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Any parent getting divorced worries about how the divorce will affect their children. Although divorce is common in our modern age, it still has massive repercussions for everyone in the family.  A parent may be especially concerned about how divorce will affect their child if the child has autism.

Children on the autism spectrum see the world through a different lens than those without the disorder. They are often highly sensitive and struggle to adapt to change. Some suffer from developmental delays, anxiety, or unpredictable mood swings. Others struggle to show emotion at all and appear completely disengaged from other
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Getting divorced involves many specific procedures and processes. The petitioner is the spouse who files for divorce by submitting a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage to the Court. The respondent is the spouse who is served with divorce papers. The respondent has the opportunity to “respond” to the divorce petition and participate in the divorce proceedings. For example, the respondent may disagree with the petitioner’s choices regarding property division, parental responsibilities, or other divorce matters. Responding to the divorce petition gives the petitioner a chance to negotiate these issues with the other spouse and reach a settlement. If no
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If we lived in a perfect world, every divorcing spouse would totally cooperate with the divorce process. They would freely provide the necessary documents, fully disclose their income and assets, and treat their soon-to-be-ex with respect and civility. Of course, we do not live in a perfect world. In reality, most divorce cases involve at least some degree of contention. In some cases, divorcing spouses refuse to cooperate or compromise, withhold important information, or hide assets.
Divorce discovery is the fact-finding aspect of a divorce case. Lawyers have many different legal tools at their disposal that they can use to
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Wealth can complicate divorce significantly. Divorcing spouses with high-value assets may find themselves inundated with decisions during the divorce process. Should I keep the marital home? What about vacation properties? Do I have a right to a portion of my spouse’s business interests? Are investments and retirement accounts separate property or marital property? Questions like these can be confusing and overwhelming. If you are a high-net-worth individual getting divorced, reach out to an experienced high-net-worth divorce lawyer for help. Additionally, keep the following considerations in mind.
Tips for Divorce Involving Significant Wealth
Dissolving a marriage is even more complicated when
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Most people underestimate just how difficult it is to end a marriage. Divorce involves addressing multiple complex issues, including the division of marital property, parental responsibilities and parenting time allocation, and spousal maintenance. Spouses who can reach an agreement about how to handle these issues can avoid divorce litigation through the Court. However, discussing complex issues like these is difficult under the best of circumstances. Negotiating a divorce resolution with a soon-to-be-ex-spouse can be especially frustrating and complicated.

Fortunately, divorcing spouses have the option to attend divorce mediation and work with a professional mediator who will help them have productive,
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Few would argue the importance of fathers. Children who have a supportive, loving father in their lives are more likely to perform well in school, more likely to find stable employment as an adult, and less likely to be incarcerated. Unfortunately, parenting is sometimes seen as a mother’s responsibility. Although times are changing and Courts no longer automatically favor mothers, many fathers wonder if they will be at a disadvantage during divorce or family law proceedings.  
Parenting Time and Parental Responsibilities
In Illinois, custody and visitation are called “parental responsibilities” and “parenting time.” Illinois Courts do not assume that the
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If you are getting divorced, you may have questions about spousal maintenance. Sometimes called alimony or spousal support, spousal maintenance aims to reduce the negative financial impact suffered by a spouse after a divorce. Whether you are the primary income earner in the marriage or you make less than your spouse, it is crucial to understand how spousal maintenance works in Illinois divorce cases.
Who Can Get Spousal Maintenance?
Typically, spousal maintenance is paid to lesser-earning spouses to offset the negative financial effects of divorce. While women have traditionally been the recipients of spousal maintenance, men and women can
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Divorcing spouses must contend with several different financial issues during divorce. One of the most consequential of these issues is the division of marital property and debts. Almost all of the assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage are considered marital property. Illinois law states that marital property should be divided equitably. However, some divorcing spouses try to get an unfair advantage by hiding money or property during divorce.
