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Going to the pool is a popular pastime for many. Unfortunately, for thousands of Americans, their time at the pool ends with more than a nice tan. According to the Pool Safety Foundation, more than 2,000 children under the age of five suffer submersion injuries every year, and many of these injuries occur at pools. Thousands of adults suffer injuries as well.
Victims that survive are often left with debilitating permanent disabilities, such as brain damage. They may have difficulty concentrating and recalling information, making a normal life difficult. In addition to physical injuries, victims face other challenges, such as
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Any serious bodily injury has the potential to impact a person’s quality of life, but the implications of a brain injury are often especially severe. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the head is struck with a force that causes the brain to bruise, bleed, or suffer damage.
Common traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Concussions: A blow to the head that shakes the brain. Symptoms vary considerably, ranging from mild headaches to long-term memory loss. Concussions usually heal over time.
  • Brain Contusions: A bruise on the brain with concussion-like symptoms. If the bleeding subsists, surgery may be required to remove

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Suffering a workplace injury is frustrating. You may be unable to work, require intensive medical care, and be left with permanent disabilities. However, the situation is all the more vexing if your workers’ compensation claim is denied.
Injured workers depend on workers’ compensation benefits during their recovery. If a claim is denied, the worker may be left with mounting medical bills and other expenses. Here are three common reasons workers compensation claims are denied:
The Accident Did Not Occur at Work
In order to qualify for benefits, your injury must have occurred during work. However, this does not necessitate a
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When people think of workplace injuries, they often picture a worker falling off a ladder or slipping on a wet surface. However, not all workplace injuries are caused by single catastrophic event; rather, some are caused by small, repetitive actions that wear down a body part over time. These are known as repetitive motion injuries or repetitive stress injuries (RSI).
According to the Columbia University Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine, “Repetitive motion injuries are temporary or permanent injuries to muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons caused by performing the same motion over and over again.”
Although RSI could impact
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Being injured in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, especially if those injuries are serious. Not only do you deal with the pain and medical treatment that comes with those injuries, but victims also often face financial difficulties because of the cost of the medical care and lost wages from time missed from work as they recover.
In most cases, when a person is injured in a car accident, there is no hesitation about filing for damages against the driver who caused that accident and is responsible for those injuries. But what happens when that driver is someone
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Under Illinois criminal law, when a person is charged with a serious crime, it is up to the prosecutor to take the legal steps to charge the accused with a felony crime. There are cases where a prosecutor will decide not to pursue felony charges, and the charges the police arrested the accused on are dropped, even if the police disagree with the prosecutor’s decision. However, a group of Illinois lawmakers are seeking to change all that and have recently filed legislation that would allow police chiefs to override the prosecutor’s decision.
Felony Process
Under the current law, there
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 The number of elder abuse cases in this country is alarming. It is estimated that five million seniors are abused each year. One in 10 seniors over the age of 60 report having suffered at least one incident of elder abuse. One of the most common places where this abuse takes place is nursing homes. Almost 40 percent of nursing home residents report they have witnessed another resident suffer abuse of another resident within the prior 12 months, 10 percent of nursing home staff have admitted to physically abusing a resident, and 40 percent have admitted to emotionally abusing residents.
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One of the rights that an accused has under the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution is the “right to a speedy and public trial.” Although the amendment does not define exactly how long “speedy” is, both the federal government and Illinois have passed laws that define how long a prosecutor has to bring a defendant to trial.
The COVID-19 pandemic changed all that, with shutdowns of the Illinois court system, forcing those time limits to be tolled (paused). Although some proceedings were held via Zoom, the majority of trials have been on hold. However, as of October 1, that
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Commercial truck drivers are held to very high standards and work within strict but necessary regulations. Such standards and regulations are put in place to keep the truck driver and surrounding vehicles safe. To legally drive a commercial vehicle, one must obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). When drivers fail to uphold their expected protocols and rules, that license may be temporarily or permanently revoked, and the driver may face expensive fines. Because roadside inspections are a routine procedure, drivers in this line of work should understand what precautions they can take to prevent CDL violations and avoid license revocation. 
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Whether you are walking through a mall, a doctor’s office, or your place of work, no one expects to slip and fall, nor is anyone prepared for the consequences of this type of accident. If you have sustained severe injuries due to an accident you suffered on someone else’s property, it is important to work with an experienced attorney who can help determine what compensation you may be entitled to and hold the responsible parties accountable.
What Causes a Slip and Fall Accident?
There are numerous factors that can lead to employees and patrons suffering a slip and fall
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In general, getting pulled over can cause a great deal of tension and anxiety. It is not uncommon for drivers in these situations to be nervous and make mistakes or say the wrong thing as a result. Getting pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) should be taken very seriously, and drivers should be prepared for what is expected of them and how best to handle the situation. Even if you act with the utmost respect and rationale, you could face serious consequences, and it is in your best interest to connect with a lawyer who can
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Employees who sustain on-the-job injuries may suffer short-term and long-term effects. In some cases, it is possible for these injuries to affect individuals for the rest of their lives. When a work-related injury causes life-changing damage, whether that be physically, emotionally, financially, or all of the above, the employee can pursue a workers’ compensation claim through their employer. A skilled attorney can assist injured employees in recovering maximum benefits to help the victim adequately recover and protect their legal rights.  
Common Injuries Associated With Workers’ Compensation
When employees suffer injury, illness, disease or other harm from their job or workplace
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In Illinois and across the country, physicians and other healthcare professionals are expected to provide an adequate level of care to their patients. If a physician’s substandard care results in a patient suffering injury, their negligence could constitute medical malpractice. Medical malpractice is commonly seen in the form of surgical errors, misdiagnosis, or birth injuries. However, a doctor refusing or failing to treat a patient in need of attention can have outcomes that are just as bad.
When Does Patient Abandonment Constitute Medical Malpractice?
When considering medical malpractice, most people likely imagine actions a doctor may take that severely harm
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Though passenger cars and semi-trucks differ substantially in weight, driver field of vision, and stopping distance, they are still expected to safely share the road every day. Unfortunately, when these two contrasting vehicles collide, the crash can lead to devastating outcomes. Oftentimes, truck wrecks are preventable and are the result of negligence. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury or death due to the negligence of a truck driver, the truck company, or other involved parties, a personal injury attorney can help you hold them accountable.
Inadequate Maintenance Can Lead to Large Truck Accidents
Commercial trucking accidents
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When considering what to expect in a criminal trial, the average person likely thinks of the court proceedings they have seen in movies or television shows. While that may provide the most basic understanding of a trial, there are many smaller pieces that often get left out. This blog will briefly go over each step of the trial process that a criminal defendant can expect. It is important to note that there are many ways a trial may veer from this path, but if you are facing a criminal trial, it is highly recommended that you find a criminal
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Drunk driving can lead to very dangerous situations, and Illinois has laws in place to curb drunk driving as much as possible. The rules regarding DUIs for underaged drivers are especially strict, and it is important to be aware of the possible consequences if an officer has probable cause to suspect you have been drinking. Even if you are below the legal limit for the typical DUI requirements, you may still face severe punishments as an underage driver.
The Illinois Zero Tolerance Law
Unfortunately, many alcohol-related car accidents involve underage drivers, and Illinois has implemented a Zero Tolerance Law in
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