Wheaton family law attorneyDivorce proceedings require spouses to make complicated decisions and agreements about almost every aspect of their life. They need to work out child custody arrangements if they have children, figure out if either will be paying spousal support, and devise a plan for dividing their assets. Some assets are a simple matter to divide. An amount of money can be divided up easily. Other assets, like your home, can be more complicated. If you are headed toward divorce and unsure what to do about your home, a DuPage County, IL divorce lawyer can help you weigh your options and choose a path forward.

The Pros and Cons

An easy scenario is if one spouse wants to keep the home in the divorce and the other does not. If that is the case, the spouse keeping the home might compensate the other spouse for stepping away from the property. Another fairly uncomplicated scenario would be if neither spouse wants to keep the home. If so, they can sell the house, split the money, and go their separate ways. If the spouses are unsure what would be in their best interest or if they both want to stay home, things become more complicated. To help figure out how to resolve this, several factors should be taken into consideration: