Yes, jury trials are happening in Cook County at the Daley Center, despite the ongoing COVID -19 pandemic, which is now headed into its second full year.  Last week, a Cook County jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of our client in a rare probate case involving ownership of real estate, multiple financial accounts and other property. The jury awarded our client assets valued at over $1.5 million.

“The Court and its staff did an excellent job of making the jury process run smoothly and safely,” said attorney David Gower, who represented our client in the jury trial during the week of February 7, 2022.   He added that “everyone wore masks when they were not speaking, and everyone was kept at a safe distance.”  Jurors were spread out.  There were two rows of four jurors in the jury box.  An additional 4 jurors sat in chairs in the well of the courtroom in front of the jury box.   Plus, 2 alternate jurors sat in the front row of the gallery.  Rather than deliberating in a small conference room, jurors were allowed to deliberate in an entirely separate courtroom, where they could spread out and keep a safe distance from each other.  Furthermore, the lawyer conducting the examination of trial witnesses had to remain at a podium at a safe distance from the jurors.

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