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Parents who have chosen to get divorced often find telling their children difficult. It is hard for parents to know how their children will react. Deciding how to approach the conversation is challenging. Parents must consider when and where to break the news and what their children’s reactions might look like. Some children are taken by complete surprise, but others are surprisingly perceptive and already know that divorce is looming. Parents must make sure their children know that both parents still love them and will put them first, even though the parents do not want to be together anymore.
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Going through a divorce or child custody dispute can be trying. It is normal to feel frustrated and fearful of losing time with your children. However, it is important to act with great care while your case is open. Making a mistake while you are in the midst of a child custody case can lead to a less favorable result. It is important to speak with your Naperville, IL child custody attorney about what steps you can and cannot take as your case is pending. While it can be tempting to take steps like refusing to drop off your children
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This is a relatively common situation, especially for married men who knew that their wives had been unfaithful. Infidelity is a common cause of divorce all over the United States. The emotional impact of finding out that your wife has had an affair can be devastating, even more so if you determine that a child you thought was yours may not be. Getting divorced can be quite complicated when there is a question of paternity for a child who was born during the marriage and will need a parenting plan. A large number of factors may become relevant, including
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Courts in Illinois rarely find that giving one parent full custody and excluding the other parent from the child’s life is in the best interests of the child. Wherever possible, courts will work to salvage the parent-child relationship in any way that is practical and safe for the child. However, in certain cases, the court can find that full custody is appropriate. While limited supervised visitation is often ordered when one parent is not capable of caring for the child independently or poses some risk, courts sometimes find that even supervised visitation could harm the child. If you are
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In most cases, yes, you can refuse to get married unless your fiance or fiancee agrees to sign a prenuptial agreement. However, you will need to be careful to avoid later accusations of coercion, which can cause your agreement to be deemed invalid. While it is wise to not get married without a prenuptial agreement, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable Naperville, IL, prenuptial agreements attorney to ensure that your prenuptial agreement can be enforced later should you get divorced. Mistakes made in the process of creating such a contract can mean that your agreement will
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Marital disputes can make you feel completely isolated. Social media is full of carefully created but usually unrealistic portrayals of “perfect” marriages. When you and your spouse are having a serious argument, or your spouse has done something that truly upset you, you might not know what to do. While virtually all married couples have disagreements, some types of disputes or misconduct are more serious than others and may lead to the marriage ending. Some spouses choose divorce right away while others may choose to try to reconcile. You have legal options if your marriage is struggling or you
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If your spouse has wracked up significant gambling debt or lost a lot of money during your marriage, there is a fairly good chance that your spouse has a gambling problem. There is also a fairly good chance that their gambling addiction is the reason you are getting divorced. Being married to someone who spends too much time in casinos or on online gambling platforms can be extremely difficult, both emotionally and financially. If money keeps going missing, or your spouse’s paychecks are not making it into your joint bank account at all, you probably know why. The good news
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The larger and more complex your marital estate is, the more challenging it may be to divide your property fairly during your divorce. High-asset spouses often own assets that generate profit, such as rental properties or a family business, or assets of fluctuating value, like joint investments. Illinois requires all marital assets to be divided fairly and equitably, but determining how to divide certain assets in the most fair way possible may not be easy. If you and your spouse are in a high-asset marriage, it is important to work with a Naperville, IL, divorce attorney who has experience
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If you have a child with significant disabilities, you may have known for a long time that you would probably need to retain legal guardianship of them when they turn 18 years old. Your child may also know that guardianship has always been the plan. Or, your child’s need for guardianship may not have become apparent until after they became a legal adult. Some parents of adult children pursue guardianship after their child suffers a traumatic brain injury, becomes addicted to drugs, or experiences a significant mental illness that prevents them from caring for themself. For some, obtaining guardianship is
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Trying to resolve your divorce out of court is rarely recommended if your spouse has abused you in any way. However, it is technically possible if you are both determined to make it work and your safety can be protected. Instead of using face-to-face mediation, attorney-led negotiation is usually the preferred strategy. Remember that if at any point, trying for an uncontested divorce begins to negatively affect your mental health, your children, or your physical safety, you have the right to immediately stop the process and elect to go to court. The type of abuse you experienced is also
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Circumstances may make parents feel a change is necessary to an already established parental responsibilities court order. The change can be determined mutually between parents to benefit their children or through a motion to modify through the court. Understanding the process and steps required will help ensure things move smoothly. A lawyer can help provide invaluable advice and counsel throughout the entire process.
Factors That Affect The Allocation of Parental Responsibilities
When a judge issues a court order on the allocation of parental responsibilities, it is done so in the child’s best interest. It is not a decision that
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Understanding why paternity is important is crucial to a child’s life and the parents. It is essential where divorce is concerned and all the issues accompanying it. A court will decide on all things related to a child that is in that child’s best interest. If an alleged father has not yet established paternity, they may be left out of all decisions regarding the child. That is because the court will only recognize the child’s legal father when it comes to custodial rights. For help with establishing paternity, it could help to speak with an attorney experienced in family law.
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Whether you are the culprit or if it is being done to you, withholding a child’s time from their parent just because that parent is behind in child support payments is wrong. It may be anger-inducing, but you cannot take matters into your own hands concerning court-ordered actions. By withholding parenting time, you are setting yourself up to be seen in poor standing by the Illinois court. Not paying child support can see you being held in contempt by the court with the possibility of seeing interest added to your owed payments.
The laws governing parenting time and child
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Either through spouses’ own terms or a court order, spousal maintenance is a very real possibility after a divorce. However, sometimes, things happen that can change the need for maintenance, and modifications or termination may be required. The legalities of maintenance can be complex and overwhelming. An experienced attorney can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding maintenance payments.
What is Spousal Maintenance?
Often referred to as alimony, spousal maintenance is support payments that one spouse provides to the other following a divorce. The spouse ordered to pay will usually be the one who is better off financially,
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Parents are encouraged to cooperate after a divorce and develop a parenting plan they can submit to a judge for approval. This should not be an issue in an uncontested divorce, but there is still mediation for parents who cannot cooperate for whatever reason. When parents cannot agree, a judge will intervene and establish a parenting plan that they feel is in the children’s best interest. An attorney with experience in family law can help you come up with a parenting plan, including all of the essentials.
Parenting Plan: What is it?
Parenting plans are documents that both parents or
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Grandparents are often an influential and loving presence in a developing child’s life. In some respects, grandparents can act as secondary caregivers to their grandchildren. However, when the parents are unable or incapable of providing proper care to their children, for whatever reason, it is not uncommon for a grandparent to step in and fill the role. A grandparent interested in becoming a grandchild’s guardian will wish to speak to an attorney regarding the legality of what must be done.
Reasons Grandparents May Want Guardianship of Their Grandchildren
When parents are deemed unfit to raise their children, it is because
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