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When it comes to road safety, the phrase “less is more” appropriately applies to the weight cargo trucks carry. Excess truck cargo poses numerous dangers, significantly increasing the risks of various types of accidents involving trucks. If you suffered injuries in an accident caused by an overloaded truck, an Orland Park personal injury lawyer can help you pursue compensation.
The Explosive Consequences of Excess Truck Weight
One of the immediate dangers of overloaded trucks is tire blowouts. When a truck carries more weight than its tires are designed to handle, the tires can become severely strained. This stress
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Lane-splitting, the practice where motorcyclists ride between lanes of slow-moving or stopped traffic, is a maneuver that aims to save time and reduce traffic congestion. However, suppose you have been injured while lane-splitting in Illinois. In that case, it is important to understand what this entails, its legal standing, and the steps you should take afterward, including contacting an Illinois personal injury attorney.
What is Lane-Splitting?
Sometimes referred to as white-lining, lane-splitting involves riding a motorcycle between lanes of vehicles that are either moving slowly or stopped. While this technique can mitigate traffic congestion and potentially enhance commute times
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When discussing motorcycle safety, speed is often cited as one of the primary causes of motorcycle accidents. After all, motorcycles are associated with adrenaline-pumping acceleration with their sleek and agile designs.  But is speed really the primary reason for all motorcycle accidents? The short answer is no. While speed can certainly play a role, it is not the sole culprit.
If you were in a motorcycle accident and are looking for legal help, attorneys are available to investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and whether pursuing damages is something you should consider.
Human Error in Causing Motorcycle Accidents
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Dealing with the wrongful death of a loved one due to a catastrophic injury is a gut-wrenching experience that can be painful and traumatizing. Overwhelming grief is enough to make people feel like they are lost and alone. However, this is not the case. Besides supporting you through the legal process, your wrongful death attorney can play a pivotal role in helping you locate grief counseling and support groups to help aid you in your healing process.
The Importance of Grief Counseling After a Wrongful Death
Grief counseling is important in coping with the emotional turmoil following a wrongful death
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Experiencing a catastrophic injury in the family is life-altering. The physical, emotional, and financial toll can be overwhelming, leaving families feeling isolated and unsure of the road ahead. In Illinois, it is essential for families facing these challenges to find strong emotional support systems to navigate this difficult journey. Discuss with a catastrophic injury attorney the options that may be available not only to your injured family member but to other family members who may be struggling to come to terms with their loved one’s injury.
Recognizing the Emotional Impact of a Catastrophic Injury
Catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain
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When someone experiences a catastrophic injury, the road to recovery can be long and challenging. These injuries can include serious harm from car accidents or other traumatic injuries. One crucial component of the rehabilitation process is occupational therapy (OT). If you have suffered a catastrophic injury and are interested in learning about rehabilitation options, discuss with your injury attorney whether OT is right for you.
What is Occupational Therapy?
Occupational therapy is a branch of healthcare that focuses on helping people regain or improve the ability to perform daily activities, or “occupations,” which can range from self-care tasks like
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 Truck accidents are devastating events that are a major concern on highways across Illinois. These accidents often lead to severe injury and fatalities and considerable economic costs. While many factors contribute to these accidents, road design plays an important, yet sometimes overlooked, role. A well-planned and maintained road network can significantly reduce the likelihood of truck accidents, but poor road design and maintenance can have the opposite effect. In the event you have been injured in a truck accident, due to road design or something else, strongly consider hiring an attorney for legal assistance in this personal injury matter.
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Experiencing a catastrophic injury is an injury that alters your life in physical, emotional, and financial ways. As life takes this unexpected turn, careful financial planning becomes essential for ensuring that a survivor can secure his or her future, including covering all needs to maintain a high quality of life. It is a daunting task, but with the right strategies, meeting all important legal deadlines, and hiring a lawyer, survivors, and families can navigate this situation effectively.
