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Divorce is never easy, but a divorce that seems to drag on interminably can be exhausting and expensive. Couples getting divorced in Illinois generally want their divorce to move as quickly as possible so they can resolve important issues and get on with life. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know exactly how long a divorce will take; many different issues can affect the speed and efficiency of the divorce process. However, if you are looking for a sense of how long your divorce might take, the following information may be helpful.

Is There a Waiting Period in Illinois?
If both
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Divorce is a notoriously challenging experience for everyone involved, especially if one spouse is trying to escape an unhealthy or abusive relationship involving domestic violence. Unfortunately, sometimes a spouse continues unhealthy behaviors by stalking, harassing, or intimidating their future ex. This may be in an effort to manipulate their partner into staying, or it may be an inappropriate effort to monitor and “catch” the partner in misdeeds. 
Whatever the reason, it is not okay for one spouse to make the other spouse feel uncomfortable or unsafe during divorce proceedings. If you are in this situation and do not know
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One of the most important parts of a divorce is the division of marital assets. Spouses are bound by Illinois law to be transparent and forthcoming about their individual and shared finances so they can negotiate fairly and come to an equitable resolution, as required by the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. 
When a spouse is deceptive and attempts to hide property, savings, income, investments, or other assets, effective action is required to investigate and reveal the missing information. A competent Illinois divorce attorney can help you track down missing assets before a judgment or help you appeal
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For children whose parents are divorced, child support is an essential part of ensuring they get their needs met by both parents. Illinois law uses a formula to determine payments using the Income Shares method, and payments are generally made from the non-residential parent to the residential parent (or the parent who has the most parenting time). 
Sometimes, after child support payments have been determined, an unexpected expense will occur. Children may become seriously ill and require expensive medical treatment, or be diagnosed with a learning disability that requires extensive tutoring or in-class support. When these things happen, Illinois
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As recently as one generation ago, most children had two married parents and grew up in “traditional families.” Regardless of whether they were happy together, parents generally did not get divorced and, as a result, Illinois had fairly rigid child custody laws.
For better or worse, times have changed. Illinois law has been updated in many ways to reflect the growing diversity of family structures, and one way this benefits unmarried parents is in their shared right to have a say over their children’s issues. For parents who have never been married, and fathers in particular, it is important
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For most married couples in Illinois, there comes at least one moment during their relationship when they wonder whether staying together is the right choice. Some of these couples have problems that can be solved. They push through their challenges and come out on the other side stronger and more committed to each other. For some couples, however, deciding to end their marriage is irrefutably the right choice. An abusive or dishonest spouse, differing core values, or a gradual process of growing apart make getting divorced the most sensible choice. 
Many people find themselves at a crossroads, unsure whether the
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When making decisions about parenting time and parental responsibilities during divorce, Illinois judges and courts are primarily concerned with the best interests of children. However, extra care is needed with cases that involve children with special needs. These children often require increased levels of medical care, educational accommodations, and supervision.
These needs can impact the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time in several ways. Although it may not always be easy, parents, attorneys, and judges must go the extra mile to ensure that disabled children have their needs met during and after divorce. If you are getting divorced
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The marital home is often the most valuable asset a couple owns and is consequently one of the most difficult and embittered issues in a divorce’s asset division. This is complicated by the fact that couples usually have children and the marital home is the place where those children have shared their lives with their parents. Parents may understandably have concerns about uprooting the children by selling the marital home and moving them somewhere new. 
But one spouse keeping the marital home is not necessarily the best for everyone. Just as the home is generally a couple’s most valuable asset,
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Unlike other things that must be addressed and divided in a divorce, Social Security benefits are often forgotten until after the divorce is over. This is because Social Security benefits are not actually subject to division in a divorce. However, under certain circumstances, divorced spouses are entitled to receive benefits based on their former spouse’s work history. As long as the necessary circumstances are met, the benefits a beneficiary spouse can receive are based on the former spouse’s entire work history – not just the period during which they were married. 
Am I Eligible To Receive My Former Spouse’s
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People often work for the better part of their adult lives so they can look forward to retiring one day. Divorce can throw a shadow over your retirement prospects – after all, an important part of the divorce process is dividing marital assets.
Retirement accounts, including government pensions, are generally considered marital assets. Even if you started working at your job before you got married, any contributions to a pension account – from you or the government – after the marriage began will be considered marital property. Pension accounts must be valued and then divided, which can present significant challenges
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As couples choose to have children later and later in life, and some couples choose not to have children at all, many spouses opt for pet ownership instead. Indeed, pets can feel as though they are a member of the family, and pet parents are often understandably worried about what will happen to their pet if they get divorced. Families with children may also be concerned about who will keep the family pet. Fortunately, Illinois updated the relevant divorce laws in 2018 to allow pets to be treated in a more nuanced way than a car or savings account.
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Small businesses owners in Illinois face enormous challenges when trying to make their business successful. Many years and countless hours spent finding clients, fixing problems, and doing paperwork are no guarantee of achieving wealth or ease. The prospect of divorce can threaten everything an entrepreneur has created, including his or her long-term financial stability.
The process of valuing and dividing a business in divorce also poses unique challenges. Determining which valuation method to use, how to split the business or buy out a spouse, and what to do with a business after these changes occur often require help from a
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Couples in Illinois often still live together when one spouse files for divorce. Many reasons, including the financial impact of maintaining two households, compel them to continue living together while the divorce process is underway. However, divorces can be conflict-ridden, and living together may prove impossible. 
Spouses who find themselves in this situation but dislike the idea of leaving their children or fear the repercussions of leaving the home may wonder what to do. Can one spouse force the other to leave the home? Will leaving the home impact a court’s future decisions about parenting time or asset division?
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Originally instituted as a method by which gay and lesbian couples could get married in Illinois without federal approval, civil unions are now used by a wide variety of people for many reasons. Some couples are simply disinterested in the large ceremonies and expensive receptions that often accompany weddings, and some couples want to solidify their commitment to each other without affecting their federal tax filing status.
Although nobody enters into a civil union expecting that one day the relationship will fall apart, unfortunately, this does happen. Because civil unions are less common than marriages, partners may be left with
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Illinois parentage law recognizes that relationships between people can be complicated and unpredictable. When there is a question regarding the parentage of a child who is born to unmarried parents, there is a procedure for establishing who is the father of the child.
Although the stereotypical notion of establishing paternity often comes in the form of a mother who needs to obtain child support, many times a man who believes a child is his son or daughter is eager to have a relationship with that child and be actively involved in his or her life. Legally establishing paternity can benefit
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Preparing for a wedding is a busy, thrilling, and nerve-wracking time. There are so many things to think about and so much romance in the air that considering a prenuptial agreement is often the last thing on the bride or groom’s mind. After all, nobody gets married believing that they will eventually get divorced.
Unfortunately, the statistics on divorce are clear. Many marriages do eventually come to an end, and many divorces are hostile and combative in nature. Although it may feel as though such a thing could never happen to you, spending just a few hours on a prenup
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