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Co-parenting after a divorce is rarely easy and never simple. One of the reasons for this is that each parent now has his or her own separate life to lead. Priorities get shifted around, mistakes are made, the unexpected happens, and emergencies come up.
So, if your co-parent fails to show up for his or her parenting time with your child, it may be a misunderstanding. Furthermore, Illinois law wants to keep parents and their children together. If your ex misses a visit, he or she is not likely to face penalties. 
However, if your co-parent is making a habit
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You may have heard at least one person say, “I lost everything in the divorce.” This tends to happen in divorces where finances and assets are not managed properly. Without the right divorce attorney, a person going through a divorce can lose a lot of money to:

  • Spousal maintenance payments, also known as alimony
  • Child support payments
  • Division of assets

Another pitfall that is often overlooked by divorcing parties is how their credit can be damaged by the divorce. This article will discuss four ways to protect your credit in an Illinois divorce.
Remove Your Spouse From Credit Cards
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For many couples who get divorced in Illinois, child support can be one of the hardest parts of the process. A court that orders an ex-spouse to pay child support will do so after considering several factors, such as:

  • Who has the majority of physical custody, known as “parenting time” in Illinois
  • The net income of that parent
  • The net income of the other parent
  • If spousal support, or alimony, is also being paid
  • The child’s or children’s needs

Because of this, it is important to retain a divorce lawyer who understands family law and can help you navigate the
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Often, the division of assets can be a fairly straightforward part of the divorce process. The spouses outline all their marital assets and properties, as well as debts, and either they can come up with a reasonable plan for splitting these or the court will do so, taking into consideration both parties’ finances, earning capability, and other factors. Unfortunately, some people find they cannot trust their future ex-spouse. While it is not legal to withhold information, some people try to hide assets in an effort to keep them from needing to share them with their ex. In some cases, a
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When a couple goes through a divorce, one of the many steps they need to work out relates to the division of their marital assets. Anything that they amassed as a couple will be divided in a divorce. Unfortunately, some people falsely believe that they can merely hide some assets so as to avoid splitting them in the divorce settlement. This is an illegal practice, but common nonetheless. This article will describe three prominent signs that your spouse might be trying to hide assets. Of course, if you have any concerns about your personal situation, a compassionate Wheaton, IL
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When parents get a divorce, one of the most pressing issues surrounds what will happen with child custody. The division of parental responsibilities, parenting time, and other matters that come up when parents end their marriage can be extremely complicated to navigate. Sometimes, parents truly seem like the enemies portrayed in television and movies. But other times, parents can split amicably and still put their child’s well-being above anything else. In such cases, they might be able to settle their child custody dispute through mediation. Speak with a knowledgeable Wheaton, IL divorce lawyer to discuss whether this might be
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Not everyone is aware that your marital status at the time of your child’s birth affects whether you are legally recognized as the child’s father. When a woman gives birth to a baby, she is automatically considered that baby’s mother. If she happens to be married to a man at the time of the birth, then he is automatically considered the baby’s father. Things become more complicated for an unmarried couple. Certain procedures need to be followed for the father to be recognized as such, and this legal recognition of parentage is of significance later on. If the father is
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One of the most contentious topics when parents get a divorce relates to their children: Who will they live with? Where will they live? If parents have joint custody and one of them keeps the family home, what happens if the other parent cannot find a home in the same school zone? Birdnesting can be a good option for parents trying to think outside the box to help their children keep feeling stable and settled despite the divorce. While this article will provide basic information about the concept, you can speak with a Wheaton, IL divorce lawyer to find out
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People about to go through a divorce are commonly concerned about the costs involved. When you are busy wondering how you will be able to transition from a situation of shared income and expenses to one of financial independence and being responsible for covering the costs of living and raising children on your own, the idea that you will now need to pay a lawyer for however long the process will take can seem unimaginable. As you start researching the divorce process online, you will likely find websites claiming to offer easy and inexpensive ways to have a “do it
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If you are an unmarried father who wants parental rights, it is important that you establish paternity. While it is a fairly simple procedure at the time of the child’s birth, that is not always an option. If not, there are ways for you to establish paternity after the child is born. If you are a single father in Illinois who wants to establish your paternity, an experienced Wheaton, IL paternity attorney can explain what is involved and help you figure out how to proceed.
Parentage in Illinois
In the state of Illinois, a woman giving birth is automatically
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While deciding to get a divorce can be extremely difficult for most parents, that decision might just be the tip of the iceberg. The parents will need to go through divorce proceedings, reach a settlement, and then abide by that settlement as they move on from their divorce to the next stage of life: continuing to raise their children while they are no longer together. This can mean going from a two-income household to a single-income household, and the financial implications can be far-reaching. If an ex is expected to pay the other child support but fails to do so,
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Every person is unique, so no two marriages can be the same. That explains why some couples will have a very contentious divorce while others will be relatively amicable. When two people wish to end their marriage but would like to avoid conflict, mediation can be an excellent option. It costs less, takes less time, and involves less conflict than a divorce played out in a courtroom. Suppose you believe you and your spouse could reach a divorce settlement without entering the court. In that case, a knowledgeable DuPage County, IL, divorce lawyer can help you understand whether mediation could
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Divorce can sometimes turn two people who once believed they would spend their entire lives together into people who cannot even communicate with each other. When a couple going through a divorce feels this way, it can be extremely difficult for them to focus on working together for the sake of their children. Even parents who have always prioritized their children’s best interests can often feel like they are in survival mode, too distracted, exhausted, and hurt by what is happening, even to be able to consider that their child may want something different than what they want for them
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All people are unique. Some are considerate of others, some are self-centered, some are peaceful, and some can be violent. Being physically violent is a quality that can develop, so it is possible to meet someone who is kind and courteous and later begins acting violently. Other factors can also influence it. Someone who is typically a peaceful person can become violent as a response to stress or frustration or under the influence of drugs and alcohol. None of this excuses abusive behavior, but it can help explain how someone can find themself in an abusive relationship. When the abusive
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Divorce proceedings require spouses to make complicated decisions and agreements about almost every aspect of their life. They need to work out child custody arrangements if they have children, figure out if either will be paying spousal support, and devise a plan for dividing their assets. Some assets are a simple matter to divide. An amount of money can be divided up easily. Other assets, like your home, can be more complicated. If you are headed toward divorce and unsure what to do about your home, a DuPage County, IL divorce lawyer can help you weigh your options and choose
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Illinois allows parents to come up with their own parenting plan, which includes a parenting time schedule, to maximize parenting time with their children. However, a judge can intervene if they feel a different schedule would fit the children’s best interest more. There are many examples of parenting time schedules that parents or a judge can choose, but some are more common than others. For a more in-depth look into parenting plans and schedules, consulting an attorney could be beneficial.
Weekly Alternation
A very typical parenting schedule involves a one-week on, one-week off approach. Alternating weeks where one parent has
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