Understanding the Financial Impact of a Catastrophic Injury
Catastrophic injuries frequently lead to an avalanche of unexpected expenses. These costs can
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As a motorcyclist, riding in a group can transform a solo journey into a shared adventure, making the experience more enjoyable for all involved. However, group riding introduces unique challenges and potential risks, both of which can lead to accidents. In Illinois, where there are a plentiful number of scenic routes, understanding and implementing group riding safety techniques is important for reducing accidents and ensuring an enjoyable experience for all. In the unfortunate event of an accident occurring, Illinoisans need to know they should contact an attorney for assistance within Illinois’ two-year statute of limitations for injury cases. 
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Surviving a brain injury is a significant ordeal that often requires numerous forms of rehabilitation, including speech therapy. Speech therapy plays a crucial role in helping a brain injury survivor regain his or her communication skills, which are an essential aspect of daily life. However, the cost of such therapy can be a concern for a brain injury survivor and his or her family. An attorney can help survivors and families outline potential costs and discuss how pursuing compensation can help cover these costs. 
The Importance of Speech Therapy
Speech therapy is vital for brain injury survivors as it
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Navigating the aftermath of a vehicular accident is not easy. However, understanding the differences between truck and car accidents can help victims better handle his or her claims. While both incidents can lead to significant property damage and personal injury, several key factors distinguish these two types of accidents. Regardless of whether you were involved in a car or truck accident, contacting a lawyer from a firm that has handled major multimillion-dollar settlements is an excellent first step toward pursuing compensation and moving on from this ordeal. 
Scale and Impact of Truck and Car Accidents Can Differ Greatly 
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In the bustling streets of Illinois, pedestrian accidents involving jaywalking can raise important legal questions involving fault and liability. While jaywalking is indeed considered a traffic violation, pedestrians involved in accidents still have legal options under the concept of comparative negligence. Accordingly, if you were injured in a pedestrian accident, contact a lawyer for assistance pursuing the compensation which may be owed to you. 
The accomplished legal team at Schwartz Injury Law is no stranger to assisting those injured as a pedestrian. With a demonstrated track record of obtaining major multimillion-dollar settlements, clients can trust our firm to deliver
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As some of the largest motor vehicles on the road, trucks serve many important functions in our society, such as delivering goods to supermarkets or products to a store. Sadly, however, accidents do happen. Navigating the aftermath of a truck accident is a complex and challenging process, and the need for solid evidence is most important when determining fault and seeking justice. Certain pieces of evidence can help shape a truck accident case. This evidence does not just fall out of the sky; it must be identified.
The astute and aggressive team of attorneys at Schwartz Injury Law has become
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In the area of personal injury law, catastrophic injuries can have seriously impactful and long-term effects on the lives of those injured and their families. When catastrophic injuries occur because of another person’s reckless or intentional actions, questions may arise regarding whether punitive damages should be sought against the negligent party. Punitive damages are a type of compensation awarded in civil cases to punish the defendant for their egregious conduct and to prevent similar misconduct from happening in the future. Unlike other compensatory damages, such damages are intended to compensate the plaintiff for their losses; punitive damages are intended to
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Rehabilitation plays a critical role in the recovery journey of people who have experienced catastrophic injuries in Illinois. Whether it is a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or something else, rehabilitation services are critical in helping victims regain independence, improve quality of life, and reintegrate into their communities. If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, contact an attorney to ensure you can receive any potential compensation while also obtaining the critical rehabilitation care that can be beneficial for those dealing with the effects of a catastrophic injury.
At Schwartz Injury Law, the distinguished attorneys
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Suffering injuries in a car accident can often lead to overwhelming medical costs, adding to the stress of recovery. In Illinois, knowing how to control these expenses is crucial for injured individuals seeking to manage their finances effectively during such a challenging time. If you are searching for practical ways to maintain your medical costs after suffering injuries in a car accident, there are strategies you can pursue. Discuss your options with a trained and experienced attorney.
At Schwartz Injury Law, our trusted team of personal injury attorneys knows how devastating, both emotionally and financially, the aftermath
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