dupage county divorce lawyerOne of the most contentious issues in any divorce can be child support. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services has a child support estimator that uses a variety of information, including the number of children, incomes of both parents, and spousal maintenance, to give people a general idea of possible child support amounts. Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) data indicated that the $766,636,244 paid in child support in Illinois in 2018 was actually less than the $807,772,022 paid in 2015, and the 43.5 percent of parents who were due child support said they received the full amount of child support due.

Illinois Child Support Guidelines

Child support is now determined through the Income Shares method based on the typical cost of raising a child or children in a family with the same combined income and the same number of children. 

Both parents’ incomes will be combined. Next, a Basic Support Obligation will be assigned to each parent according to their proportional contribution to the combined income. 

It is important to note that 750 Illinois Consolidated Statute § 5/505(a)(2) does allow for a court to deviate from the Income Shares guidelines. When rendering a decision on the duty of support, a court can consider the best interests of a child and relevant factors such as the:

  • financial resources and needs of a child

  • financial resources and needs of a custodial parent

  • standard of living a child would have enjoyed had a marriage survived

  • physical and emotional condition of a child, their educational needs

  • financial resources and needs of the non-custodial parent.

Child support is always subject to modification, meaning either party has the ability to file a petition with a court to modify a child support order. Common causes of child support modifications can include substantial changes of circumstances such as job losses or decreases in salary, changes in a child’s needs, cost of living increases, and either spouse remarrying.

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