DuPage County family lawyerUnderstanding why paternity is important is crucial to a child’s life and the parents. It is essential where divorce is concerned and all the issues accompanying it. A court will decide on all things related to a child that is in that child’s best interest. If an alleged father has not yet established paternity, they may be left out of all decisions regarding the child. That is because the court will only recognize the child’s legal father when it comes to custodial rights. For help with establishing paternity, it could help to speak with an attorney experienced in family law.

Custodial Rights

When paternity is established, the father can then be granted custodial rights to his children. These rights include allocating parental responsibilities such as parenting time and decision-making and getting your name on a child’s birth certificate. Parenting time refers to visitation and time spent with your children that would otherwise not be granted without first establishing paternity. The same can be said for decision-making rights over your child. With these legal rights, you will have a say in your child’s upbringing that is enforceable by the court.