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Springtime in Illinois is more than a little magical. Not only does the world bloom before one’s very eyes, individuals who have long been stuck indoors start to venture out again. Although everyone perceives the burdens of winter to some degree or another, individuals who have limited mobility or who otherwise cannot easily travel on snow and ice tend to feel the brunt of the winter months more than most. As a result, these individuals tend to be particularly eager to get out in the spring. However, they need to take certain precautions to avoid slip-and-fall injuries when they do.
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Most federal employees work at government agencies that facilitate various interests which influence the American experience. Among these agencies are several that help to ensure that the raw materials, agricultural products, and goods that are sold to businesses and individuals are safe. Without the efforts of various safety-related agencies, the rates of non-fatal and fatal injuries resulting from defective products would skyrocket.
With that said, far too many defective and dangerous products do slip through the cracks of the system and ultimately need to be recalled in the interests of public safety. When auto parts are recalled, consumers receive a
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In 2016, when researchers from the famed Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine revealed that medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., the media, the medical establishment, and the general public were stunned. The fact that medical mistakes occur was not a secret. But their prevalence and the extent to which they cause catastrophic or fatal harm were not yet widely understood.  
As this reality has been public knowledge for several years, it probably should not be surprising that researchers from the same institution recently revealed that emergency room misdiagnosis errors are made approximately 7.4
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Generally speaking, the transit system in Illinois works fairly well. City buses, trains, and other government vehicles help get people where they need to go in addition to carrying city employees about their business. However, the people operating these vehicles are subject to the same flaws as anyone else, and careless or negligent behavior on their part can lead to serious accidents with civilians. If you have been involved in an accident with a government vehicle, whether it was an accident on public transit or a car crash with a government car, make sure you speak to an
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Every year around this time, sleet, snow, and ice make for dangerous driving. Most drivers slow down and take the roads carefully, but not everybody drives safely enough to prevent serious car accidents from happening. 
One such accident recently occurred on the Illinois-Wisconsin border that sent nearly 30 people to the hospital and involved several dozen vehicles. Accidents like this cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, threaten lives, and often lead to many victims who require expensive, long-term medical care. However, determining who is responsible for such an accident can be very difficult, especially with so many
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Various parts of Illinois are bustling with pedestrians rushing to get to work or simply enjoying the day. But pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable people on the roads. They have to share the streets with fast-moving cars and big trucks and the obvious disadvantage is that they lack protective equipment when taking a stroll. A recent study shows that pedestrian accidents lead to a high number of knee injuries. Being injured in any type of accident can lead to long-term physical disability and impairment. At [[title]], we are dedicated to helping you get the compensation you deserve
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X-rays are crucial in diagnosing an illness. But despite advances in technology, error rates in radiology remain almost the same as they did back in 1949. New research found that radiologists are missing significant problems in about 30 percent of chest x-rays while looking for disease. Radiologist mistakes continue to happen and, in some instances, they can lead to irreversible damage. Responsible parties must be held accountable because injuries from a misread x-ray can lead to lifelong disabilities or even death.
X-Rays and Neurocognitive Flaws
Typically, x-ray technicians and doctors review the images to determine if there is a cause
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The most common injury at birth is a newborn’s fractured collarbone, which can lead to the development of Erb’s palsy (also known as brachial plexus birth palsy), a nerve condition that affects the shoulder and arm. The mere thought of that happening to your newborn is upsetting and painful to parents. Unfortunately, some 12,000 babies are born with Erb’s palsy. If your child suffered a birth injury you could be entitled to financial compensation for medical malpractice.
How Can Childbirth Trigger Erb’s Palsy?
During a difficult vaginal childbirth or a cesarean section, a doctor may have to move the
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Medical errors are a serious public health problem and a leading cause of death in the United States. At least 4,000 surgical mistakes occur each year in the United States, causing catastrophic harm to patients. The Joint Commission, which drives quality improvement and patient safety, acknowledges that surgical errors are preventable. If a surgical error caused you serious harm, you may be entitled to compensation.
What Triggers Surgical Mistakes?
The impact of surgical errors can range from life-altering injuries to loss of life. Surgical mistakes seem to be more common before and after the actual surgery rather than errors made
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Colorectal cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Unfortunately, many colon cancers are not detected in time, and this is especially true among younger patients who are increasingly being misdiagnosed. The risk of getting colon cancer increases with age which is why it is so puzzling to be seeing so many younger people in advanced stages of this disease. This year, nearly 18,000 people in the United States under 50 years of age will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. If you had a colon cancer misdiagnosis or if treatment was not prompt, you may
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Circumcisions are commonly performed on babies. Having your son circumcised may be a personal decision that conforms to a religious ritual or perhaps it is for preventive health care purposes. Although the circumcision rates in the United States have declined, there are still complications that can arise. 
Several cases were recently reviewed, shedding light on 47 problems that tend to surface from circumcision surgeries. As with any surgery, mistakes by medical professionals can cause serious problems. If your child has been injured as a result of a botched circumcision, you could be entitled to compensation.
Circumcision Complications 
If you
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Getting the news that you will be losing a limb can be devastating, especially after a car accident that is not your fault. Yet traffic accidents are the second leading cause of amputations. Sometimes you may not even have time to digest the horrible news because it happens in a violent car crash. Other times, a doctor may say they need to amputate to save your life. Amputation injuries can have a profound impact on your life and for that reason are considered catastrophic injuries.
Common Amputation Injuries
Trauma caused by car crashes, sports injuries, and workplace accidents accounts
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Every day people are injured in vehicle accidents. Many are fortunate enough to walk away with minor bumps and bruises but serious injuries can lead to lifelong health issues. Fibromyalgia happens to be a chronic musculoskeletal disorder that can be triggered by the physical and emotional trauma that comes from a car accident. The impact can also aggravate or worsen this severe condition.
Understanding Fibromyalgia
If you have fibromyalgia, you will experience pain throughout your body. That is because this condition affects the way the brain processes pain signals, prompting pain sensations to multiply. Fibromyalgia can not only be
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Nearly 300,000 people have a spinal injury in the United States and most people sustain spinal cord injuries through no fault of their own. For the last seven years, vehicle crashes have led to about 39 percent of all spinal cord injuries. After a spinal cord injury, things you may take for granted, such as driving or cooking, become more difficult and, in severe cases, impossible. 
Spinal Cord Injuries
Whenever there is a stressful situation, we have a fight or flight response. At the time of a violent crash, back injuries are not always obvious right away. If the
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When you first learned that your child had cerebral palsy all you wanted to do is care for your baby day and night. But the required level of care day in and day out can be challenging and expensive. Medical negligence can lead to a lifetime of problems for both the child and the family.
Medical costs for children with cerebral palsy are 10 times higher compared to children without this disorder or other intellectual disabilities. If the realization of long-term financial expenses is setting in and you are considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit you have to act quickly.
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When you are faced with a life-and-death situation, you trust that the hospital you are rushing your loved one to will be up to the task and do everything in its power to save a life. But inadequate training, equipment failures, and slips of a scalpel are just a few of the reasons why the United States ranks third in the nation for hospital mistakes. The last thing you want are missteps leading to subpar medical care that trigger health complications or worse, death. At [[title]] we are dedicated to helping people receive the compensation they deserve for medical malpractice.
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