Tactics Spouses May Use to Shield Assets From Division During Divorce
If you are getting divorced, any property division agreements or judgments you receive should be based on
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During the divorce process, many of the most difficult decisions for parents revolve around the living arrangements and care of their children. If divorcing spouses are on relatively amicable terms, compromise and cooperation may be possible. For those in a more contentious environment, reaching a mutually acceptable plan may be a struggle. No matter how strained their relationship is, there are some situations that all parents going through a divorce should plan for in their parenting plan. An experienced divorce attorney can help guide you through the process.
Parenting Plan Elements
Residence, Schedules, and Holidays – To keep both
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When parents divorce, they rarely walk away from the relationship entirely. Because they share children together, they will be in each other’s lives at least until their children are grown. Co-parenting with an ex or soon-to-be-ex is not always easy, but there are steps parents can take to make co-parenting less stressful for everyone involved.  
If you are recently divorced or intend to divorce soon, read on to learn some tips and tricks for co-parenting during summer vacation.
Effective Co-Parenting Starts with a Strong Parenting Plan
Divorcing parents in Illinois will create a parenting plan which describes parenting time,
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Each state handles divorce slightly differently. Furthermore, divorce laws frequently change to better reflect the needs of modern families. Updates and modifications to divorce laws can make it difficult for some divorcing spouses to know which laws apply to them. The changes can also lead well-meaning friends and relatives to offer outdated or inaccurate divorce advice. If you are thinking about divorce, read on to learn about the grounds for divorce in 2022.
Illinois is Now a No-Fault State
The term “grounds” refers to the legal justification for an action. When someone files for divorce, he or she is effectively
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Child support provides financial assistance to parents with the majority of the parenting time. The funds received through child support may be used for rent or mortgage payments, educational costs, groceries, and other expenses. Once the child becomes an adult, he or she is expected to become financially independent. Child support payments usually terminate when the child reaches adulthood and graduates high school. Sometimes, child support payments are extended until the child completes an undergraduate degree.
If a child has a disability, he or she may not be able to reach the same level of financial independence as a child
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Getting engaged to be married is one of the most exciting life experiences a person can have. If you are newly engaged, congratulations! You probably have a million things on your mind right now. You may be thinking about wedding plans, moving in with your partner, starting a family, and much more. You may also be thinking about whether you and your spouse should sign a prenuptial agreement. Premarital agreements or “prenups” offer numerous benefits to spouses. However, prenups are not exactly romantic. Bringing up the idea of a prenuptial agreement to your partner can be awkward. There is
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The end of a marriage is always sad. However, many separated and divorced people also see divorce as an opportunity for a happier future. For many divorcing couples, the split follows months, years, or even decades of a miserable marriage. Consequently, many divorcing spouses are excited about the prospect of reentering the dating world and finding someone who is a better fit for them. However, many people in this situation are also uncertain about the consequences of dating during the divorce proceedings. Can you date when you are separated but not yet divorced? Will dating affect the divorce process in
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A child’s parents are arguably the most important individuals in his or her life. Consequently, Illinois Courts do not interfere with the parent-child relationship unless there are extreme circumstances. Parents have the right to spend time with their children and be involved in their children’s lives. However, there are situations in which a parent may lose some or all of his or her parental rights. Parental unfitness can take many different forms, but the consequences of being deemed unfit are usually profound.
What is an Unfit Parent?
An unfit parent is incapable or unwilling to provide for a child’s
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When someone passes away, they often leave an inheritance to their loved ones through their estate plan. Heirs may receive money, real estate, vehicles, jewelry, or other assets from a close friend or relative who has passed away. How is this type of property handled during divorce? Do both spouses have a right to funds or property obtained through an inheritance? What if the inheritance was acquired before the couple decided to divorce? Is there a way to protect an inheritance from being split between spouses in a divorce?
Are Assets Obtained Through Inheritance Marital or Non-Marital Property?
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