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Managing issues associated with parenting during your Illinois divorce can severely test a divorcee’s patience. Nevertheless, parents must try to work together to create a parenting plan that lays out how parental responsibilities and parenting time will be allocated. 
Courts expect both parents to be involved in their child’s life unless there is a good reason for them not to be. However, the actions and behavior of each parent can influence a court’s final decision regarding the authority to make important decisions on behalf of a child. Even if parents create a comprehensive parenting plan together, a court will still
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Once a homeowning couple in Illinois decides to get divorced, further decisions must be made: Who is going to move out? Should one of us try to keep the house, or sell it and split the proceeds? While each couple’s answers will depend on their unique situation and long-term financial goals, there are some things every couple should think about before they make a major decision about homeownership after divorce
Homeownership on One Income is Challenging
Many people, especially mothers who are reluctant to move their children during all the upheaval of a divorce, will negotiate other marital assets
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Sometimes during an Illinois divorce, an attorney fails to represent their client in an appropriate or adequate manner. Other times, a client may simply be dissatisfied with the level of service an attorney provides, or unhappy with how quickly the case is moving. Whatever your reason for firing your previous attorney, you will likely want their case records so you can begin working with someone new without having to return to square one. Even if you have not fired your attorney, you can request copies of your case files for any reason.
Unfortunately, sometimes attorneys are reluctant to hand
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Like many other states, Illinois no longer uses the term “custody” as it pertains to a parent’s legal relationship with their child. Instead, when parents get divorced or otherwise determine parenting arrangements, Illinois law divides what was formerly known as custody into two separate categories: parenting time and parental responsibilities. In our last blog post, we discussed the concept of parental responsibilities in detail. This blog will focus on parenting time and what parents can expect from this area of Illinois law. 
What is Parenting Time? 
Parenting time is essentially what it sounds like – the time a parent
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A common reason couples in Illinois cite for their divorce is substantial differences of opinion when it comes to raising the children. While these differences can make being married challenging, they do not necessarily get better during or after a divorce. Parents may no longer share a household, but they still have to negotiate a parenting agreement and communicate with each other about the children, often for many years into the future. 
Parents who create a parenting agreement must handle several different aspects of sharing custody. The most important of these, parenting time and parental responsibilities, are important to
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Statistics suggest that more couples than ever are getting divorced later in life. While many couples still divorce when they have young children, there is an increasing number of couples who get divorced after their children leave the home. Known colloquially as “gray divorce,” these couples are over age 55 and have often already retired.
Without child support and parenting agreement issues, gray divorces are less complicated in some ways. Yet the long-term financial entanglement of spouses presents some unique challenges that younger couples often do not have to deal with. Here are three things that can complicate a couple’s
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An overabundance of legal information and legal software services may make it seem as though getting a divorce in Illinois is a straightforward process that can be mostly done online. Do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce offers the promise of a quick, inexpensive alternative to hiring divorce attorneys and battling out your differences in court. 
For many couples, however, things turn out to be more complicated than they initially seem. Even when spouses agree on most major divorce issues, they may get stuck negotiating financial issues like spousal maintenance or child support. Or one spouse may be surprised to learn that their
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Once a couple decides to get divorced, they have to resolve several issues, including spousal maintenance, marital property division, child support, and parenting arrangements. But the process of negotiating these issues is not easy, and a couple may wonder if they really want to complete the divorce process. Although most spouses may already know the marriage has permanently broken down when they file for divorce, others may wonder if they can continue down the path towards divorce if there is any chance of reconciliation. 
Illinois Divorce is No-Fault Only
While couples used to need certain justifications
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Divorce is a challenging process with so much at stake. Not only do divorcing couples need to resolve complex issues like child support, child custody, and spousal maintenance, but they generally want to do so as quickly as possible – all while dealing with the pressure and dynamics of a crumbling intimate relationship. Most couples in Illinois can benefit tremendously from the help of an experienced Illinois divorce attorney. Here are four issues for which having a family law attorney may be helpful to you. 
Child Issues
Parents are strongly attached to their children and their welfare,
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Sometimes the hardest part about getting a divorce is deciding, once and for all, whether you want to leave or stay. It is an intensely personal decision, and one that only you can make–but once you have made the final call, it is time to move forward with the official process. How long it takes to get divorced will depend on your unique circumstances; for some couples, it takes several months and for others it can take upwards of two years. Regardless of how long it takes, before you get started, here are some questions to ask yourself.

Are You
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Even the most simple DuPage County divorce can become more complicated than either spouse intends. Standard divorce procedures are often more challenging when one or both spouses refuse to compromise, fail to respond in a timely manner, or intentionally draw out proceedings. When this happens, divorce can become much more stressful, expensive, and time-consuming and there may be no simple solution. Here are three reasons divorces tend to become more complicated. 
Children’s Issues
Several issues are unique to dealing with children during divorce: child support, parental responsibilities, and parenting time have entire sections of family law dedicated entirely
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Most parents experience conflict as they learn to co-parent successfully after their divorce. It is not easy to raise children in two different households, especially when differences in parenting preferences contributed to the divorce in the first place. But for some parents, the situation is so volatile that they cannot work together at all. This could happen for many reasons; perhaps the relationship ended because of abuse or infidelity, or one or both spouses may manifest symptoms of narcissism. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that children can often suffer terribly when they are exposed to ongoing conflict
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Grandparents, step-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings can be part of a large, supportive family milieu that offers young children a loving, structured environment. Extended families often give much-needed assistance, especially when a child’s parents are divorced, imprisoned, or otherwise unable to be actively involved in a child’s life.
However, sometimes a child’s parent may try to actively inhibit a child’s relationship with extended family members. Whether this behavior is because of an acrimonious divorce, personal dislike of certain family members, or an effort to seek revenge on a former spouse, the impact on both the child and the
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After getting through the last stages of divorce, the thought of dating again may be off-putting. Many people are nervous to jump back into a relationship, after all, a relationship is how they ended up divorced in the first place. Others are excited at the prospect of having another chance to get it right. However you feel after your Illinois divorce, the prospect of dating again eventually crops up for everyone. Making wise decisions and thinking carefully about your actions can help you find a healthy, happy relationship whenever you are ready to start dating again.

Wait Until Your
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Every year, more divorcing couples in Illinois are using the benefits of divorce mediation to help them avoid the expense, hostility, and hassle of trial litigation. Mediation can give couples more control over their divorce decrees, greater privacy, and a quicker overall divorce. Despite these benefits, divorce mediation is still a challenging process that requires preparation and careful thought. Many important decisions must be made that will affect each spouse for many years to come. Here are four tips to help you get ready for your divorce mediation in Illinois. 
Get into a Collaborative Mindset
It is easy for negotiations
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Any time a divorcing spouse must attend a hearing, he or she wants to make a favorable impression so the judge will make unbiased decisions. Although most of us have been advised never to judge a book by its cover, the truth is that everybody makes split-second judgments about other people based on first impressions. Someone’s appearance, dress, and demeanor can help them appear respectable and responsible, but it can also do the opposite. Especially when important decisions are at stake, like the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time, it is important to never give a judge reason to
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