Chicago personal injury lawyerAuto accidents are among the leading causes of brain injuries, accounting for approximately 14 percent of all non-fatal concussions and about 26 percent of all brain injury fatalities. At more than 2.5 million cases per year, that “small” percentage equates to thousands of TBI sufferers each year. If you have experienced an auto-accident-related brain injury, a qualified personal injury lawyer can help you understand the risks, and your right to compensation. 

Brain Injuries Are Often Serious and Long-Lasting

Each year, around 2.5 million people visit the emergency room for a traumatic brain injury (TBI). More than 50,000 of those result in death. The remainder eventually recover, but to varying degrees and over an unpredictable timeline. Some take months; others take years. Then there are those who never fully recover. Their memory or cognitive abilities may be permanently impaired, or they may suffer from sensitivity to lights and sound. Others are unable to read for long periods of time or stare at a screen for more than a few minutes, which can greatly hinder their ability to work.

A brain injury can also increase a victim’s risk of depression and other mood disorders. Some studies have even linked it to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s later in life. Children, who are also at risk for a TBI during an auto accident, have been found to have an even higher risk of lifelong emotional, social, and psychological issues after a brain injury. In short, brain injuries often have lasting and sometimes serious effects on the life of the victim. For this reason, it is critical that TBI sufferers understand their legal right to seek damages, and that they know how to improve their chances of full and fair compensation.

Filing Your Insurance Claim

Whenever a victim suffers an injury in an auto accident, he or she has the right to seek compensation from a negligent driver’s insurance company. In instances where no negligence exists, or when the other driver did not have insurance, victims may be able to seek compensation through their own insurance. This might seem like a straightforward process, but victims are at serious risk of claim denials and low settlement offers. This is because insurance companies, who lose money when a claim is paid, often do everything in their power to avoid paying full compensation to injured parties.

Contact a Chicago Brain Injury Attorney

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