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Parenting time restrictions limit or restrict the amount or type of parenting time allotted to a parent. These restrictions can be used for a variety of reasons, such as protecting the best interests of children or ensuring that parents are engaging in positive co-parenting practices.
In Illinois, parenting time restrictions are used to protect the safety and well-being of children who live in divided households. If there is evidence that a parent has acted in a way that is or could be detrimental to the child’s emotional, physical, or psychological well-being, then parenting time restrictions may be put in place.
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For many years, prenuptial agreements were thought of as antiquated, unnecessary, and unromantic by a large portion of newlyweds. However, attitudes about prenups are changing, and many people now recognize the benefits that a prenuptial agreement can provide. Young couples are signing prenups at rates that are higher than ever before, and there are several reasons for this trend.
Advantages of Premarital Agreements Among Younger Engaged Couples
One of the most common reasons young couples choose to sign a prenuptial agreement is to protect their assets. This is especially true for couples who have already accumulated some wealth before getting
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Many people misunderstand how, when, and where annulment can take place. In Illinois, annulments are possible, but they are rare. This is because an annulment formally reverses an invalid marriage. Typical marriages are not eligible for annulment. If someone wants to end a valid marriage, their only option is divorce. This blog will explain the difference between annulment and divorce, when a successful annulment is possible, and what you can do if you need to end a marriage you regret.
Declaration of Invalidity of Marriage
The law limits who can get married. For example, minors are typically not allowed
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If you are like most parents, you want the best for your children and that includes reducing any stress your children may experience during the divorce. In a best- scenario, you and your spouse will try to put your emotions aside, regardless of who chose to file for divorce. The last thing you want is for your child to witness hostility between the two people they love most in this world. For many parents, mediation during divorce is healthier for the child because it helps reduce conflict and allows parents to seek a peaceful resolution. 
Encouraging Joint Custody
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There has been an uptick in divorces across the nation for people who are over 50 years old. For folks 65 years and older, t the divorce rate has tripled since 1990. Perhaps once someone hits their golden years, they realize they do not want to put up with an unhealthy relationship anymore. Whatever the reason, any divorce comes with financial uncertainty.
If you are getting what is being dubbed a “gray divorce,” chances are you have more assets to divide than other couples and what you think is yours may no longer be the case moving forward. Here are
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If you are at each other’s throats like cats and dogs, chances are your divorce will be difficult, to say the least. Fuming over a betrayal or your soon-to-be ex threatening to take the kids can set the stage for an all-out war. Davi Law Group can help you temper your emotions by focusing on the legal process of your high-conflict divorce.
Deciding to end your marriage is never easy but sometimes it is the only solution. The current divorce rate in the United States is 2.3 per 1,000 people. The reason for your divorce often foreshadows whether or
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So you lost your job and feel like the rug has been pulled from underneath you. How are you going to make your next child support payment? It can be a terrifying situation. Especially because being unemployed does not absolve you from this obligation. If you need help with a child support matter to ensure your child is taken care of in the least disruptive way possible, there are some options.
Payment is Not Negotiable
The amount and length of child support are not negotiable between you and your ex-spouse. If you have no income, you are still legally responsible
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Much as divorce can become a source of emotional turmoil for parents, so can it for children of any age. From toddlers to teenagers, divorce can have an enormous impact on children’s mental health, as the split likely represents the most significant life change they have ever experienced. As a parent, taking care of your child’s mental health during your divorce – in addition to looking after your own – is of the highest importance. Children, particularly older children, are likely to hold their own opinion about what parenting time arrangements would be ideal. Some children would wish to live
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The equitable division of marital property during the divorce process is a frequent source of conflict. Virtually all married couples own some joint property. Even those who have largely kept their finances separate are likely to jointly own home furnishings, vehicles, or funds contained in a retirement account. When your spouse’s financial interests and your own are inextricably intertwined due to the addition of a shared business venture as part of your marital estate, it is critical that the business be divided in a manner that is equitable to both parties. Such a division can be difficult to accomplish without
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When you are a homemaker, your entire life revolves around your family. Rather than continuing on a career path, you have devoted yourself to the work it takes to run a household. If you have children, you are likely their primary caregiver on top of being the family cook, housekeeper, shopper, and much more. However, this vitally important work goes unpaid, which can make the prospect of getting divorced frightening for many stay-home parents and homemakers.
If you are getting divorced, you may have concerns over how you will continue to meet your financial needs and your children’s needs at
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Your divorce decree is generally considered a very final document. When the court issues the decree, your marriage officially terminates, and the decree reflects either the agreements you made or the decisions the court made. At the time, the terms in your decree may have been practical and reasonable. However, things can change over time. Your or your ex’s financial situation may have changed drastically. The needs of your children can change and evolve over time. Divorced parents may become different people over time. A number of circumstances in your lives can change and render your divorce decree impracticable and
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No one should have to experience domestic violence. There is never any excuse for your spouse to hit you, push you, or inflict any other type of violence on you. If you have experienced abuse at the hands of your spouse, you may be able to obtain a protection order. A protection order, or restraining order, is an official court order that requires your spouse to stay away from you and refrain from contacting, harassing, abusing, or intimidating you or your children. The process for getting one of these orders is typically completed in just two manageable steps.
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If you were in a toxic marriage, you probably know that divorce is perhaps the only way to take your life back fully. Whether your spouse was manipulative, narcissistic, or outright abusive, you are done with it and ready to move on without them. Fortunately, your spouse absolutely does not have the power to prevent you from divorcing them. No matter what they try, you can ultimately get your divorce finalized whether they like it or not. There are, however, a few tactics they might try. Some of these tactics are meant to delay the inevitable. Others are merely an
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Child support is often, but not always, decided during a divorce. When children are born into a marriage, both spouses are presumed to be the child’s parents. In Illinois, this is true even if it is biologically impossible – a child born to a woman who is married to another woman has two legal mothers right off the bat. If this couple were to divorce, one mother would likely be ordered to pay the other child support. However, couples who are not married and their children enjoy no such legal protections. If you were never married to your child’s other
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If this is your first time being involved in a child custody case, a lot of things might feel very unfamiliar. You are probably not used to needing a court order to tell you which parent should have the child with them and when. You may be paying or receiving child support for the first time. The entire process of deciding issues related to child custody and child support can be complex. Some of the terminology used can also feel unfamiliar and confusing when you are not used to it. Illinois changed the way courts and lawyers talk about child
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Getting a divorce is rarely easy. Even if you are relatively amicable with your spouse, the potential for interpersonal conflict is very high during divorce. It can be a very emotionally charged situation. Especially if you are trying for an uncontested divorce and will need to reach an agreement, it is best to minimize the amount of conflict in your divorce. Fighting with the spouse you are already leaving is only going to cause additional stress. There are a number of strategies you can use for avoiding the drama, even if your spouse seems determined to keep arguing. If you
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