Barrington, IL child custody lawyerNavigating the sometimes rough waters of a child custody dispute in process can be challenging, both legally and emotionally. Very few parents would willingly give up any of the time they share with their children, and this often means that any disputes relating to parenting time or the parenting plan can become quite contentious during a divorce. 

The time period while parents are divorcing can be quite stressful for children of any age. Parents need to take the right steps to protect the well-being of their children, as well as their own parental rights during this time. An attorney can advise you on how best to serve both goals at the same time. 

Proven Tips for Navigating Custody Disputes 

A few commonly-offered tips for parents undergoing a custody battle include: 

  • Keep the children out of parental disputes – A divorce can be difficult enough on young children without them being made to feel as if they are caught in the middle. Try not to do anything to damage your child’s relationship with their other parent, such as by disparaging the other parent in front of your children. 
  • Follow your attorney’s advice – Your attorney must consider your legal and personal interests before advising you on any course of action. Follow your lawyer’s advice, even if you are not getting the answers you want yet. 
  • Uphold temporary orders – If the Court has issued any temporary custody orders, parents should comply with them to the letter. Failing to follow a Court order – even one you find entirely unreasonable – could impact your case later. If your spouse fails to do so, immediately inform your lawyer so they can take the appropriate actions. 
  • Be prepared to co-parent – Unless your spouse is legitimately harmful to your children, view them as your teammate in raising the children and work together as much as possible for the good of the children. 

In almost all cases, your child’s other parent is likely to remain a part of their life. How you navigate the waters during your pending divorce may set the tone for your continued co-parenting journey. 

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