Our Lawyer Spotlight series highlights Illinois lawyers who are demonstrating the ideals of professionalism in their daily lives.
Michael J. Hernandez is an equity partner at Franczek P.C., a mid-size law firm in Chicago. His primary practice area is labor and employment law representing management and educational institutions, including collective bargaining, for more than 25 years.
How has your practice evolved during the last few years?  
Of course, the pandemic changed the legal game. While I was in the office throughout the pandemic, much of our staff worked virtually, as did the Courts and some clients.
[Given the
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Walking down the street instantly gives you less physical protection compared to traveling by car. As a pedestrian, you are one of the most vulnerable users of the road. October happens to be Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month. So whether you are out trick-or-treating or rushing to catch a bus to work in Arlington Heights, if you have sustained a personal injury, you have rights.
Legal Protections for Pedestrians
The number of people struck and killed while walking reached a historic high in 2020. Nationwide, an average of 18 pedestrians were killed every day. In Illinois, pedestrian deaths jumped nearly
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The Food Institute
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Experts Predict ‘Striketober’ to Remember

 | SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

Slightly more than a month before the mid-term elections, thousands of U.S. workers are threatening to turn October into “Striketober,” with restaurant workers at the forefront of the bid to increase wages and improve working conditions.“The goals of unionization haven’t changed that much: They continue to be focused on better wages/benefits and better working conditions,” Andrew Moyer, executive vice president and general manager at Reputation Partners, told The Food Institute. “What has inflated those expectations significantly
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Friday, September 30, 2022

Another Inflation Stress: Rising Costs of Senior-Living Homes Strain Families

Many long-term-care facilities are responding to inflation by raising prices and adding new fees to their residents bills. This is to cover higher costs of food, utilities, insurance, wages, supplies, and management of COVID-19 protocols, but the increase in cost of living is now putting on a strain on many older Americans.
Prices vary by region and type of care, but many have seen increases ranging from 3% to 12%, leaving monthly bills to skyrocket. A recent study by NORC at University of Chicago showed that approximately
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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Why People of Color Are Less Likely to Have a Will

According to a survey conducted by Consumer Reports earlier this year, high numbers responded not having a will in place. While the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a wake-up call for many Americans around end-of-life planning, it is still reported that 1 in 3 Americans don’t have a will.
The Consumer Report Survey showed a noticeable difference in responses from people of color, with the top reasons cited as being too young, not having enough assets, not being sure how to create one, or
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1Ls at the University of Chicago Law School
The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism is pleased to announce that it has again had the privilege of facilitating professionalism orientations for 1Ls at Illinois’ nine law schools.

Each year, Illinois Supreme Court and Appellate Court justices, federal judges, and Illinois circuit court judges introduce incoming law students to the principles of professionalism and explain why it matters in their legal careers.

They then lead the students in the Pledge of Professionalismduring which the students commit to practicing integrity, civility, and respect as law students and future attorneys.

Given the COVID-19
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Traffic levels are slowly edging back to pre-pandemic levels. Unfortunately, traffic deaths around the country and in Illinois have risen sharply as well. The Chicago Sun Times reported yestderday that there were 280 traffic fatalities during the first quarter of the year, a 24% jump from the same time in 2021.T There were 584 traffic fatalities through the first six months of 2022. That’s an 8% increase compared to the first half of 2021 and a 32% jump from 2020. The NHTSA won’t finalize counts until the end of the year.

According to the article and to the National Safety
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The earth is currently facing a massive environmental crisis, and water pollution is one of the many issues that our society faces today.
Rivers, lakes, and oceans worldwide are polluted with chemicals, plastics, human waste, and other contaminants like pharmaceuticals. Since the pandemic, the increased usage of face masks and other PPE has introduced even more man-made waste to our waters in recent years.
Water pollution puts everyone and everything at risk, including humans, wildlife, and the environment. Contaminants kill animals, destroy habitats, and disrupt ecological processes. As a result, humans suffer from limited food production, water scarcity, and hindered
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David Silverman and Dan Bolin are back for a livestream of Ancel Glink’s Quorum Forum podcast to discuss the latest on accessory dwelling units in Illinois and recent constitutional challenges to local ordinances affecting homeless populations. They also review your questions on the latest legal issues affecting local governments. Email us your questions at—Resources—Watch the Quorum Forum 45 Livestream at CDC, [Interim Guidance on Unsheltered Homelessness and COVID-19 for Homeless Service Providers and Local Officials](…d-homelessness.html)—Credits—Producer: Daniel J. BolinAssistant Producers: Matthew T. DiCianniExecutive Producers: Julie Tappendorf, Keri-Lyn KraftheferChair: Daniel J. BolinEngineers: Ricardo Perez, Matt Smith This
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Tina Cockburn, Kelly Purser, Ho Fai Chan, Bridget J. Crawford, Stephen Whyte, and Uwe Dulleck recently published an article entitled, A Behavioural Economics Analysis of Will Making Preferences: When to Begin and Who Should Have the Most Input?, Minnesota Journal of International Law, Forthcoming. Provided below is an abstract of the Article:

The global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to plan for death, including the transmission of property through a valid will. Surprisingly little is known, however, about when people tend to make wills, how they go about doing so, and whether those
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As any small business owner can attest to, running your own company is not an easy task. This is especially true presently. Between inflation, labor shortages, and the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, many business owners are struggling to keep their businesses afloat.
Getting divorced while simultaneously running a small business is even more complicated. Business owners must determine whether their business is partially or fully marital property and address the business during asset division. To do this, they will first need to determine the value of the company. Fortunately, business owners facing divorce do not have to handle
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The warning indicators of nursing home abuse are diverse and include unexplained injuries, unsanitary conditions, abrupt behavioral changes, and pressure ulcers or bedsores. Additionally, some residents experience emotional abuse. Nursing facilities sometimes prioritize profitability over patient care, which can lead to abuse, negligent care, major accidents, and even fatalities.
Some of the most vulnerable members of society are those who live in nursing homes. The care of nursing home residents is governed by state and federal laws.
We highly suggest contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer to safeguard your loved one and secure compensation if you suspect abuse is taking
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White, male attorneys continue to make up the majority of lawyers in the U.S., according to the ABA’s Profile of the Legal Profession, an annual report on diversity in the legal profession that was released last month.

However, the number of female attorneys and those from underrepresented ethnic and racial communities is growing, especially among law students and associates.

And while Illinois ranks high when it comes to the number of attorneys who practice in the state (5th overall), lawyers are rapidly flocking to places like North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and Utah, where the number of active attorneys has
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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”), 9,650 people died in motor vehicle accidents in the first 3 months of this year. This is a 7% increase over the year before. It is also the highest first quarter since 2002.

No doubt the ending of covid restrictions has contributed to these rising numbers as more people are out on the roads. People drove about 40 billion more miles in the first quarter than a year earlier, a 5.6% increase, the NHTSA said. But the rate of traffic deaths per 100 million miles traveled also increased during the quarter
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The pandemic has made owning a bike shop a lucrative business. Bikes were nearly impossible to get early in the COVID lockdown, as shut-in people with time on their hands decided there was only so much Tiger King they could watch without doing something outside. There is a sense of freedom when riding, which is one reason I love riding my bike.
However, many people who took up riding had no idea what they were doing, and had never learned the basics of how to handle a bike, where they fit in among fellow riders, vehicular traffic, or what rules
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