taken
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Starting a family can be one of the happiest and most rewarding things someone can do with their time on earth. In life, however, few things ever go according to plan. For various reasons, what could have started as a happy marriage may dissolve and end in a divorce. In times of familial crisis, such as during a divorce, parents are often most concerned with protecting their children and are focused on minimizing the traumatizing effect a divorce can have on a child’s life. 
Any parents’ worst nightmare is that during the divorce process, they may be denied a say in
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More likely than not that you have heard of a will. In case you need a refresher, a will is a legal document that serves as the foundation of an estate plan. In addition, the document acts as a road map and guide for allocating someone’s assets and property after they pass away. Finally, creating a will is an important step that grants someone’s  family security and peace of mind.
So, you may be wondering, what is a living will? Essentially, a living will is a written document that functions as an advanced medical directive, which allows you,
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It is often said that there is nothing more magical and rewarding than becoming a parent. But, sadly, becoming pregnant is not always as easy as a couple may expect. Many aspiring parents need a little extra assistance to make their family dreams come true. 
Whether you are looking to see if you are eligible for surrogacy or are the intended parents considering surrogacy as a pathway to becoming parents, several legal requirements must be adhered to for the process to be legally valid. First, a surrogacy contract must be established at the outset of the process in Illinois. This
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When planning for the future, there is no greater gift to grant a loved one than security and peace of mind. Questions like, “What will happen when I die?” or “Will my family be secure if something were to happen to me?” can be overwhelming but essential questions one must ask oneself. Building an estate plan that fits your and your family’s needs is a critical step in ensuring that your family will be protected no matter what life throws at you. In addition, wills and trusts are excellent ways to grant yourself and your family the assurance that your
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Responsible adults of every age and wealth level can benefit from setting up an estate plan while they are sure of their wishes and sound mind. While the end of life is rarely a pleasant thing to contemplate, people are often surprised at the peace of mind they get when they know their wishes will be respected and their family members are protected.
Unfortunately, an unexpected death may have left your loved one unable to create an estate plan, leaving you – the executor or beneficiary – trying to determine what to do. If you are responsible for managing the
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When divorce in Illinois is a messy emotional affair, it typically comes on the heels of an equally messy relationship. Couples often experience many years of difficult interpersonal conflict before deciding to get divorced, with the result that they may not want anything to do with each other once the divorce is finalized – even if they share minor children.
It is easy for partners who changed their last name when they got married to revert to their original last name after a divorce is finalized – doing so can simply be part of the divorce judgment. However, parents who
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Divorcing parents in Illinois frequently disagree about the best way to arrange shared parenting time and parental responsibilities. After so many years of an unhappy marriage, it can feel like negotiating your relationship with your child is too much to ask. Many children are caught between parents who cannot agree on a parenting plan and often, both the parents and children are dissatisfied with the eventual outcome.
But children grow older and as they do, they begin to develop more mature relationships with their parents. This can include a more nuanced perspective on their parents’ divorce, as well as
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Setting up an estate plan for the first time can be a daunting task. Not only does it confront you with potentially uncomfortable questions ranging from the practical to the existential, but it also requires careful accounting of your assets and detailed planning for the future. Fortunately, you are not required to manage your estate plan alone. Experienced attorneys who have no motive but to protect your wishes are available to help you identify the type of estate planning instruments that will benefit you the most. One common feature of an estate plan is a trust.
What is a
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Establishing an estate plan early and reviewing it often will ensure your wishes are met and that your loved ones are protected; waiting too long to take care of your estate plan can instead leave your loved ones scrambling to make tough decisions. Having a power of attorney – i.e., giving someone the legal authority to make decisions for you – is essential for helping you and your family in times of need. Here are five kinds of powers of attorney and how each may benefit you.
Durable Power of Attorney
A durable power of attorney is applicable and legally
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Illinois is a no-fault divorce state. This means that, no matter how poorly spouses treated each other during their marriage, the only fault that can be given when a couple gets divorced is “irreconcilable differences.” With few exceptions, divorce judges do not take a spouse’s behavior during a marriage into consideration when he or she is making decisions about the outcome of the divorce.
For a spouse who has been wronged, this can feel deeply unfair. After all, it makes sense that someone who ruins a marriage with unforgivable acts of infidelity should not have the right to make
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Divorce brings many changes and a new school year can heap challenge upon challenge for newly divorced parents who are managing children’s schedules from two different households. The first school year can be especially difficult as you come up with new strategies for managing the new and old problems that come with having minor kids in school. Here are four situations that Illinois parents frequently encounter during the school year and some suggestions for handling them smoothly.
Homework and School Projects
It is important for parents to be on the same page about enforcing homework rules and expectations. This is
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While many stepparents come to have close relationships with their stepchildren, other stepparents do not nor even wish to. Step-families are often a complex mix of histories, emotions, grievances, and perceived injuries, making warm relationships difficult to establish and nurture.

Whether one feels positively or otherwise about his stepchildren, when it comes to estate planning, certain questions must be answered. Does a stepparent need to specifically address stepchildren in the estate plan? Is a stepparent a terrible person if they choose to specifically exclude their stepchildren or even one particular stepchild? If you are learning more about creating an
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