Wheaton Divorce LawyerWhen any couple goes through a divorce, there are so many issues they need to figure out. When the couple also shares children, these issues are confounded. It is common to think about child-related issues in a divorce to revolve around matters like joint custody, where the child will sleep and when, who gets them for each holiday, who decides whether they can take karate, gymnastics or swimming, who they spend their summer vacation with, which parent gets to make medical-related decisions, and a ton of other questions that happen to be more relevant for discussions about young children.

The issue is that couples can get divorced at any stage in their life, and the timing of their divorce could impact issues that you might not have even considered. For example, if you are considering divorce and you have children who will soon be graduating high school, it could be helpful for you to speak with a knowledgeable DuPage County, IL, divorce lawyer. They can explain everything you need to think about to help you reach an agreement that will benefit your child and protect your rights.