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Being accused of child abuse or neglect often comes as a shock to parents. After someone makes an accusation against a parent, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) will conduct an investigation. Child custody orders may be modified substantially, and parents may even face criminal charges if the DCFS finds that the accusations of neglect or abuse are valid. Parents in this situation have the right to file an appeal and attend a hearing.  It can be intimidating to attend a DCFS hearing in Illinois, and many parents feel like the odds are stacked against them. If
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Whether it is due to a traffic stop for alleged speeding, DUI checkpoint, domestic disturbance, or another reason, interacting with the police can be unnerving. Many people find themselves in situations where they do not know the correct protocol for communicating with a police officer. This can lead to increased anxiety, or worse yet, criminal charges. Here are 10 tips on how to respond in such a situation.
How to Handle Police Interactions in DuPage County
It is important for everyone to understand how to handle interactions with law enforcement. There are actions you can take as well as
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Family situations can be extremely complex. Sometimes, a mother gets pregnant unintentionally. She may not have a close relationship with the father or wish for him to be involved in the child’s life. Sometimes, the opposite is true. The mother wants the father to be involved in the child’s life and support the child financially, but the father refuses to sign the birth certificate or establish paternity.
In this situation, it is important to consider the legal and financial implications of not establishing paternity, as well as the potential benefits of establishing paternity. In some cases, it may be
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Parenting time restrictions limit or restrict the amount or type of parenting time allotted to a parent. These restrictions can be used for a variety of reasons, such as protecting the best interests of children or ensuring that parents are engaging in positive co-parenting practices.
In Illinois, parenting time restrictions are used to protect the safety and well-being of children who live in divided households. If there is evidence that a parent has acted in a way that is or could be detrimental to the child’s emotional, physical, or psychological well-being, then parenting time restrictions may be put in place.
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For many years, prenuptial agreements were thought of as antiquated, unnecessary, and unromantic by a large portion of newlyweds. However, attitudes about prenups are changing, and many people now recognize the benefits that a prenuptial agreement can provide. Young couples are signing prenups at rates that are higher than ever before, and there are several reasons for this trend.
Advantages of Premarital Agreements Among Younger Engaged Couples
One of the most common reasons young couples choose to sign a prenuptial agreement is to protect their assets. This is especially true for couples who have already accumulated some wealth before getting
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Just as in the vast majority of the United States, the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in Illinois is 0.08 percent. If someone has a BAC of 0.08 percent or greater, they are considered to be intoxicated. Blood alcohol testing is usually a crucial component in a drunk driving case. The prosecution will have a very hard time securing a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) without a blood test. 
However, alcohol blood tests are not always as reliable as you might think. Human error, product defects, and other problems can cause inaccurate results. If you or
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Many people misunderstand how, when, and where annulment can take place. In Illinois, annulments are possible, but they are rare. This is because an annulment formally reverses an invalid marriage. Typical marriages are not eligible for annulment. If someone wants to end a valid marriage, their only option is divorce. This blog will explain the difference between annulment and divorce, when a successful annulment is possible, and what you can do if you need to end a marriage you regret.
Declaration of Invalidity of Marriage
The law limits who can get married. For example, minors are typically not allowed
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People change. Often, the person that someone was in the past bears almost no resemblance to the person he or she is today. Unfortunately, a criminal record can negatively impact someone’s life long after the alleged crime. Employers are less likely to give a job to someone with a criminal past. Similarly, landlords may refuse housing to an individual accused of a crime. Neighbors and community members may also prejudge the person before even meeting him or her. All of these factors can make it nearly impossible for an individual accused or convicted of a crime to move on.

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If you are like most parents, you want the best for your children and that includes reducing any stress your children may experience during the divorce. In a best- scenario, you and your spouse will try to put your emotions aside, regardless of who chose to file for divorce. The last thing you want is for your child to witness hostility between the two people they love most in this world. For many parents, mediation during divorce is healthier for the child because it helps reduce conflict and allows parents to seek a peaceful resolution. 
Encouraging Joint Custody
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There has been an uptick in divorces across the nation for people who are over 50 years old. For folks 65 years and older, t the divorce rate has tripled since 1990. Perhaps once someone hits their golden years, they realize they do not want to put up with an unhealthy relationship anymore. Whatever the reason, any divorce comes with financial uncertainty.
If you are getting what is being dubbed a “gray divorce,” chances are you have more assets to divide than other couples and what you think is yours may no longer be the case moving forward. Here are
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Fake pills laced with fentanyl are being seized at record rates across the nation and Illinois is no exception. Fentanyl supply is also up in the state. If your troubles revolve around drug crimes you could be facing extremely serious charges. You may have been caught up with the wrong crowd, but whatever your situation, we are here to try to help.

Intent to Sell
Illinois makes possession of drugs a felony in all cases, with the exception of marijuana. If you are arrested for drug trafficking you will also be charged with the intent to distribute the drugs. And
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If you are at each other’s throats like cats and dogs, chances are your divorce will be difficult, to say the least. Fuming over a betrayal or your soon-to-be ex threatening to take the kids can set the stage for an all-out war. Davi Law Group can help you temper your emotions by focusing on the legal process of your high-conflict divorce.
Deciding to end your marriage is never easy but sometimes it is the only solution. The current divorce rate in the United States is 2.3 per 1,000 people. The reason for your divorce often foreshadows whether or
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So you lost your job and feel like the rug has been pulled from underneath you. How are you going to make your next child support payment? It can be a terrifying situation. Especially because being unemployed does not absolve you from this obligation. If you need help with a child support matter to ensure your child is taken care of in the least disruptive way possible, there are some options.
Payment is Not Negotiable
The amount and length of child support are not negotiable between you and your ex-spouse. If you have no income, you are still legally responsible
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With so much construction underway as Rebuild Illinois continues full steam ahead, it is easy to get frustrated with delays. You may be used to a certain schedule and are having trouble adjusting to the lower speed limits around construction zones. However, exhibiting even a small lack of patience through those areas can have you dealing with a traffic violation that will tarnish your clean driving record.
Protecting Drivers and Construction Workers
Nearly 7,000 motor vehicle accidents occur in Illinois work zones leading to more than 1,600 injuries. Last year, 25 people died in construction zones in Illinois and none
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Much as divorce can become a source of emotional turmoil for parents, so can it for children of any age. From toddlers to teenagers, divorce can have an enormous impact on children’s mental health, as the split likely represents the most significant life change they have ever experienced. As a parent, taking care of your child’s mental health during your divorce – in addition to looking after your own – is of the highest importance. Children, particularly older children, are likely to hold their own opinion about what parenting time arrangements would be ideal. Some children would wish to live
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One of the first attempts made by an officer to discern whether a detainee at a traffic stop is under the influence is often field sobriety testing. Field sobriety tests are used to measure an individual’s level of impairment, and to build evidence to be submitted to a court of law following an arrest for DUI. Yet, the methods used in field sobriety testing are imperfect and frequently, the results are influenced by environmental, medical, or other factors that may negate the test’s effectiveness. The imperfections in these testing techniques lie in the fact that these tests are
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