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The scooter programs in cities like Chicago ostensibly provide a convenient alternative to walking or driving in urban areas, but they come with certain risks for both riders and nearby pedestrians. Part of the risk comes from the temptation to operate a scooter while under the influence of alcohol. After a long day of drinking in the city, hopping on a readily available e-scooter may seem like a great idea to a person whose judgment is lacking. Unfortunately, this decision all too often comes with serious consequences.
E-Scooter Rider Intoxication Statistics
A recent study of people treated for e-scooter
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Electric scooters can be fun, convenient means of transportation. However, these so-called “e-scooters” are not without their risks. Riders and non-riders alike have suffered injuries in incidents involving e-scooters all over the country. Chicago’s citywide shared scooter pilot programs in 2019 and 2020 were met with mixed reactions. Some loved the option of riding a scooter through the streets while others found the scooters to be annoying or even dangerous.
Alderman Cite Complaints and Safety Concerns
Elected officials vary in their opinions on scooters. Some officials say that scooters increase the number of complaints they receive. Others worry that rules
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A serious auto accident can leave a person with painful injuries and mounting debts. If you or a loved one were injured in a car crash, motorcycle accident, or truck accident, you know firsthand the financial devastation that an accident can bring to a person’s life. Fortunately, a personal injury lawsuit may allow you to recover financial compensation for the damages you suffered. Compensation for monetary losses as well as the non-monetary harm caused in the accident may be available. The amount of financial compensation that you could recover depends on several different factors.
The Severity of Your Injuries and
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Being a physician requires a high degree of responsibility. After all, they do often have our lives in their hands. While most physicians exhibit a high degree of knowledge and professionalism, it is important to remember that doctors are humans, too, and can sometimes make mistakes. However, that does not mean they cannot be held accountable for their actions. When a physician causes an injury to another person, there is a chance that they could be held liable for the damages caused by those injuries. Medical malpractice claims can be complicated, which is why it is crucial to work with
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For tens of thousands of years, humans have had canine companions by their sides, as both working animals and faithful family members. According to the American Veterinary Association (AVA), dogs are the most popular choice as pets. They estimate there to be around 85 million dogs in the United States, with 38 percent of households owning at least one dog. Dogs make great family pets, but It is important to remember that dogs are animals and can sometimes resort to their instincts and bite if they feel threatened. Dog bites can sometimes result in serious injuries and unexpected medical costs,
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Spring is officially here, and while we are likely to get hit with at least one more round of winter-like weather, sunny days and warmer temps are on their way. Along with the improved weather comes the beginning of the travel season. This year, in particular, is likely to be busier than usual as families begin to venture out again after more than a year of limited activities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping your vehicle maintained can help avoid the headaches of breaking down and reduce the possibility of an accident. Taking the time to check just a
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Although walking and cycling are two of the healthiest activities a person can engage in, they can also be the most dangerous. There are more than 6,000 pedestrians and almost 1,000 cyclists killed each year in the United States. Even more alarming is that these numbers keep going up each year, as the fatality rate for occupants in vehicle crashes goes down.
As the popularity of electric scooters continues to grow, it is critical to realize that e-scooter users are also at risk of being injured or killed if they are hit by a vehicle driver.
Victims who survive these
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Auto accidents are among the leading causes of brain injuries, accounting for approximately 14 percent of all non-fatal concussions and about 26 percent of all brain injury fatalities. At more than 2.5 million cases per year, that “small” percentage equates to thousands of TBI sufferers each year. If you have experienced an auto-accident-related brain injury, a qualified personal injury lawyer can help you understand the risks, and your right to compensation. 
Brain Injuries Are Often Serious and Long-Lasting
Each year, around 2.5 million people visit the emergency room for a traumatic brain injury (TBI). More than 50,000 of those result
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Over the last two years, the city of Chicago has been experimenting with electric scooters as a form of public transportation. During the pilot program, which took place over four months in both 2019 and 2020, scooters were placed in various areas of the city for riders to rent via a smartphone application. Each iteration of the program saw Chicago residents take more than 640,000 rides, as the city attempted to determine if and how the scooters could be added to the local infrastructure permanently.
Of course, with any mode of transportation comes the risk of accidents and injuries,
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This week, a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company announced plans to bring e-scooters with remote-operating features to cities in Europe and North America later this year. The announcement marks the first solid plans to introduce a new, three-wheeled scooter model. The remote-operating capabilities of the scooter are expected to promote safety and to decrease the number of injuries related to scooters left on sidewalks or on roadways.
A New Way Forward
Spin is the Ford subsidiary responsible for micro-mobility projects, including electric scooters and similar vehicles, and it was one of the three companies that provided e-scooters for the
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Last month, the second year of Chicago’s electric scooter test program came to an end. Between August 12 and December 12, 2020, residents and visitors to the city took over 640,000 rides on “rented” e-scooters in a variety of areas and neighborhoods. While the city’s focus was on determining the feasibility of a permanent scooter program as a form of public transportation, riders were simply trying to get where they were going. Unfortunately, with so many people on scooters, accidents are bound to happen. If you were injured in any type of accident caused by someone on a scooter, you
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For the second time in two years, the City of Chicago experimented with an e-scooter pilot program to get a feel for how electric scooters might affect daily commutes and off-hour transportation in the city. This year’s program ran from August 12 to December 12 after being delayed by the COVID-19 health crisis. City officials, however, are now wondering what to do next after ridership dropped by over 20 percent compared to last year’s program.
Larger Program, Fewer Rides
In 2019, the e-scooter pilot program ran from June to October, and it saw approximately 821,000 trips on about 2,500 electric
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The 2020 edition of Chicago’s shared e-scooter pilot program is winding down, and it will officially end on December 12. While there is little question that the restrictions put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 affected how many people utilized the shared scooters, city officials are optimistic about continuing to offer shared scooters in the future.
It is also important, however, to acknowledge that electric scooters pose a serious risk of injury, especially if they are not used properly and in accordance with local rules and ordinances. In fact, a recent study has found that e-scooter injuries have
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In many scooter accidents, one person is obviously to blame. For example, a motorist might have run a red light and slammed into you. However, in other accidents, the person on the scooter could also contribute to the accident. This is not surprising, since many people are not familiar with how to safely operate a scooter. Fortunately, the Illinois law on comparative negligence allows injured victims to receive compensation even if they did not operate their scooter with reasonable care. Please contact Livas Law Group, A Division of Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz for more information.
Comparative Negligence
Once upon
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Whenever a person uses a device powered by electricity, there is always the chance that they can suffer a burn injury. Electric scooters can cause several types of burn injuries which can lead to permanent disfigurement, infection, and other complications. If you were involved in a scooter accident, it is important to enlist the help of an attorney with experience in dealing with e-scooter concerns.
Fires and Electrocution
There have been problems with electric scooters malfunctioning. For example, in late 2018, the e-scooter manufacturer Lime pulled 2,000 electric scooters after several had caught on fire. Scooters even caught on
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As the city of Chicago continues the second year of its electronic scooter pilot program, fleets of the small, convenient vehicles have become widely available in other cities around the country as well. The explosion in popularity of e-scooters has created challenges for municipal regulators as they struggle to keep up with safety concerns and the impact of the scooters on city traffic patterns. According to a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), there are several factors that contribute to the likelihood of being injured on or around e-scooters.
Lack of Clear Rules
Electric scooters
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