While every divorce is unique and specific to the parties and their situation, there are some common threads. Likewise, there are some commonly made mistakes in divorce. Fall victim to any one of them and you could jeopardize your settlement, your time or rights to your children, and even your financial well-being. Educate yourself on what these mistakes are, and discover how our seasoned Wheaton divorce lawyers can help you avoid them.

1. Failure to Gain Access to or Provide All Financial Information

Like it or not, divorce is mostly a financial transaction. It requires you to provide any and all financial information to your attorney or the courts so that the marital estate can be accurately valued and divided. Unfortunately, if you miss something, it can have a negative impact on your case. You could short-sell yourself in the settlement, or you could be accused of trying to hide assets from your spouse. In either case, this mistake should be carefully avoided.

2. Putting Too Much Focus on the Past

Couples do not typically seek a divorce because they are happy and fulfilled. Instead, there are usually moments and issues that have brought the couple to their decision. However, it is important to remember that these matters are now in the past. Lashing out at your spouse, trying to get even, or simply squabbling over issues that no longer hold relevance do not help your situation. Instead, they can jeopardize your ability to think rationally about the things that do matter, like the well-being of your children or your financial health.

3. Letting Your Emotions Run the Show

Just as focusing on the past could compromise your case, putting too much stock into your feelings about the end of the marriage can jeopardize your final outcome. Try focusing on the practical and financial matters instead, as these can distract you from your feelings and will ultimately advance your case so that you can move on with your new life.

4. Failing to Prioritize the Needs of Children

Children are innocent and vulnerable parties in a divorce, and their needs should be safeguarded and prioritized. Parents can do this by focusing on the relationships between the child and each parent, rather than how they feel about one another.

5. Refusing to Compromise

It is easy to focus on what you want out of your divorce; it is far more difficult to consider only your needs. Yet, this is necessary in divorce because it enables compromise, which is critical to reaching a final outcome in your case. After all, no one gets everything that they want. Instead, each party is likely to get what they need and only some of what they want.

6. Failing to Consider Taxes

Certain transactions in a divorce may carry tax consequences. Further, you or your spouse may be required to pay taxes on any attained or sold property, such as the family home. Fail to consider this element and it could severely jeopardize your financial future.

7. Not Learning Your Options Before the Process Starts

Since no two divorces are exactly the same, parties should know how their situation may affect their case. For example, mediation may help minimize costs in a high-asset divorce. Alternatively, litigation may be necessary in a case where asset hiding is suspected. In short, you should know all of your options and how each may impact the outcome of your case.

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