Lombard, IL first responder divorce attorneyCouples may choose to pursue a divorce for many different reasons. Sometimes, differing work schedules and being required to work long and irregular hours put a terrible strain on a marriage. Unfortunately, this strain can lead to divorce. Out of all the occupations out there, few jobs require more sacrifice and demand than being a first responder. Whether a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic, first responders are real-life heroes who frequently put themselves in harm’s way to help others. If you are a first responder looking to get a divorce, consult a highly experienced Illinois divorce attorney with experience in cases involving first responders. An attorney can work with you in tackling the different challenges you may face as a first responder getting a divorce.

How Come First Responders Are at a Heightened Risk of Divorce? 

Most occupations have set hours that allow employees to manage and separate their personal and work life effectively. However, first responders often work peculiar hours. Not only are the hours challenging, but first responders frequently face dangerous situations which can affect them psychologically. The longer someone works as a first responder, the greater the chance they will be involved in a distressing situation. Each event can take a severe toll on the first responders who are called to the scene. After witnessing something distressing, the first responder may withdraw from their spouse and keep their emotions bottled up to try and save their spouse from knowing the grisly details of what occurred at work. In some cases, a first responder may develop PTSD, further leading to communication lapses and tension between them and their spouse. This may lead to the quality of their marriage suffering.

Unique Divorce Challenges for First Responders 

Due to the unique challenges of being a first responder, various complications can arise during divorce proceedings. These may include:

  • Parent planning challenges – If a spouse works as a first responder and has an ever-changing work schedule, it may be challenging to create a parenting schedule. First, responders may find themselves on-call often. In addition, there may be times when they are called into work unexpectedly. Even if a parenting plan is successfully created, it can be hard to stick to since a first responder’s work schedule can change frequently. 

  • Income challenges – From one month to another, a first responder’s income level may fluctuate depending on how much they work. This can lead to difficulty negotiating child support and spousal maintenance payments. 

  • Retirement and pensions – If a couple has been married long enough, a spouse will likely be entitled to some of their first responder partner’s pension. However, during divorce proceedings, it will need to be determined how much of their spouse’s pension they will be entitled to. 

Contact a DuPage County First Responder Divorce Attorney

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