Infidelity is the most obvious example of a singular event that would cause a divorce. There are no comprehensive numbers on how many divorces involve one spouse cheating on the other because couples are no longer required to give a reason for divorce. Surveys suggest that infidelity is one of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce, but not all cases of infidelity result in divorce. Cheating is often the symptom of other marital problems that could have led to divorce on their own.

Something Lacking

A person who seeks an extramarital affair is likely looking for something that they are not getting or are unsatisfied with from their marriage. Sexual activity is often what is lacking, though the cheater can also have an emotional affair. A person may feel a lack of intimacy in their marriage but never seek satisfaction outside of the marriage through infidelity. However, that does not make the faithful spouse any happier in the marriage. If your goal is to save your marriage from a lack of intimacy, you need to discuss your concerns with your spouse, possibly through couples therapy. If you know you have no interest in continuing the marriage, you can save some pain by ending your marriage instead of having an affair.

Turning Point

While cheating may not be the only reason for a divorce, it is often the catalyst. People feel hurt and betrayed when they learn that their spouse is having an affair because their spouse:

  • Is showing they are not satisfied with the marriage
  • Lied to them about what they were doing when they were meeting with their affair partner
  • May have spent marital money on their affair partner
  • May have created a risk of spreading a sexually transmitted infection

The betrayal of trust is the most damaging part of learning about an affair. Couples can work on a lack of intimacy, even if they must accept that they will never regain the intimacy they had when they were younger. It is more difficult to forgive and trust someone whose selfish actions showed a lack of concern for your marriage and family.

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